DJI Phantom 5: Release Date, Leaks and Expectations

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It seems that the Phantom 5 model is cancelled, as reported by couple of drone media publications.

DJI Phantom 5 canceled? Yes, it seems so. Persistent rumors and people very close to DJI have informed us that the DJI Phantom 5 has been canceled. Not only is the DJI Phantom 4 (except the RTK) no longer available from the Chinese drone maker, the successor, the DJI Phantom 5 apparently is “no longer in development.” The product manager responsible for the Phantom 5, of which we have seen various prototypes with interchangeable lenses earlier, has been reassigned to another DJI project.

Slowly but surely, the DJI’s magnificent Phantom series is soon going to be blessed with the latest model in the lineup. This lineage of super-drones is considered top-of-the-line machines, and as such, they demand serious attention because they will most likely set the stage for a whole new generation of drones this year.

As the title suggests, in this article we are going to discuss some of the anticipated features of DJI Phantom 5. Please note – none of the information that we are going to share with you is official. Everything that you will have the chance to read down below is pure conjecture and some of our thoughts and ideas. As is the case almost invariably, the DJI machines are followed, revered and used by millions of fans, so it is not surprising to see a whole lot of Phantom 5 rumors and leaks.

Without much ado, let’s not waste any more time and let’s jump straight to business and see what exactly we can expect from the upcoming DJI Phantom 5!

DJI Phantom 5 Release Date and Price

Let’s discuss the basic stuff first – release date! Even though DJI has not made any announcement or given any indications regarding the date of release of the mighty DJI Phantom 5, a ton of people seem to have solid insights on the exact release date. Some are even so sure that they have initiated countdowns to the anticipated date of release, leading me to believe it’s mostly likely true.

The expected date of release of the terrific DJI Phantom 5 is September 15th 2017, but we are not quite sure as yet whether this is the actual date of release. Hopefully, DJI will jump in to break the silence and let us all know what the exact date of release of this amazing drone will be.

Unfortunately, the only rumored price that we could find was in Indian Rupees. The price totaled to $2244.03 is USD. With all of the rumors on how amazing the Phantom 5 is actually going to be, it’s pretty consistent with the rumors of the price being so high.

DJI Phantom 5 Battery

We found that people were wondering about the battery and what type it would be. That’s the reason why we looked into that. It’s rumored that the battery may be a 1.2 Li-Po. However, there are also rumors that have claimed the battery will be something never seen before – a breakthrough in Li-Po, if you will.

It’s also rumored that the Phantom 5 will have an overall flight time of over 30 minutes. This sets the bar for the longest flight time if it’s true. On the other hand, it will have a much longer charge time than the Phantom 4 did. It takes about 60 minutes to charge the Phantom 4, so we can only imagine how long the 5 will take.

We may also be getting a new type of battery charger. There aren’t a lot of rumors or information around this. However, a lot of claims are being made about a new type of DJI charger that will be revealed with the Phantom 5.

DJI Phantom 5 Flight Time

The Phantom 5 has been rumored to have a flight time that is up to 30 minutes long on a single charge. However, some are saying that DJI have invested a significant amount of resources into developing a spectacular battery that can provide a flight time of 33 minutes. There are also some people who are claiming that it could even be 40 minutes on a single charge. This is huge for people who love to explore their area without having to worry about the battery juices running low. Nevertheless, whatever the kind of battery DJI has in store for the Phantom 5, I’m sure it will have at least 27 minutes of air time. If it is anything lesser than this, I and probably a huge number of potential buyers would definitely have our hearts broken.

DJI Phantom 5 Camera Upgrade

Camera is such a crucial component of not only DJI Phantom drones but also for all other ones on the market, especially if they are marketed as aerial photography platforms, and we know that DJI’s Phantom series is the leading aerial photography platform.

DJI is known for having spectacular cameras onboard. That’s why we were curious to see if there were any rumors about the Phantom 5 camera, and we found quite a bit of speculation and supposed leaks on it.

Some people are saying that it will include a new type of 360-degree gimbal that will be able to capture crystal clear photographs and videos, even when the drone is flying at high speeds of up to 50mph. The camera is rumored to have a full 1080p HD quality, slow motion in 240fps, 4K resolution at 30fps, and 20MP lens. The current camera and gimbal combination are state of the art. However, these upgrades are more than welcome, unless they massively increase the MSRP number. While these upgrades may seem very far-fetched to some, others are sure this isn’t just a rumor. However, we’ll have to wait to find out.

However, not everyone agrees, and some have speculated that the camera has not changed at all. They say that there is no need for improvement because the previous cameras are already at 4K, so why keep going?

DJI Phantom 5 Transmitter

Many people have speculated that the Phantom 5 transmitter will have improvements to the live HD stream, the same smart device capabilities and that it will be well improved from the Phantom 4’s transmitter. Also, the transmitter range is supposedly improved. It reaches a range of up to 5 miles away.

