Walkera QR x350 Pro FPV Review 2022

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Walkera electronics has been making one of a kind drones. Their most known drone is Walkera drone QR x350 Pro FPV, which Walkera equipped with many cool add-ons and gear.

This drone is one the better drones for professional use.


The Walkera qr x350 is a pretty solid FPV drone. It is equipped with the Devo 7 controller, which is a radio transmitted controller. QR X350 is one of the easiest drones to fly because of the simple and effective controller. This quadcopter provides a nice stable platform and it is great for aerial photography.

The Walkera qr x350 is easy to fly as soon as you get it – a ready to fly drone! All you have to do is attach the landing gear, install the propellers and charge the battery and you’re good to go!

The Walkera qr x350 can be found from $350-$500 dollars, depending on if you find it on sale or not. This is a great price for a quadcopter like this, because it offers you much for this price.

This quadcopter is equipped with the home feature and GPS functions. Meaning that you can sync your drone and let it know exactly where you live, therefore your Walkera qr x350 will automatically fly home without you having to control every move it makes.

This home feature is great for beginners because they might need some help at first until they get a hold of things. Whereas, if you are a more skilled pilot, you can turn this option off and fly your baby manually.

Flight Time

After our Walkera qr x350 test, we can say that this drone offers you with about 25 minutes max flight time, which is awesome. Another great thing is that it only takes an hour to charge the battery. Allthough we do recommend on having a spare battery.

We recommend this to any drone owner, because nobody likes to wait around for their batteries to recharge. This way after you use one battery up you can just change batteries and continue flying!

Walkera really tried their best because this is one of the best fly times out there. Back to the fact of  25 minutes flying time – what other drone will provide you with a 25 minute flight? Another impressive thing, is that you can fly this baby up to 45 miles per hour – which is something you would expect from an FPV drone!

Due to the fact that this baby is awfully fast with 45 mph, we recommend you be careful especially if you are a beginner because you could crash easily and nobody wants that! This bird is also small with its dimensions at 11.38 x 11.38 x 8.07 inches. This is one of the reasons it’s so quick because it is lightweight.


Unfortunately, the Walkera qr x350 is not good at maintaining the altitude and tends to drift, even if it is calibrated. Another downfall of this drone is that the landing gear is a little springy so landing won’t be as smooth as you would expect. We recommend that you try to land as gently as possible.

Another downside – it does not come with an option to turn on or off the lights, while many cheaper drones have this option. When we are at the negatives – the material of the drone is not that great – it is made up of a cheap plastic shell that will break easily. But the fortunate thing is that parts for this drone are cheap so just in case you do end up crashing, you won’t have to waste much to fix your drone. Walkera has supplied you with an extra pair of propellers, which you will need sooner or later.

Camera as an Add-on

Walkera made sure to enhance your footage and make it as smooth as possible, that’s exactly why they equipped this baby up with a two axis gimbal.

The biggest let down of this drone is that you must purchase a drone separately, because a camera does not come included. Walkera basically hooks you with everything but a camera. Once, you do buy a camera for your qr x350, you will see the amazing shots and video footage that this drone can offer you!

This drone ranges up to 2 kilometers, which is standard for these type of drones. Of course, as many other drones this drones has a WiFi option that allows you to connect to your smartphone or iOS.


All in all we give this drone a passing grade. To sum it up –


  • Good flight time
  • great speed
  • efficient controller


  • cheap plastic used as material to build drone
  • no camera (unless you buy an action camera as an addon)
  • bad at landing

All in all – it has a lot to offer for the price and it’s definitely worth the buy!

Since this is an older drone, we would recommend to check out newer models that are much more powerful, both in terms of flight performance and camera capabilities.

Some of the drones you should look into:

1.8 Total Score
Good for the money you pay!

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