Everything You Need To Know About The Advanced Drones

Undoubtedly, drones have dominated the market over the past couple of years and 2017 has been enormous. Everyone appears to be talking about these flying objects and needless to say they have surpassed the verge of their popularity throughout the world.

advanced dronesAccording to a post published on Business Insider, the drone market is expected to cross a whopping $14 Billion by 2024 and currently it is sitting at somewhere between $4-$6 billion and rapidly increasing.

However, coming back to our main discussion, which is about the advance drone models.

What Are Advanced Drone Models?

When we say advanced drones, it’s not only about flying it and taking iconic images. It’s more about their features, functionality and wide range of use for different purposes. Nowadays, they are used for saving lives, collecting data and much more that you can think of.

advanced dronesJust imagine that you can save someone’s life from a very far distance or even collect data at occasions that might be life-threatening for human beings. The technology being used in the modern day advanced drones is incredible and mind-boggling. Though the cost is high but worth for the features and benefits in the long run.

What Are They Capable of Doing?

Just think of something and these drones are ready to serve you. Here are some core things they are capable of doing:

  • advanced dronesFlying Long Distances: Of course, this has to be integrated. The advanced drones can fly longer distances as compared to the normal ones. Their range of control is much higher. While some of the basic models barely fly 300-500m, some of the advanced models, especially from the DJI series can travel as much as 10 km+ and even more.
  • Images: The next benefit of owning an advanced model is better and crispy image and video quality. These are HD images and videos with no blurring or video sticking. The cameras used in the advanced models are of high quality, they have better features and the output is mesmerizing.
  • Life Savers: Whether it be natural or manmade disasters, drones can be easily positioned to survey the damage and even locate stranded and injured victims. Rescue teams can also evaluate whether it’s safe to go to a certain point or not.
  • Hurricane Hunting: As I said earlier, drones are not only about flying and taking images. Nowadays, they can be easily flown into the heart of a storm that saves one from risking human life and collect the useful data that researchers need to study about storm patterns.
  • Law Enforcement: Advanced drones, that travel long distances can be used by law enforcement agencies for tracking the lost children, suspect tracking and monitoring crowd.
  • Aerial Photography: And who doesn’t love to take photographs? With much advanced models, you’ll have the perks of capturing scenic images. You’d be able to reach areas where it’s hard or impossible for you to reach. All you need a drone monitored by a remote control in hand and a click for that iconic image.

There’s much more the advanced drones are capable of. The trend of delivering packages via drones is now uprising. They also guide in tours and used as a mean of banner advertising flying across the city.

How Much Do They Usually Cost?

Drone prices vary from model to model and brand to brand. The world’s smallest drone starts from as low as $25 only. However, for the advanced model, you can never expect the price to be in two figures only.

It’s usually in three and mostly in four figures. Talking of the leading drone manufacturer, DJI, they have drones ranging from $500 and as much as $6,000+.advanced drones

The drones price between $400-$1000 may or may not fall in the advanced category, still they are good enough. If you are up to some serious features and functions, consider investing more than $600+.

Check out our reviews for the most popular advanced drone models:



Who are top manufacturers?

Here are some of the best and top manufacturers of drones and must be your top priority.

  • advanced dronesDJI Innovations: One of the best in the market.
  • Yuneec: Manufacturer of over 1 million units in just 2014.
  • Parrot: You simply can’t question their quality.
  • Hubsan: Top notch features and advanced models.
  • Blade: Known for their iconic designed drones.
  • JRC: Top company known for making robots, toy guns and remote controlled vehicles along with drones.
  • Syma: The best remote controlled helicopters and drone manufacturers.
  • UDI RC: On the verge of their popularity.
  • Walkera: Offering the best features at the best price.
  • Cheerson: Established in 2011 but gained massive fame for their top notch drones and quadcopters.
  • HOBBICO: The company behind Dromida Ominus, Estes Proto X and Heli-Max and much more.
  • 3DR: 3D Robotics are the best manufacturers of autonomous drones with GPS and a lot of features.

What is the most expensive drone?

advanced dronesYou say the amount and a drone is available at that amount. Some of the most expensive drones include:

  • DJI Inspire 2: Costs $6,000.
  • Xactsense MAX-8: Costs $20,000.
  • Airborne Drone Vanguard: Costs $40,000.
  • Ehang 184: Costs $300,000 (Used for passenger transport).

However, in our list more of the drones are within the range of $500-$6000 and they are advanced enough. The best seller so far has been the DJI Inspire 1 and DJI Inspire 2 plus DJI Phantom.