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For those of you that don’t know what DJI Osmo is – it is a gimbal or a camera stabilizer.  The DJI Osmo is great addition for your drone because it is so compact, lightweight (weighing it at only 538 grams) and robust.


DJI Osmo Break Down

So let’s break DJI Osmo down for you. This baby has a pretty steep price – over 600$, dang? Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Well wait, until you find out what this gadget has to offer you! We believe that it is one of the best if not THE best gimbal on the market at the moment. What do you get for such a high price, you may ask? The DJI Osmo consists of basically four parts: it comes with a Zenmuse x3 three axis gimbal with a camera, a phone clamp (allowing you to add your phone without any problems), a battery and a handle with all the control buttons you will need to use your DJI Osmo!


The best thing about the DJI Osmo is definitely it’s camera. It’s equipped with Sony’s 12mp camera, top notch! I mean it’s equipped by Sony! The camera can record videos with 4K resolution! This camera also offers you a 94 degree view. You can record and save your videos or images on a Micro SD Card. This means your memory is unlimited! You should buy a Micro SD card that will meet your needs, if you are a fan of taking many pictures, then you want to get a bigger Micro SD card. We are amazed by the camera because it offers such silky and amazing pictures. Even when you attach your phone and you’re hand is shaking or you are running or what not, the picture will still be clear and silky! Could you even ask for more?


Voice Record

Aside from offering one of the best cameras out there at the moment, it also comes with a microphone meaning that you can record voice as well. DJI has also added a 3.55mm microphone port, just in case you want to plug in your own microphone and record away! And did we forget to mention, DJI also added a slow motion option! Now, you can record various things in slow motion.

Panorama and Selfie Panorama

DJI has also equipped their OSMO with a panorama option, which lets you record panorama videos or images, in no time! You also have a camera hold for your smartphone, so you can download the DJI GO app and automatically sync your phone with the Osmo!  And how can we forget the selfie panorama? Everyone takes at least one selfie per day and DJI kept that in mind because they created this option for all the selfie taking lovers!


The controller for the DJI Osmo is a very basic and easy to use. It comes with a thumb pad joystick and with this joystick you can control the camera and make it do various things. The DJI Osmo is very easy to use and you can take it with you just about anywhere. In our opinion its even better than a GoPro camera because the picture quality is much better and the device is much compacter and lighter. Check out the video for a more detailed comparison.

Carrying Case and Sleep Mode

They also equip you with a carrying case so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to carry around your DJI OSMO! Another great thing DJI added to it’s OSMO is the option of automatic sleep mode. The Osmo is equipped with special sensors and as soon as you put down your Osmo, it will automatically go into sleep mode and it’s lenses will close, this is great because you might forget to turn it off and place it on the table and something could happen.


The DJI Osmo comes with a rechargeable battery and it has LED lights that are very convenient. The LED light will blink red when you need to recharge your batteries.

Expand ability

DJI has left you with the opportunity to add whatever kind of add ons you want to your Osmo, because it has various ports and mounts. For example, something you may have no seen before you see with the Osmo, it come’s with a bike mount, so you can go bike riding in the mountains or through the forests and record the beautiful scenery!


After doing our review on this cool gadget, it’s safe to say that the DJI Osmo is the best of its kind on the market. DJI took its sweet time to create this baby and it’s definitely worth a try! <<< Check the Prices on Amazon! >>>

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