Mini Quadrocopter

Description of a Mini Quadrocopter

Researchers have been working on insect-sized aircraft for a long time. They are not there yet, but we see benefits from these developments with the current drones on the market. Mini Quadrocopters are not a standardized class such as 450 helicopters. The manufacturers use the mini, micro or nano name accessories to determine when their quadrocopter is small. People are always fascinated by the extremes. This is exactly what makes the Mini Quadrocopter attractive. The possibility to fly such a small thing at all, to bend around where there is actually no place to do it is big fun.



Mini-Quadrocopter in comparison:

You can fall in love with mini quadrocopters quickly but it is important to keep your head cool. The smaller the model, the more nervous and wind-sensitive is its flight behavior. Thanks to state-of-the-art stabilization technology, the Mini Quadrocopters are relatively quiet in the air. A little helicopter-flying experience does not hurt, especially since the position detection is more difficult than with larger quadrocopters. The Quadrocopter Blade Nano QX, with a rotor distance of about 100 mm, would be a worthy introduction for the giant under the dwarfs. Like all Mini Quadrocopters, it also has a safe mode. Therefore, it is suitable for beginners in the set with hand-held transmitter. As a full-fledged member of the Blade family, the Nano QX also rides into an existing heli fleet. In conjunction with a programmable transmitter it is then capable of all kinds of acrobatics.

The smallest mini-quadrocopter:

The Hubsan X4 H107 is noticeably smaller, 60 x 60 mm. This does not stop the manufacturer, however, to make another model in addition to the normal, a camera-mounted version (the Hubsan X4 FPV H107D). Unofficial world record holder is currently the award-winning Revell Nano Quad. 45 mm rotor clearance and 12 g weight are a real challenge. Revell is truly the difficulty level “challenging” and not for no reason. The 6 LEDs are not a pure show effect. They are used for better orientation during day (and night) and indicate the battery status. The trend is thus imagined, perhaps mini-quadrocopter soon get the nickname Piko, as per trillionth millimeter.