DJI Phantom 3 VS 3D Robotics Solo: Head to Head

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DJI Phantom 3 VS 3D Robotics Solo would be pretty unexpected comparison a year or two back. But given the progress 3DR Robotics makes, it is perfectly logical head to head comparison to be made today. DJI  as a company has been on the market for a while now, whereas 3D Robotics is much younger. This makes the comparison even more interesting.

If we take their prices into an account, both of these drones could be listed as some of the best drones you can buy under $500.

DJI Phantom 3 VS 3D Robotics Solo – Head to Head

Video Features

DJI did a complete upgrade when it comes to the Phantom 3. They equipped this baby up with a all new 4K camera, HD video streaming from a mile away and a bigger array of sensors. Packed with these features, the Phantom 3 is an extremely capable piece of video equipment.


3D Robotics, release their 3DR Solo a bit later. I guess that they aimed this drone to be a direct competitor to the DJI Phantom 3. The 3DR Solo is a great bird, I mean just look at it. It’s all black and mysterious in a way. It’s like a drone made for a spy because it is so sleek and sexy. The 3DR Solo does have its perks though, it comes with two 1GHz processors which run LUNIX.  And we can’t forget to mention that they can fly with pre-programmed flight paths.


The first thing you will probably be asking yourself is how is the video on these two drones? Well we are here to tell you. The DJI Phantom 3 has one of the best video capabilities of any drone. The DJI Phantom 3 is equipped with a 4K Camera, that can stream in HD. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that it allows you to stream live video feeds! (Via YouTube, or even on your phone through APPs created for your IOS or Android.) The picture’s visibility on the DJI Phantom 3 is just amazing! The pictures are clear and very accurate.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for the 3D Robotics Solo. We have noticed that for some reason the gimbal on the 3DR Solo tends to twitch and shake, therefore offering us with unclear and inaccurate pictures. We can’t say that the camera on the 3D Robotics Solo is horrible though, you can record 720 HD Video and you can also stream live video via your mobiles app. Although without the right accessories or add-ons, the quality of the images and video just can’t be matched with the DJI Phantom 3’s.


Another thing most people look at while looking to buy a drone, is the remote. Is the remote easy to follow or is it so complicated that you need a user’s guide just to start your drone. When it comes to DJI Phantom 3 VS 3D Robotics Solo – their remotes differ. The remote with the 3DR Solo, in our opinion is better because it connects automatically via WiFi. Whereas the Phantom 3 remote connects to your device with a USB cable. Another great feature with the 3D Robotics Solo is that it has an HDMI socket for connecting to HD displays, while this feature isn’t available on the Phantom 3.


Some would argue, but honestly, the most common question people ask before buying a drone is the price. One of the DJI Phantom 3’s advantages is that is a all in on drone. This drone is priced from $1200 and upwards and it’s ready to fly as soon as you get it. The camera and gimbal is included. Therefore, unless you want to add some more gadgets on your drone, you’re good to fly it ASAP. Although when it comes to the 3DR Solo, it is priced lower, starting from $1000. At first glance it’s cheaper so you might go for it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer everything that the Phantom  3 does. For example, it doesn’t come with a gimbal, adding a gimbal adds another $400 to your bill. Let’s cut to the chase, if you want the same 4K Video capability and features as the Phantom 3, your bill would have a total of more than $1900.

Flight Fun

When it comes to flying these two babies. They provide you with almost same level of fun. The Phantom 3 does have a slight advantage over the 3DR Solo because it has optical flow sensors, which make it much more stable. Both of the drones get about 20 minutes flying time. The Phantom’s range is one mile, whereas the 3DR Solo’s is only half a mile!

Weight and Speed

The DJI’s Phantom 3 is lighter than the 3DR Solo, weighing in at 1,280 grams while the 3D Robotics Solo weighs 1,500 grams. Both the drones fly faster than the average 36 MPH. Although the Solo can fly up to 55 mph, whereas the DJI Phantom 3 flies up to a speed of 36mph. One advantage that the 3DR Solo has over the DJI Phantom 3, is the ability to add various gadgets. For example you add various accessories on to the 3DR Solo, but you can’t do the same to the DJI Phantom.


Our verdict: my choice would definitely be the more known Phantom 3. It has better camera, it is cheaper, has better range. Although 3DR Solo is everything, but a bad drone!

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