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Quadcopter FAQs

How high can a quadcopter fly?

Theoretically, you can fly a quadcopter high enough that you can no longer see it. However, do not do this. Always fly your quadcopter under 400 feet, and with visual range at all times.

How far can a quadcopter fly?

In the United States, drones are permitted to go no higher than 400 feet, unless they have special exemptions from the FAA. In the European Union, flights are limited to 500 feet above the ground. No matter the continent, everyone can agree that 11,000 feet is way too high for a quadcopter.

What happens when the battery dies?

Don’t fret, just be awake and aware enough to see blinking lights or sounds  on your controller or drone that signals low battery. Even on the cheapest drones, have an indicator that tells you that your battery is almost dead. Either the LED lights on the quadcopter will start flashing, or there is a battery level warning on the controller.

Do I have to register my quadcopter?

The FAA has made is super easy to register to fly your drone. Visit their website, be at least 13 years of age, have a valid credit card and in a few minutes you’ll have what you need to fly legally in the United States.

Is a quadcopter hard to fly?

It does take a bit of practice to get used to flying a quadcopter. But newer models are very newbie-friendly with a lot of features that help the drone take care of the hard stuff on its own so you can focus on the easy part – steering it where you want and have fun.

What is a brushless motor?

Are there rules to how high and far I can fly my drone?

Can I use my drone for commercial purposes?

What if my quadcopter lands on water?

How do I trim my quadcopter?

What is low and high rate or mode?

Can you fly a quadcopter at night?

Can I fly a quadcopter on a windy day?

What is 3 axis gyro vs a 6 axis gyro?

Can I fly my drone over crowds?

Are there areas I can't fly my drone?