Drone X Pro Review 2022 – How Bad [Good] Really Is It?

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Now it’s time for the DroneX Pro review.

I have waited a long time for this moment. I have been watching commercials for the DroneX Pro all over the web for weeks and I have seen marketing slogans pouring down on me. Of course, each promise more pithy than the other. But now the drone is finally here in my hands and will brazenly later find its place among the other drones.

In this test report I show what the DroneX Pro is made of and how the foldable quadcopter compares to other models in its price range.

Info about the DroneX Pro

  • Type: Mini drone
  • Suitable for: beginners, hobby
  • Size: small
  • Manufacturer: Eachine
  • Weight: 95 grams
  • sticker required: no
  • Camera: 1280x720p
  • Price range: up to 100 USD

Package contents: This is included in the package of the DroneX Pro

  • Drone X Pro Quadrocopter (Eachine E058)
  • Remote control
  • Battery
  • Transport case
  • Protection frame
  • Charging technology
  • microSD card
  • Manual

The Drone X Pro comes in a small case. That’s actually quite fancy! The transport case has a shiny hard shell look on the outside and is padded with foam on the inside. Looking back I have to say: The case is better than the contents. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself.

Beside Quadcopter (DJI Mavic Pro-Optics), remote control (also replica) and battery, there is also a manual, protective frame and charging equipment included.

Compared to other mini drones under 100 USD, you get quite a lot ontop with the Drone X Pro.

Flying specs

  • Range: 50 meters
  • Flight duration: 5-7 minutes
  • Autonomous flight modes: No
  • FPV: Yes
  • Video: 720p
  • Photos: 0.3 Megapixel

DroneX Pro Air Review: Hands on testing

The DroneX Pro is smaller than expected. The drone measures barely 10 cm when folded. But the misery begins with the unfolding of the device.

The axles do not lock, no clicking, no marking signals: This far and no further. Or: The axis must be straightened even further. The positioning and thus the distance between the motors remains vague.

Drone X Pro Review: Weak point of the drone: quality!

Also considered as a whole, the whole axle-hinge construction makes an extremely spongy, wobbly and cheap impression. The DroneX Pro is not alone with this problem: Many cheap drones, whose biggest (and only) feature are the foldable axes, have this problem. I shrug my shoulders and ask myself what this will happen during flight. Increased randomness of engine positions hardly goes hand in hand with superior flight performance for me.

Drone X Pro Review – Battery life

Battery compartment of the DroneX Pro: You can’ t get the battery out without a screwdriver…

I put the battery in next and am happy that the copter finally gets some weight. The DroneX Pro is very light. Inserting the battery works well, I am happy about a direct connection and that I don’t have to fiddle with Molex plugs.

Unfortunately, I only get the battery out of the battery bay with force and a screwdriver. I have to use so much force that I think it will tear the copter apart.

Drone X Pro SD card: exposed to water without protection

Unprotected contacts of the SD card. You better not land on wet grass.

But with all this work I discover the slot for the microSD card. Unprotected on the underside/landing area of the drone. Good to know where my photos and videos will end up. But the unprotected slot seems a bit risky to me. A few landings in the (wet) grass and a short circuit is inevitable.

The remote control is familiar in design and construction from the DJI Mavic Pro and the ScharkSpark Thunder FQ 35, but nothing folds out, the two transmission antennas are just for show, like on the FQ 35.

The DroneX Pro under review: Preparations for the first flight

I try to get rid of the bad mood that has built up in the meantime. But I can’t get rid of the feeling that a really cheap scrap metal copter is being miserably and brazenly marketed here as a great multi-copter for beginners.

So let’s see how the Drone X Pro flies. I charge the battery as usual, insert batteries and put my focus on the app. Like most FPV drones with, you can view the live image of the DroneX Pro on your smartphone. Many (all too) cheap entry level models and mini drones tried this feature. In most cases the practical usability of the video stream fails because of the low camera resolution, too few frames per second (slide show effect) and a bad WIFI signal.

This app for the DroneX Pro is an old acquaintance, as it is often used by various drone brands as a cheap solution for FPV live images and some telemetry data. The last time I was almost desperate because of the app JY-UFO and since then I have come to appreciate the in-house solutions of Ryze, Syma, Parrot and of course DJI in a whole new way.

Now, the app is connected to the mobile phone, drone and RC spark again. Here we go.

Flight test with the DroneX Pro

At least I thought so – because the copter responded to the first two start attempts with wild spinning on the floor. The axles are so wobbly and unevenly aligned that nothing works. I fix the hinges with fibre tape.

The DroneX Pro flies in the air okay at best. I have to trim the machine more or less on the spot, probably not least because of my gluing action. It reacts promptly to control commands, I would estimate the range at a solid 30 but maximum 50 meters. In the test, the copter flies for 6 minutes, after which it has to stop for charging.

I don’t dare to fly long rounds. As soon as a breeze blows, the DroneX Pro becomes a wind chime.

Drone X Pro: Camera

The DroneX Pro has a small camera on board that can record photos and videos during the flight. The camera itself can only be aligned vertically before the flight. This is not possible after the take-off, so I recommend a tilt of about 20-30° from the horizontal axis for normal video and photo flights.

Unfortunately, there is no digital image stabilization, which is why videos are horribly shaky and, due to the low frame rate, rather remind one of a slide show.

Camera of the Drone X Pro can be aligned vertically before flight.

DroneX Pro: A life as a clone

That the DroneX Pro is only a cheap copy of the DJI Mavic Pro should be clear to everyone. Shape, color and “racing stripe design” are the same as the Mavic Pro. But few people know that the DroneX Pro is only a renamed second edition! Because: The foldable quadcopter is also available under the name Eachine E058 – and sometimes significantly cheaper.

I would not buy either of these drones. Cheap fakes are never a good choice and there are really good alternatives for this price.

Conclusion & Rating

I would like to strongly advise against the purchase of the DroneX Pro!

The best thing about the drone is the case. The rest is a design fake in the most horrible quality. The product quality was my biggest opponent in the test, whether it was the axles, the camera or the app. Yes, the copter flies – but that’s probably all there is to it.

There are definitely better alternatives for 100 USD, where you don’t get ripped off so audaciously.

A much better drone with similar price point is Ryze Tello.

DJI Ryze Tello

Extremely cheap, decent camera and flying time. Good choice for the absolute novices that literally fly a drone for the first time.

Alternatives to the DroneX Pro

If you want to buy a drone that looks like the DJI Mavic Pro, you should order this one. Everything else is plagiarism, sacrificing performance at the expense of design. Sure, real Mavic drones (Pro (1), Air, Mavic 2 Pro) cost a lot of money, but quality has its price. You might want to check out our Mavic models vs DJI Spark comparisons.

If you are strapped for cash and can’t afford Mavic Pro or Air, you can go for the new Mavic Mini or some of its alternatives from other manufacturers like Hubsan Zino or Xiaomi X8.

You can get good quality for about 100 USD with the Ryze/DJI Tello: 5 megapixel camera, great flight, great app, FPV and small selfie modes.

A drone for fun and amusement is the Parrot Mambo, which can spread fear and terror with a cannon on the top.

Buy any drone from this list: The best drones 2020 I have presented the top 20 copters of this year. Each one is better than the Drone X Pro.

If it really has to be a camera drone, the comparison of the best drones with camera is interesting. Also here you can find cheap but good copters for everyone.

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