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What should you pay attention to when buying drones?


As controversial as there might be, military drones have many useful applications in civilian use as well.


For modelers, they are the purest happiness. The robust Multicopters are inherently stable in flight. Thanks to modern electronic stabilization control, flying drones is hardly harder than driving a car. More experienced pilots are of course always up for a more risky manouver. Equipped with a photo or film camera Multicopter are even more fun.

All about buying a drone:

On these pages you will find all the information about buying, building and flying drones, about useful accessories and gear and how to use them.

Here you will find news and interesting facts about Multicopters such as Tricopter, Quadrocopter, Hexacopter and Octocopter. A knowledgeable guide through the vast world of drones from A-Home to Z-axis.

Looking at the type of remote control shows you where the journey could go.┬áModels with fixed paired transmitters are ready to go and do not require any special pre-knowledge. There models are aiming at a fast flying fun, and more advanced pilots will soon miss the lack of features and expandability. Transmitter independent drones, offer more of everything, longer flight times, additional features, custom configurations. A relatively new type of drones are smartphone or tablet-controlled drones. The corresponding apps connect the UAV to the Internet. Share flight photos and videos directly with others or live-transfer the images – everything is possible with today’s drones with camera.

Would you just fly a drone? Or feel like a real pilot with video goggles? Are you a tech geek and gladly fiddle around with gadgets? Or you want to try a completely new form of holiday memories? Multicopter are so simple and more versatile than any other model UAV. More about Quadrocopters with camera >>

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