DJI Mavic Mini 2 Release Date, Rumors and Specs

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DJI might save the terrible 2020, at least for the drone fans. The top end drone manufacturer made a stellar success with its first mini drone, the ultra light Mavic Mini that could fly half an hour, take great videos and photos and be a great fit for both newbies and more seasoned pilots.

And it appears that they want to built upon that success as the rumors about a new Mavic Mini 2 release are intensifying.

DJI Mavic Mini 2 release date

The official date is still unknown and probably won’t happen before 2021.

The original Mavic Mini took over the market with its lightweight body, stylish design and excellent flight performances. However, one nagging point was the absence of 4K capabilities. Taking this important feedback from their customers into an account, DJI is all set to release a new and improved DJI Mavic Mini 2.

Mavic Mini 2: how much will it cost?

So we don’t know when it will be released aside of being fairly certain it will be soon but do we at least know how much it will cost? Don’t know but likely in the realm of its current $399 price point.

But we do know a couple of things for certain. And they definitely appear to point to a DJI Mavic 2 somewhere in the wings.

Mavic Mini 2 specs

By now, we assume you will have seen the FCC filing that showed the required label and location on the DJI Mavic Mini 2. FCC filings are always a good indication that a new product will be coming to the market shortly. Think of weeks instead of months.

The filing imply the Mavic Mini 2’s battery will be a similar size to its predecessor’s and the version 2 of the popular drone will also likely use Enhanced Wi-Fi for connectivity.

Below are only community speculation as there are no hard facts or even reliable leaks as of yet:

  • 4K video recording at 30fps, perhaps even at 60fps.
  • An increased bit rate (Mavic Mini is at 40Mbps)
  • Sensor size is probably to remain the same at 1/2.3” CMOS, 12 MP. A slightly larger sensor (1/1.7″) is possible
  • New processor for the increased video quality
  • Marginally more powerful motors
  • Marginally different geometry to work with new motors
  • Possibly new prop design
  • Same size battery but a bit more powerful
  • Same flight time
  • Same weight of 249 grams (actually 242g as it supports an option to insert Mini battery into it, which would bump up its overall weight but still keep it under the 250g mandatory license limit).
  • Price will be a notch higher


The current camera sensor records 2.7k video and shoots 12MP photos. This is pretty impressive, but we bet DJI will push the boundaries here. A better sensor does not add any significant weight and its capabilities are constantly increasing. Even cheap smartphones are becoming more and more 4K shooters. We’d like to see 4K video here, and still images in better quality, not necessarily more megapixels.


The original Mavic Mini is capable of taking different types of quick shots, following the subject while performing a pre-defined movement. It is a great movie recording, but it is not infallible when it comes to tracking. We wouldn’t be surprised if the next generation Mini had a better AI and maybe even a better processor to handle the hard work. Maybe some of the next and other tricks of the Mavic Air 2? The flight time is already great at 30 minutes, but we wouldn’t be surprised if DJI found out how to squeeze a few zillion more electrons into each charge.


If DJI wanted to lower the price, they could certainly offer the controller as an option, although we love what the controller adds to the package. Something more like the Air 2 controller would also be a nice addition.


One of the really attractive things about the Mavic Mini is its price. It feels like for $399 you get an excellent drone with great features (including GPS and GLONASS of course). It’s down to $329 at So we expect the cost to remain more or less the same. The good news? The current version would probably go down. The original Mavic Mini for $299 would clean up for Christmas!

Will Mavic Mini 2 cope better in wind than its predecessor Mini?

Unfortunately it will still be pushed around by gusts due its weight but with a LiPo battery instead of li-ion the motors will be able to resist and hold better with more power available. Also if they adjust the amount of pitch down/up around 360 motion direction, the Mini will push in that direction quicker therefore allowing a slightly higher windspeed to be combated.

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