Holy Stone HS175 Review – Is This 2K Beginner Drone Good For You?


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Holy Stone HS175 Overview

When it comes to drone creators, the Holy Stone Company is a widely recognized and generally trusted brand. Introduced in 2014, Holy Stone works to deliver quality products to countries all over the world including the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and more.  Additionally, Holy Stone drones are available in all varieties of shapes, sizes, and price ranges in order to meet the needs of everyone from beginners to seasoned professionals. 

Naturally, when the Holy Stone HS175 Drone was released, there was much talk among drone enthusiasts eager to learn whether or not this newest technology could live up to the prestige associated with the Holy Stone name. 

Ringing in at a middle-ground price of roughly one hundred and fifty dollars, the Holy Stone HS175 is considered to be on the small end of drones. Equipped with a folding design, a camera, GPS capability, and a large number of bells and whistles, the HS175 has been marketed towards all drone users as being a practical, well-balanced device no matter what its use is attended to achieve. 

However, buyers can never be too careful in terms of buying, spending, and saving. Therefore, this article breaks down the specifics of the Holy Stone HS175 and explores the good, the bad, and everything in between so that you can make the best-informed decision regarding whether or not the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is the right device for you. 

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Upon the first impression, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone seems to be well worth the money. Arriving in a compact box, the HS175 Drone comes equipped with a remote controller, two Lithium-Ion batteries, four propeller guards, two USB charging cables, two square propellers, and of course, the user’s manual. When bought separately all of the aforementioned items can be quite pricey. Therefore, the value of the Holy Stone HS175 Drone makes it a great option for beginners or first-time drone buyers who may or may not have the additional accessories needed to get the most out of their drone. 

However, the included accessories may be burdensome to long-term drone users. As previously stated, the added items can be quite pricey on their own. While they are included with the HS175 Drone for a reasonable price, they also undoubtedly increase the total cost of the drone. Therefore, for those users who have a long-term track record with drones and who may possess their own valuable equipment, the price payoff might not be worth the investment as it is likely the additional accessories would remain unused throughout the lifespan of the drone. 

Holy Stone HS175 Design 

The design elements of any given drone may arguably be the most important factor to take into consideration when browsing for your perfect product. That being said, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is made utilizing a quadcopter design. Simply put, this means that the drone is made with four rotors that serve to make it extremely stable. Furthermore, the HS175 measures 14.2 x 11.8 x 2.8 inches and weighs roughly two hundred grams which is slightly less than half a pound. 

The drone’s lightweight can be attributed to the plastic frame which also protects the drone against minor shocks or damages that may be inflicted. When these elements combine they create a drone that is strong enough to carry light loads yet light enough to maintain maneuverability. In addition, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is foldable making it ideal for travel and storage. Even more convenient, the blades do not need to be removed upon folding meaning the device can be transported in one piece. 

Given these capabilities, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is an ideal candidate for those looking to use their drone recreationally or simply improve their flying skills. However, it may not be ideal for more experienced drone users or those looking to carry out specific tasks. For instance, if a user is looking to fly their drone outdoors, the HS175 may not be stable enough to withstand harsh winds and conditions. Similarly, if a user is looking to carry relatively heavy loads with their drone, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone will not be able to carry much at a time due to its light frame.


One of the best features of the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is arguably its camera. Unlike other drones of its size and price point, the HS175 comes fully equipped with the ability to capture both still images and videos at a resolution of 2048 x 1080 pixels. In addition, the camera can capture wide views up to one hundred and twenty degrees and vertical angles at ninety degrees. 

Conveniently, the drone comes with a remote controller that allows users to adjust the camera angle eliminating the necessity for manual adjustments. This means that users can adjust the camera on the go without taking the extra time to fly it home or make several adjustments to get the perfect shot. 

Yet, in order to obtain the highest quality images using the Holy Stone HS175 Drone, it is widely recommended that users invest in a TransFlash (TF) card. The drone has a designated slot for the memory card which can be used to store any data. Or if users do not want to use or invest in a memory card, they can opt to store any images taken or videos recorded using an app on their phone. Using this second method of storage will result in images saved at a resolution of 1080 pixels which are still considered to be high quality but which may not be suitable for professionals or more advanced users. 


Common among drones of its size, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is powered by a single lithium-polymer battery with a capacity of 1300mAh. These batteries are very safe and pose virtually no risk of shocking users when being inserted or removed. Lithium-polymer batteries are good options for drones because they are fairly lightweight and can be recharged. They are able to provide a significant source of power and more often than not are priced fairly low in comparison to other batteries. 

