Contixo F24 Pro vs Holy Stone 720 – Which drone is better?

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Another day, another drone direct duel on Dronepedia. This time we dipped to tier two of world’s best drones to compare two popular budget, low-cost drone options: Contixo F24 Pro vs HolyStone 720. Btw. we did a full review of Contixo F24 Pro which you can read here.

Before we do our due diligence in our usual comparison sectors, here is a graphic comparison of the two drones:

Contixo F24 Pro vs HS720Epic battle
12.9 x 10 x 5.2 inches
14.37 x 13.19 x 2.4 inches
Cameravideo and photo
4k UHD
Batteryhow big is the battery
RangeHow far it can fly
3600 feet
3000 feet
Flight TimeAverage flight time
25-30 minutes
26 minutes
Weighthow heavy is the drone
1.14 pounds
1.99 pounds

As you can see from the table, Contixo F24 Pro is a smaller drone with a bit longer time flight and controller range.

On the other side, HS720 has a better, 4K camera and larger battery which is not necessarily an advantage as you can see from the time flight row.

Contixo F24 Pro is a better flyer – it does great in windy conditions and is pretty fast.

The camera is decent at most, on the other hand! And its adjustable from the controller (only up and down) to make sure you get the shots you want. It would be nice to have stabilization on the camera however. That is the biggest drawback.

The Holy Stone HS720 drone can shoot video in 2K with a completely stable chassis. GPS-assisted flight ensures that the drone won’t go missing during a flight. It can even follow your every step if you desire. It definitely has a superior camera than Contixo F24 Pro.

As for the price, both of these drones fell into a similar price range of below $300 drones, which makes them an ideal training drone for new pilots.


When we take everything into an account, HS720 edges out the Contixo, if only barely. Flight time, battery, speed are all pretty similar but HolyStone has a much better camera which is a huge advantage over the modest camera capabilities of the Contixo F24 Pro. The only clear win for the Contixo F24 Pro is its shorter charging time – 4 hours in comparison to 5-7 hours of charging time for the HS. But if you buy spare batteries, which we always recommend for any drone, this comparison sector carries little weight.

Holy Stone 720


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