Drone vs Drone

Every time new drone model appears on the scene – same question arises … Is it better than the previous model? How good is it in comparison to its main competitors? Is it worth its price tag?

So, we have decided to dedicate a whole section of our site for our readers who like to compare different models and know which one is better, stronger, faster.

Most of our comparisons boil down to having the models go neck to neck in major features and components. We are speaking here about objective facts like control range, battery time, speed, quality of camera, durability and similar. And about some subjective perspectives and viewpoints like appearance and design.

Of course, the price plays big role and affects results big time. Most of the drones we will be comparing here are somewhat similar and belong to the same price range.

Take a hike through our list of model comparisons – there are surely couple of surprises hidden behind those titles.

Two drones that get compared very often are DJI Phantom 4 and Yuneec Typhoon H. Check out our head to head comparison between these two high end drones.

We have also compared 2 different versions of Phantoms – the 4 and 4 pro. Full review here.

Another DJI legendary product – Phantom 3 Standard is very often compared to 3DR Solo. Who won that battle? Read here.

Phantom 3 against a gang of drones? No problem – we listed all drones that could be an alternative (in most cases cheaper and almost as good) to the DJI P3.