PowerVision PowerEgg X Review 2022

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Today’s drones are all packed with mostly similar featurs – they all fly. Most of them are shooting 4k video, we’re seeing longer and longer flight time across the board as battery and aerodynamic technology increases and improves, but they all tend to have one single standout feature that separates them from the rest of the drone market and this one feature tends to sometimes be a gimmick.

But one manufacturer took this unique, distinctive feature mantra and lift it to whole antother level.

The PowerEgg X has one trick up its sleeve, one feature that it promotes that is incredibly useful – it looks like an egg as the name implies and yes it certainly doesn’t look like a drone at all.

This is a handheld video camera. Also, a selfie camera. Also a tracking camera. Also an Audio Camera. Also a DRONE with 30 minute flight time. Also Weather Resistant… You can fly in the rain and land on water (requires clear plastic bubble accessory). 4K Camera and a range of just over 3000 meters. Has obstacle avoidance and active track in drone mode.

To access the components, we crack open the bottom with the pull tab that reveals the camera, bottom vision positioning sensors and obstacle avoidance sensors, as well ast he forward obstacle avoidance which is pretty much a standard on all drones nowadays.

This thing isn’t only a drone as it also includes a side strap mount so that the egg portion or the body of the drone can be used as a camcorder.

It features a lot of AI tracking features which we’ve seen in other drones as well.

PowerVision is known for their aquatic submersible drones and because of this, they’ve brought their product line up full circle as the PowerEgg X is fully waterproof.

You can fly it in a rainstorm and it can even land and take off on water.

Once the arms of the drone are set in place , the PowerEgg X is ready to fly but it’s not yet fully waterproof. Its motors are waterproof but the body itself is still exposed.

To make the drone fully waterproof, you need to use external case which slides over the backside of the drone and then swings under the bottom to cover the front, securing the latch on the top completes the seal thus making this drone fully waterproof.

In order to land on the water, you need to add floats to the bottom which attach to the legs.

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