Autel Evo 2 vs Mavic 2 Pro – Which drone is better?

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So, Autel has come out swinging and DJI should be worried that someone is actually dethrone them for the first time since their inception? Or is it really like that?

Let’s explore that in thie Evo 2 vs Mavic 2 Pro comparison. Here are the full reviews of both drones in case you want to dig even deeper – Evo 2 review | Mavic 2 Pro review.

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Mavic 2 Pro is currently one of the top selling drones of DJI. It is loaded with all kinds of features and represents pretty much the best of what DJI can offer to their customers in the semi-pro/pro category.

However, Autel has built up a lot of hype around their latest drone, Evo 2 that is a completely reworked model that only shares color and name with the Evo 1 drone.

On paper, Evo 2 sounds impressive with the incredible 8k and 6k cameras. A lot of people are still getting used to 4k and barely anyone has hardware to support 8k so releasing a drone with such camera capabilities is a real eyebrow raiser.

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Before we go into the deeper analysis, let’s be clear – Mavic 2 Pro is a better drone than the Evo 2 8K version. While Evo 2 8k gives you 5-10 minutes of more flight, Mavic 2 Pro is packed with smart flying modes that are huge part of DJI’s success, especially among less experienced pilots. Additionally, those 8k capabilities of Evo 2 are shrouded in questions since its 1/2 inch sensor is ridicolously small and no-one will actually reproduce 8k videos, rather crop them down to 4k anyways. Which is where Mavic 2 Pro reigns supreme.

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