DJI Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Comparison 2022

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DJI officially launched their Mavic Mini in November 2019 following a long period of speculation by DJI fans.

In this article, we will cover how does the new Mavic Mini fare against the older brother DJI Spark. Also, many would like to know if Mini is a good DJI Spark alternative, so we will answer that question as well.

In short, Mavic Mini seems to be developing into a huge hit: it has much more attractive design, is more than 50g lighter and gives out an impression of a very compact device.

Mavic Mini is a drone for hobby pilots and price tag is definitely raising eyebrows – at just $399, it has the perfect balance of features you’d expect from a high-quality drone and a great price.

Let’s take a look at the tech specs for the Mavic Mini and see how it holds its ground in comparison to the DJI Spark.

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DJI Mavic Mini

Lightweight, fast and super fun to fly. Very affordable and great choice for newbie pilots.

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – General specs

For it’s $399 price tag, it’s one of the most feature-packed drones I have seen so far in this price range. Below is a quick overview of most important specs of all three drones:

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Camera Sensor 1/2.3″ CMOS 1/2.3″ CMOS
Photos12 MP 12 MP
Photo formatJPEGJPEG
Video modes 2.7K 30 fps 1080p 60 fps 1080p 30 fps
Video bitrate40 Mb/s24 Mb/s
Video format MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 MP4 (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)
Dimensions160×202× 55mm143×143×55 mm
Weight249 g300 g
Max range (w/ controller)4 km2 km
Battery2400 mAh1480 mAh
Max flight time30 minutes16 minutes
Vision systemDownwardForward & downward
Price ($)$399.00$399.00

Below is an even more detailed comparison of general specs of the two DJI drones.

As you can see, it is a dead race since both models have very similar features except Spark lacks ability to be folded and different flying modes. Mavic Mini has multiple flying modes that output similar performance.

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Weight

DJI Mavic Mini is the lightest drone of the three and with 249 grams falls below official certification requirements in EU and USA. This is a huge plus since most hobby pilots don’t bother applying for these license which could get them in trouble. This way, with Mavic Mini, they are on the safe side.

Winner: Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Size

In terms of size, it can be measured in two states for Mavic models: folded and unfolded. In both versions, Mavic Mini is smaller than Mavic Air but in the unfolded state – DJI Spark is the smallest of the three.

However, since Mavic Mini can be folded and reduced to a size of an average smartphone, we see it as a winner in this category as well.

Winner: Mavic Mini

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Weight249 Gram300 Gram
Dimensions (folded)140 x 82 x 57 Millimeternot foldable
Dimensions (unfolded)160 x 202 x 55 Millimeter143 x 143 x 55 Millimeter
Diagonal Size213 Millimeter170 Millimeter
Max. climbing speed 4 m/s (S-Mode)
2 m/s (P-Mode)
1,5 m/s (C-Mode)
3 m/s (S-Mode)
Max. descent speed3 m/s (S-Mode)
1,8 m/s (P-Mode)
1 m/s (C-Mode)
3 m/s (S-Mode)
Max, flying speed 46,8 km/h (S-Mode)
28,8 km/h (P-Mode)
14,4 km/h (C-Mode)
50 km/h (S-Mode)
Maximum flight altitude above sea level3.000 Meter4.000 Meter
Max. flight time30 Minutes16 Minutes
Maximum tilt angle30° (S-Modus)
20° (P-Modus)
20° (C-Modus)
not specified
Maximum angular speed 150°/s (S-Modus)
130°/s (P-Modus)
30°/s (C-Modus)
not specified
Operating temperature0°C to 40°C0°C – 40°C
Operating frequency 2,400 – 2,483 GHz 5,725 – 5,850 GHz 2,400 – 2,483 GHz 5,725 – 5,850 GHz
GNSSGPS + GlonassGPS + Glonass
Hovering accuracyVertical:
±0.1 m (with visual positioning);
±0.5 m (with GPS positioning)
±0.1 m (with visual positioning),
±1.5 m (with GPS positioning)
±0.1 m (with visual positioning)
±0.5 m (with GPS positioning)
±0.1 m (with visual positioning)
±1.5 m (with GPS positioning)
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Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Speed

As you can see in the table overview above, we measured the speed of the drones under three different set of rules: ascending speed, flying speed and descending speed.

The exact numbers are shown in the table but the winner in this category was the Mavic Mini as it recorded a faster descending speeds than Spark.

Winner: Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Maximum flight time

As shown in the table, Mavic Mini has by far the best endurance in terms of flying time – 30 minutes compared to almost two times more than that of DJI Spark.

Winner: Mavic Mini

Camera and Video Transmission

Both models have great camera systems with the same 1/2,3“ CMOS sensor and same 12 Megapixel camera. There are small differences in lens field of view and focus.

