DJI Phantom 4 vs. DJI Phantom 4 PRO – The comparison

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Anyone who wants to buy a Phantom model 4 meets the same question: Which drone should I buy the 4 or 4 Pro? What is the difference between the DJI Phantom 4 PRO (Professional) and DJI Phantom 4?

I will show all the differences between the two Quadrocopter camera drones in this comparison Phantom 4 PRO vs. Phantom 4.

DUEL – DJI Phantom 4 vs Phantom 4 Pro

Phantom 4 Pro is probably no successor to the Phantom 4, and its aim is not to supersede it completely. Rather, the “Professional” can be seen as an enhanced Phantom 4 model, which aim is to make the Phantom 4 interesting to photographers and professional users. And of course for tech-savvy amateur pilots who are not on a budget and just want to buy the best possible technical equipment. For many of you, the question arises: should I buy DJI Phantom 4 or should I buy DJI Phantom 4 Pro?

In summary, significant differences in the camera / image quality and in the field of sensor technology are anticipated and expected.

Let’s first look the external appearance changes that catch the eye. At first glance, the two models are similar as peas in a pod – the front view in detail shows no differences:

Not for lateral infrared sensors but for the rear sensors and the overall improved detection range , there is the first point for the “PRO” and thus the overall score is:


We continue with the topic of “camera” and “image quality” and ” video quality “. This is where the  DJI Phantom 4 Pro with it 1 “(1 inch) CMOS image sensor dominates . This sensor isv4x larger than the image sensor of the Phantom 4 with a size of “only” 1 / 2.3 inch . The DJI Phantom 4 Pro comes with 20 megapixels camera. It is able to produce much higher image quality mainly thanks to the larger sensor that provides a larger dynamic range and above all a better contrast and results in low light conditions. Both cameras can deliver RAW image data (images in raw format).

In addition, the Phantom 4 PRO has a  mechanical shutter . The “rolling shutter” (distortions in fast moving images / high speeds) at the photo and video recording is a thing of the past. And finally, the Phantom 4 PRO has (as well as advance the first time ever the Dji Mavic PRO ) a manual focus . The “camera / image quality / video quality” point clearly goes to the newer DJI Phantom 4 Professional:


Now we come to the issue of features. The equipment is almost identical in both models .The basic set for both models contains the remote controls, all necessary cables (except Apple iPhone / iPad USB cable with Lightning connector), propeller and  spare propellers . In addition, yu get a foam-made case, that can serve as a carrying case (to a limited extent). This case is not as robust as a hard case or a solid backpack. The structure of the case is also identical – the DJI Phantom 4 PRO case has an additional foam cover to protect the spare battery shafts. Of course, both also have power supplies / chargers – identical with an output of 180 watts. The basic package has only one battery  included but the case could store up to four batteries. The batteries topic will be discussed later on.

The result therefore remains unchanged:


Coming to aforementioned batteries. – together with the Dji Phantom 4 Pro DJI introduced a high performance battery / High Capacity Battery. This battery can also be retrofitted to the Phantom 4 . With Phantom 4 Professional this high capacity battery, however, is already included in the basic package, thus ensuring an even longer flight time. The standard battery of the Phantom 4 has a capacity of 5,350 mAh – the High Capacity Battery of Professional model has 5,870 mAh – each at 15,2V.

Battery is a further point for the DJI Phantom P4 Pro and the score is:


All other features such as airspeed, rate ascend, descent, motors, housing / dimensions etc are identical and thus have no effect on our comparison and the Duel.

Ultimately, of course, price also plays a decisive role in the buying decision. In this segment is the regular Phantom 4 clearly forward, as this offer price directly DJI for 1,399 euros (200, – Euro discount over the original launch price) is available. The Dji Phantom 4 Pro currently costs directly DJI 1,699 Euro and is therefore 300 euros more expensive.

This point is clearly to the regulard P4:


Conclusion DJI Phantom 4 vs 4 Pro:

Phantom 4 Professional is superior to its rival in many segments – it is technically better and has enhanced equipment. However, these enhancements are limited to the:

  • a better battery
  • a better camera / image quality
  • better sensors

However, all these segments are already very good on the Phantom 4 as well (or at least not bad). With Phantom 4 PRO these elements are just a little better. The question now is simple: what do you set your priorities to and whether these improvements are worth the extra price to you.

Our recommendation:

Should the extra cost not “hurt” your budget too much, then the recommendation is clearly the DJI Phantom 4 Professional. Should the price play an important role, the regular Phantom 4 is not bad at all.

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