JJRC X1 Review – Everything You Should Know About The JJRC X1 Before Buying

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The JJRC X1 is an affordable brushless motor quad, it has brushless motors, and I think a lot of people were hoping that this would kind of be the, be-all end-all quad, you know nice affordable brushless model, good long-lasting motors and powerful.

Just buy this and never buy another quad.  It’s a good quad, and nice for the price, it looks really cool. But I do have some issues with it, but what kind of get into things as we go here.

So first of all, it is a really nice looking model, I really like the looks. Some people are calling it a Blade 200 QX clone. It does have similar looks, you know the landing gear, they’ll go forward like that. It has a similar design and about the same size, i think this is a little bit bigger than the 200 QX but not a clone by any means. First of all, it doesn’t have the, you know light up arm LEDs, it just has these little pin LEDs.


I also has this fake GPS cap on the back and you know, it is similar but not a clone. Then as far as the way it flies, it is not even in the same ballpark as the 200 QX. Overall, it’s outstanding and we’ve got the the battery bay here in the back.

I did have a little bit of trouble getting the battery and with the way the wires just kind of hang down here, they kind of get in the way of putting the battery in and I worry that with, you know with time of smashing the battery in there, that these cables are gonna break or rubbed raw or something. So, a little bit disappointed with the battery bay there.

Then as I was getting at here with, they’ve got these LEDs in the arm, but they’re kind of housed in. Also, they’ve got this plastic perimeter around them, making it so, you don’t see them at all from any angle other than directly below. I mean they’re recessed in the plastic, so literally only with your directly below.


If you’re at an angle at all, all you see is plastic, that’s not the LED there, that is the plastic housing around the LED. So I really don’t know what they were thinking there, i mean the LEDs on this are next to worthless. They have a front orange and the back white, so kind of weird color choice too. I do like the really nice bright green, especially with the green props in the front and the green on the arms there, you know it is in just the whole shape of the quad.

Orientation is no problem even if you don’t see the LEDs and actually this thing has no LVC warning as far as I could tell or it’s late. I’ve never seen LED is blinking while in flight, but i have seen them blinking after picking it up from landing. So as far as I can tell, there’s no visual LED indicator that you’ve got LVC warning. The LEDs are pretty much pointless on the thing.


Here is the transmitter, which people complain about as well. I have no problem with that, i think it is a perfectly acceptable transmitter for the price and its hobby great style. It fits in the hands nice, it works well for pinchers. I think it’s perfectly acceptable for the price that you get it. My only problem is that, it’s blue, it doesn’t match, i would like to see all these parts be green like the quad. I mean they’ve you know there’s a blue model, so it makes sense to get this with the blue one. But i would like to see the transmitter match the quad, but that’s just my taste for aesthetics.

Using It The Right Way

You can recalibrate it by holding both sticks down to the right, being a brushless model, you’ve got to arm the motors, which is it’s kind of a tricky dance of button control. So first, you want to turn on the transmitter, plug in the battery into the quad and then you’ve gotta hold both sticks out, to basically arm it.


Then you’ve got to turn the motors on, by moving the left stick. I think it’s like right left right or you know, some sort of combination. I forget if you start left right left right, whatever it is. So you hold both sticks out to arm it, then you move the left stick back and forth like that, to actually turn on the motors. Then they’ll start spinning on their own at a low RPM, it will take off but they will start just spinning.

Sometimes I found that, like if i were to arm it here, in the house and then take it outside to go fly it, when i set it down, i do all that; arm it and then turn on the motors and it wouldn’t start. So sometimes i found that, if i hold both sticks down right to recalibrate it and then do the whole process again, then it would arm.


I’m not sure what that is, but you may need to do the recalibration first, if you move locations from the first time you’ve armed it, so kind of weird there.

Accessories It Comes With

Let’s look at what all comes with, we’ve got a spare set of props and then this is a tool here to remove and tighten the little hubs there, that lock the props on the motors. It also does have prop guards, which is kinda cool, not a lot of brushless quads come with prop guards.


So I haven’t actually used them, but they are pretty durable. I think they would work well, but they’re at least going to work well to protect you from getting hit by the blades because the brushless motor got more power in these blades are more likely to hurt you. If you’re new to something like that or more powerful quad, you may want to start with the prop guards, just to keep yourself from getting hurt. It does have a wall charger here, that uses the balance plug to charge.

The battery is a 2S LiPo, 7.4 Volt, 1300mAh power battery. It’s a nice big battery and it has the JST plug and balance plug. If you use the stock wall charger, that takes about an hour and 45 minutes to charge. Here on the box, it says flight time 15 minutes and that is one of the first times where it actually is not a lie. It did actually get 15 minute flights, which I’m pretty impressed with. I wasn’t expecting it to last that long, because it’s not really a huge battery for a brushless quad. But it didn’t meet the standard of the 15 minutes that claims. Like i said, i didn’t test with the prop guards on, so i don’t know how much of a difference that makes. But you know, with the brushless quad, you’ve got plenty of power to spare, i doubt the prop guards really make that much of a difference in flight time.


It does have an auxiliary power port here, in the mounting brackets, so there may be some existing camera or FPV camera that you could mount on here or maybe JJRC will be releasing something specific to it. But I didn’t notice that, it seems to be ready to go for a camera. Here it says “can port” I assume that means it’s supposed to be cam, but it says “can port”.All right, let’s see what else is there to say.  We’ve got three rates on the left bumper here, you change rates and the yaw right does change and it’s a good yaw, it’s not super fast, but it’s plenty fast on high rates. It’s actually a little bit, I don’t know if it’s the yaw too fast or just the combination of pitching yaw.


But on high rates it feels really twitchy, which is my main complaint with this thing. It just feels so twitchy and it’s like it’s so fast, to read level itself, that you know, you make a little movement and it’s just like immediately snaps back. It doesn’t have a very fluid feeling to it. So I mean just feels like you’re constantly, just kind of like twitching the thing around, like I said especially on high rates. It just feels really uncontrollable and just twitchy and messy.

On medium rates, it’s pretty decent, it’s good and flyable. It’s got a decent enough pitch to go fast, and it feels alright, but again it still adjust it levels out so fast. It just has this twitchy feel to it, it’s like nowhere near as smooth line as the blade 200 QX, that just has its really nice smooth feeling.


All right this is the flight review the JJRC X1, a little affordable brushes quad. I would say that it’s probably one of the best drones i have ever used and would highly recommend you as well. Though a few drawbacks are there but they are almost negligible and i didn’t had much problem with the twitching. Let us know what you think of it.


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