The Flight Mode switch, the P button, will hold all of the settings. It will allow the Phantom 5 to reach up to a speed of about 22mph. The Altitude Mode switch, the A button, will have similar functions when compared to the 4’s transmitter. However, it will also better maintain proper altitude and the overall function of manual controls. The Sports Mode switch, the S button, will allow for faster speeds without draining the battery too fast.

DJI Phantom 5 Features

The DJI Phantom 5 is expected to incorporate plenty of new features. We dug until we found each and every rumor on the features possible. The DJI Phantom 5 is going to be one seriously impressive, state of the art drone if at least half of these rumors are true.

The most notable feature is the all-new 360 Obstacle Sensing System (formerly known as collision avoidance), which blows all other systems like it completely out of the water. It has obstacle sensors on all sides so a collision will not be likely to happen. It will also feature improved Artificial Intelligence, which will recognize possible collisions much faster than any other drone on the market. We may also have anti-collision lights on the Phantom 5.

We may also have newer flight modes. They are going to be paired with older ones, for instance, Auto Return (similar to Return to Home) and Auto Takeoff, may be coming into play here. We may also see GPS reliant features, such as ActiveTracking, TapFly, and features that do not need GPS while in Sports Mode. In fact, Sports Mode is rumored to have replaced Flight Mode completely for the purpose of providing 10 extra minutes of flight time. However, we can’t be too sure yet.

Auto Tracking technology is another noteworthy feature upgrade, which is basically a revamp of the popular Follow Me function. This feature allows users to take stunning aerial shots or videos without having to manually control the Phantom 5 course. Essentially, it will latch onto any desired person or object and follow it without being manoeuvred by the pilot. It will also be able to avoid any potential air threats (read collisions) in this mode.

Phantom 5 is also said to get a small boost to its maximum speed, and people are claiming that its maximum speed will be improved to 55 mph. This leads us to believe that Phantom 5 will stand a chance against some fully fledged racing drones out there.

We may also see some of the following features:

  • LCD lights for better visibility. This is especially nice to have if you are flying in a poorly lit area or at night.
  • Autonomy Mode for simpler forward flying.
  • Auto Tracking – It locks onto any object of your choosing. This includes people such as yourself, which is basically a revamped Follow Me Mode.
  • Visual Navigation Mode – It will work with any other intelligent flight mode.
  • A pre-installed Dual Compass Mode
  • Built-in director software – It allows you to edit music and text straight into your videos.
  • A new Companion App – It will immediately connect to your smart device and display photographs captured.

There is also a rumor circulating claimed that there will even be a FPV racing kit installed. Some people say that it will be more efficient and advanced when compared to any other drone on the market.

DJI Phantom 5 Specifications

Specifications-wise, there have been plenty of rumours flying around, and a bunch of new ones seems to pop up every single day so we can’t know for sure which of them (if any) is true.

It’s pretty obvious that the Phantom 5 is going to be a quadcopter. However, but what’s interesting is that rumors are claiming the drone will look somewhat like the Phantom 4, but that it will have a completely different exterior design and overall look when it’s released. We know that this is kind of confusing, but we’re including it anyway.

As I already mentioned, supposedly the Phantom 5 is getting a well-deserved boost in speed, and we should see it flying at about 55mph in sports mode. Additionally, it is most likely going to keep the 7 kilometers of range like its Phantom 4 Pro predecessor, which is still way more than any other drone on the market. So I basically find no reason why would they need to upgrade this feature.

The possible weight could be about 8.5lbs (3855 grams), and dimensions could be something like 16 x 8.6 x 12.6 inches (406 x 218 x 320 mm). It’s also rumored that the motors will be in more of a raised position, and that glossy black and white are to be the color options.

Moreover, DJI Phantom 5 could be getting a battery upgrade and there are several rumors about the battery type. A lot of people claim it is going to feature standard 1.2 Li-Po battery pack. On the other hand, there are others who say that DJI have invested a significant amount of resources into developing a spectacular battery that can last more than 33 minutes in the air.

Other Random Rumors and Leaks

Some of the rumors and leaks we found don’t really fit into a category. However, we thought we should include them anyway. Listed below are a few minor ones left to be mentioned:

  • The new storage case is said to be a vast improvement. It will be made of Styrofoam to ensure that it’s durable, lighter, and much easier on the drone.
  • The start-up noise has actually improved to be much quieter, so it will not be offensively loud.
  • If you exceed any of the set FAA restrictions and regulations, such as exceeding the allowed speed, leaving the legal altitude airspace limit, etc, the DJI Go App will now be able to show and warn you.
  • Compliance with the FAR’s Part 107 regulations through the DJI Go App will be largely improved.

We know that these are only rumors. However, for the time being, it would definitely be cool if the majority of them proved to be true.


All avid drone users are excited for what the DJI Phantom 5 may bring us. There are a lot of rumors and leaks that probably aren’t going to be true in the end. However, the road to it finally being released is near its end and we hope that the majority of these rumors will prove to be true.

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