When a Holy Stone HS175 Drone is purchased, it comes equipped with not one but two lithium-polymer batteries. This inclusion is beneficial for many reasons. First, each battery has a maximum flying time of twenty-two minutes. On average, this time is about double what can be expected to achieve with other drones and their batteries. 

However, when both battery packs are provided, they can be used consecutively to provide nearly forty-four minutes of quality flying time. In addition, each battery comes with its own individual charging cable. This means that users can easily charge all batteries at once so that they are ready to go for flights expected to take a longer amount of time. 

Unlike the drone itself which is powered by a modular battery, its remote controller utilizes an internal battery to function. Like the lithium-polymer batteries, the controller’s battery is rechargeable and comes with its own charging cord. The battery is light but delivers a significant amount of power. On a full battery, the remote controller will deliver up to five hours of flying time. 

2 used from $156.91
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Flight Features

The Holy Stone HS175 Drone is one of the more advanced models in its price range and offers many features including a headless mode, one key takeoff, one key landing, optical flow positioning, smart following, altitude hold, gesture control, and GPS auto return, To begin, the drone comes equipped with two modes of intelligent flight which are the smart flight mode and the orbit mode. While convenient and fun to use, these flight modes only work in areas where a strong GPS signal can be achieved. 

The smart flight mode includes a function called follow me. This feature allows users to sync the drone with their smartphone. Afterward, the drone will follow the phone, or user, wherever they may roam. Or, the orbit mode will allow users to set the drone to a specific location or item where it will continuously orbit.

No matter which function is being activated, users have autonomy over the camera and can easily take pictures or record videos. In fact, the drone even features a setting known as gesture mode that allows users to take videos or pictures with a simple movement of their hand. This mode can be used in conjunction with both the follow me and orbit modes to make taking selfies and other images fun by using a victory sign to snap images or showing the drone a palm to begin recording. 

Arguably, the return home function is the most beneficial feature on the HS175 Drone. Instead of needing to be in the same location as the drone itself, users can simply push the return home button. When activated, this feature will send the drone back to the owner, wherever it may be. Similarly, if the drone’s battery reaches a dangerously low level, the return home mode will be activated to prevent the drone from losing all power which may result in it going missing or becoming seriously damaged in a fall. The only downside to this feature is that the drone must be in an area where it can receive strong GPS signals to be able to effectively locate its user. 

Not to be overlooked, the drone’s other features are also extremely valuable. For instance, the optical flow positioning allows for users to take perfectly centered pictures every time by helping the drone to hover steadily. In addition, the altitude hold and headless mode features make the Holy Stone HS175 Drone ideal for beginners. The altitude hold will easily maintain a specified altitude throughout the entirety of a flight without added effort from the user, and the headless mode will automatically align the drone making flight easy. 

Flight Performance

Given its lightweight, compact size, and an immense number of features, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is widely considered to be a pleasant drone to fly. It can easily hover steadily in a single position and realigns itself to the position of the user. Flight speed and range are average, and the easy-to-handle controller makes flight easy for beginners. 

However, the HS175 is not suitable for harsh outdoor conditions or intense winds as it cannot fight against the elements. Therefore, it is a great drone for leisurely flying and recreational use. It is also a great learning tool for those looking to get into drones. However, it may not be a great option for those looking to fly outdoors or in temperamental conditions. 

2 used from $156.91
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Is the Holy Stone HS176 Drone a Good Buy?

The ultimate question asked when it comes to purchasing any drone, not just the Holy Stone HS175, is whether or not it is worth the money and hassle. Therefore, given overall reviews, research, and statistics, the Holy Stone HS175 Drone is considered to be a wise purchase for those looking to obtain a mid-range drone. Holy Stone is a very reputable brand, and reviews and praise are high. 

The drone offers a compact, convenient design as well as good value for its price as it comes included with several accessories and very long-lasting batteries. When compared to similar drones, the HS176 provides far more special features such as the follow me mode, the orbit mode, the return home feature, and more. It is largely considered enjoyable to fly and is a great tool for those wishing to improve their skills. However, the HS175 cannot withstand harsh weather conditions, and may not be suitable for professionals looking to take extremely high-quality photos or videos. 

This being said, sold at a price just under the two hundred dollar mark, the Holy Stone HS176 Drone is well worth the cost. It is simply up to users to use guides and reviews such as this to determine what they want to gain from their drone and to find the best fit for their needs. Luckily, the HS175 covers a large variety of needs. 

7.2 Total Score

Key Features 2k camera Captures 4k images 20 minutes of flight time 300-meter range Dual GPS Optical flow sensor 2 smart flight modes Automatic return home

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