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Sensor 1/2,3“ CMOS Effective Pixel: 12 Megapixel 1/2,3“ CMOS Effective Pixel: 12 Megapixel
LensField of view: 83° 35 mm
Format Equivalent: 24 mm
Aperture: f/2.8
Focus: 1 m to ∞
Field of view: 81,9° 35 mm
Format Equivalent: 25 mm
Aperture: f/2.6
Focus: 2 m to ∞
ISO-Range Video: 100 – 3200 Photo: 100 – 1600 (auto) 100 – 3200 (manual) Video: 100-3200 Photo: 100 – 1600 (auto) 100 – 3200 (manual)
Electronic shutter4 to 1/8000s2 to 1/8000s
Image size 4:3: 4000 x 3000 16:9: 4000 x 2250 4:3: 3968 x 2976
Photo modesSingle shot
Intervall: 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
Single shot
Continuous: 3 frames
Exposure bracket (AEB): 3 focused frames at an aperture of 0.7 Interval 2/3/5/7/10/15/20/30/60 s
Video resolution 2.7K (2720 x 1530): 25/30p FHD (1920 x 1080): 25/30/50/60p FHD (1920 x 1080): 30p
Max. Videobitrate40 Mbit/s24 Mbit/s
Supported file systems FAT32 (≤ 32 GB) exFAT (> 32 GB) FAT32 (≤ 32 GB)
Photo format JPEG JPEG
Video format MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)
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Arguably one of the most important parts of a drone – almost just as important as drone’s flying abilities.

DJI Spark features a a 1/2.3″ CMOS image sensor that can capture 12MP stills, and record video at up to 1080p30 with a bitrate of 24Mbps.

The Mavic Mini’s camera is closer to Mavic as it can shoot video at 2.7K, a big improvement over the Spark. In addition, the Mavic Mini’s bitrate increases to 40Mbps as well, which means we get more detail in the video.

Stills take full advantage of the 12MP sensor, and the resolution increases slightly to 4000×3000. Though the video codec remains the same, the Mavic Mini can shoot stills in JPEG.

Mavic Mini is a clear winner in this category.

Winner: Mavic Mini

Detection systems / VPS

Mavic Mini has none and Spark has only front sensors. Still, it get a W in this segment.

Winner: Spark

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Obstacle detectionnonefront
Vision Positioning SystemOperating range: 0,5 – 10 mOperating range: 0,5 – 30 m
Operating environment VPSnon-reflecting, strongly differing surfaces diffuse reflections (>20%) sufficient illumination (lux>15) non-reflecting, strongly differing surfaces diffuse reflections (>20%) sufficient illumination (lux>15)

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Remote control

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Mechanical control rangeTilt: -110° to +35°
Roll: -35° to +35°
Swivel: -20° to +20°
not specified
Controllable rangeTilt: -90° to 0° (standard mode),
-90° to +20° (extended)
Tilt: -85° to 0°
Stabilisationthree axis (tilt, roll, swivel) two axis (tilt, roll)
Max. controlled speed (tilt)120°/snot specified
Controlled angular accuracy±0,01° not specified

DJI Mavic MiniDJI Spark
Operating frequencies 2,400 – 2,4835 GHz 5,725 – 5,850 GHz 2,400 – 2,4835 GHz 5,725 – 5,850 GHz
Max. Transmission range 2,4 GHz: 2.000 m (CE) 5,8 GHz: 500 m (CE) 2,4 GHz: 500 (CE) 5,8 GHz: 300 m (CE)
Operating temperature0℃ – 40℃0℃ – 40℃
Battery capacity 2.600 mAh 2.970 mAh
Operating current/voltage 1.200 mA ⎓ 3,6 V (Android) 700 mA ⎓ 3,6 V (iOS) 950 mA = 3,7 V
Max. Dimensions of the mobile devicemax. length: 160 mm supported thickness: 6,5 bis 8,5 mm max. length: 160 mm supported thickness: 6,5 bis 8,5 mm
Available USB ports Lightning microUSB (Type-B) USB-Type-C Lightning microUSB (Type-B) USB-Type-C
Video transmission systemWiFiWiFi
Live view quality720p at 30 fps720p at 30 fps
Latency MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC) MP4 (H.264/MPEG-4 AVC)


The Mavic Mini’s maximum altitude is 3000 m above sea level, which is 1000 m shorter than that of the Spark. This makes the Spark winner in this segment as well.

Winner: DJI Spark

Battery and app control

Battery capacity2.400 mAh1.480 mAh
Battery Type2S / Lithium-Ion-battery3S / Lithium-Polymer-battery
AppDJI Fly-AppDJI GO 4-App


Though we never recommend flying drones out of your line of sight, having a good range on your drone does help you with bragging rights. The DJI Spark currently has a  2km range but the Mavic Mini has an impressive 4km range.

Winner: Mavic Mini


The gimbal on the Mavic Mini is an upgrade from its predecessor and is a 3-axis mechanical gimbal, with pan, roll, and pitch maneuvering capabilities. In contrast, the Spark only has a 2-axis mechanical gimbal and is unable to pan.

Having that extra axis will also make a much more noticeable difference when it comes to your footage. The footage captured by the Mavic Mini is more on par with the Mavic Air than it is the Spark.

The video quality should be better than the Spark too,  thanks to its much higher bitrate; 40 Mbps as opposed to 24 Mbps.


Well, of course that Mini and Spark are in a completely different price class than high end Mavic models. What is stunning is the fact that Mini almost completely erased the performance gap to Mavic Air or Mavic Pro while being two times cheaper. Spark is in similar price range as Mini but considering lower value for money, it loses out in this segment as well.

Winner: Mavic Mini

Mavic Mini vs DJI Spark – Conclusion

So is the Mavic Mini better than DJI Spark?

In my opinion, it absolutely is. It’s a significant upgrade from the DJI Spark but doesn’t quite reach to the levels of the much more expensive and feature-rich Mavic models like Air and Pro. Still, considering the price, Mavic Mini definitely offers the best price-performance ratio of the three.

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