Floreon LiPo Battery Review

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The battery pack from Floreon. These are LiPo, they’re not real expensive, they’re more of a cheap LiPo. People have had really good luck with these, and i went ahead and ordered one. And i thought i would show you guys and later post on how it’s doing after about 20 charges. It’s a pretty nice-looking battery, comes in a hard case carbon fiber print, not very heavy but usually like mozart. This is only a 2S, 7.4 Volt, 30C, 5200 mAh.

So, it should last quite awhile and my two-wheel-drive, should get pretty decent run time out of this. I’m just wanting to see how long these cells are going to last, not really sure.


I also ordered the Traxxas plugs, just because all the cars that I have are Traxxas or if they’re not Traxxas they are running Traxxas plugs. The Traxxas batteries are a lot better in a 3-cell. The three cell batteries that I’ve had for Traxxas have just been outstanding. I’ve had one for 4 -5 years and probably 80 cycles through it already.

Traxxas charge is extremely extremely slow and if you don’t break them in right. then they’re really bad about it. But gonna try this battery pack.


These batteries pack a serious punch. It hit so hard that my wheel spin instead of doing a wheelie. These are some beastly batteries for the price. But regardless versus you know I used to run like a max power and like been impacts back in the day I mean there’s like a hundred  twenty dollars for a  3S, 20C discharge rate and you know if you’re lucky 4,000 milliamps.


I mean this is awesome right here, 45 minutes used. So just wanted to update you guys that these batteries are a real deal. The Floureon LiPo Battery is a must have for every individuals who owns a quadcopter and it’s probably the best one i have ever used.



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