HuanQi H899 Review – Older Drone That Is Still Decent

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The Huanqi H899 is classified as a quadcopter and it is considered to be a new Syma X8C competitor, because it is largely inspired from the Syma model. The H899 is commonly used for recreation and hobby. The Huanqi H899 is controlled by a standalone remote controller. This means you will probably have to practice using it to get the hang of the controls. This quad includes a 720p camera broadcasting live a video link via Wi-Fi. The producer advertises the Huanqi H899 to be strong enough to lift GoPro and alike action cameras. Currently there are two models of the Huanqi H899 available on the market. The less expensive Huanqi costs $88 and this is the average price for a drone. The more expensive one costs $103. This model is delivered with a 5MP camera with Wi-Fi FPV support.

Product Specs

The Huanqi H899 is powered by a high capacity Li-Po battery. This quad has a flight time of about 10 minutes. However, some users report that this flight time can be dramatically reduced if the quad is equipped with the GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This camera weighs 84 grams.

In terms of features, specifications and size the Huanqi H899 is very similar with the Syma X8W quadcopter. However, this quad does not feature altitude hold like the Syma X8HW.

  • Gyro: 6 axis
  • Headless flight mode
  • Weight: 1700 grams (3.7 pounds)
  • One key return to home
  • Dimensions: 270 x 280 x 205 mm (8.1 x 11 x 10.6 inches)
  • Colorful LEDs for night flights
  • Motor Type: Brushed
  • Suitable for GoPro and alike action cameras
  • Charger Time: 240 minutes
  • Available colors: black and white
  • High capacity flight battery
  • Body Material: plastic
  • Around 200 meters control distance
  • Rotor Material: plastic
  • Up to 10 minutes flight autonomy
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 12 years and up

What’s in the Box?

The package of the Huanqi H899 quadcopter is very generous. It also includes a camera mount and a smart phone holder. It is important to note that the camera mount is suitable for many action cameras.

  • HuanQI H899
  • 5MP GoPro alike camera
  • 1 set of screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Transmitter (using 4xAA batteries not included)
  • Landing gears
  • 4V 2000mAh Li-Po flight battery
  • Charger
  • AC/DC power adapter
  • Spare props
  • Prop guards
  • Stickers
  • Camera mount
  • Phone/tablet mount
  • 720p/Wi-Fi camera
  • Instruction manual

Size and Design

The Huanqi H899 weighs 1700 grams or 3.7 pounds. This makes it one of the heaviest quadcopters on the market. It has dimension of 270 x 280 x 205 mm (8.1 x 11 x 10.6 inches). The body and the rotor of this quad are made of plastic. This drone comes with strong blades guard. It is wind resistant and perfect for outdoor flying. As far as color goes, the Huanqi H899 is available in white and black.

This quad is also equipped with colorful LED lights for wonderful night flying. The frontal white LEDs are very helpful to keep orientation. The H899 is powerful thanks to its big props. The big props are here to improve the payload capacity versus some sporty attitudes.

Huanqi H899 Camera

The Huanqi H899 does not come with a built-in camera. However, this quad is compatible with external cameras, such as GoPro or any other action camera. The camera can be easily attached to the quad’s main body via a compatible stabilization gimbal. The great thing is that the camera mount is easy to install or remove. Some users report jellos in videos with the front camera mount. However, this can be reduced by balancing props and swapping the camera mount with the central solution.

Flight Time

The Huanqi H899 possesses a flight time of about 10 minutes. This flight time is slightly above average amount of time compared to the average of 8 minutes.

It is important to note that the flight time measurement given is the amount of time the H899 will fly with no extra weight added. The H899’s flight time will decrease as you add extra weight. So lower payload means longer flight time.

Huanqi H899 Battery

The Huanqi H899 is equipped with a 2000mAh Li-Po battery. As you can see, this quad uses an above-average sized battery to power its flight, compared to the average of 635 mAh. The battery takes about 4 hours to charge completely.

Flight time will be more longer with rechargeable high performance battery. However, when estimating flight time it is very important to account for the takeoff weight.

Controller and Manoeuvrability

The H899 is controlled by a standalone remote controller. This quad can be flown up to 656 feet (200 meters) away from you, compared to the average controllable range of 330 feet (100 meters). The H899 is equipped with 6-Axis Gyro stability for precise and easy handling.

This quad also has one key to return function. This function makes it easily to find the way home. Also, it has Headless Mode function. With this function there is no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying. The quad is also programmed to do a 3D 360 degree roll. Finally, 4xAA batteries are required to feed the transmitter.


The Huanqi H899 is a nice Syma X8C competitor. This quadcopter flies smoothly in beginner rate to capture videos and relatively sporty in expert mode. Thanks to its weight, the H899 fight winds well. Overall, the Huanqi H899 is pretty fast and good flyer. This quad comes with a nice built-in camera mount system adapted directly for GoPro cameras.

The provided 720p camera is without any doubt the weakest point of this quad. It has very poor characteristics and it considerably limits the control range.

Since this is an older drone, we would recommend to check out newer models that are much more powerful, both in terms of flight performance and camera capabilities.

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