Different Types of Drones

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Update - 2017.02.21

Drones are relatively new machines and there is no official and standard classification of drones. We will give our best to make such categorization based on different standard.

Different kinds of drones – table:

Number of PropellersSizeRangeEquipment
TricopterNano DronesClose Range DronesDrones with Camera
QuadcopterMini DronesShort Range DronesDrones with FPV
HexacopterRegular Size DronesMid-Range DronesDrones with GPS
OctocopterLarge DronesEndurance DronesDrones with stabilizers

Types of drones by number of propellers:

Most sold model is Scorpion Tricopter.

Most of the UAVs and drones are quadcopters. They can be further categorized into different types based on their size to:

  1. nano drones
  2. mini drones
  3. regular size drones
  4. large drones

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They can also be categorized by their range to:

  1. very close range drones
  2. close range drones
  3. short range drones
  4. mid-range drones
  5. endurance drones
  1. Drone with camera
  2. Drone with stabilizers
  3. Drone with or without GPS
  4. FPV birds with one FPV glasses

Of course you can combine all the features of the drones in one drone.


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