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Walkera Technology is a younger company that is creating and furnishing us with some sick drones! Usually people will tell you, if it’s not a famous brand then they probably aren’t that good.

We’re here to tell you that even though you may not have heard of this company it is a very good company that has created some sick drones. Throughout this article we will give you our review on the Walkera qr w100s.


One of the most amazing things about this drone is that it is among the first drones that could be flown via iOS devices. This maybe doesn’t sound so revolutionary at first but don’t forget that many drones offer apps to sync your android phone and not many can offer what the qr w100 does, and that’s allow you to fly your bird with a iPhone or iPad.

This means you can instantly watch your videos on your phone because this drone has a live stream option for your videos! I mean after all, who doesn’t own a iPhone, these days? With having said this, the Walkera qr w100 does not come equipped with a transmitter, because it’s designed to be controlled by your iPhone.


Unfortunately, this does mean that if you own a android you won’t be able to fly your bird without a transmitter. Luckily, the Walker w100 is compatible with all DEVO transmitters. Walkera offers a top of the notch DEVO transmitter that is compatible with many other drones, not just the QR W100, therefore it is an investment worth making.

At first glance, the Walkera w100 qr is stylish. It looks like a helicopter and isn’t confusing like other drones out there. This quad weighs in at only 78 grams! The controller allows you to fly either slow or fast. This baby is light, small and compact. With having said this, be aware that you won’t be able to fly it when it’s very windy outside.


The wind will make the bird fly off course and make it unstable. Due to the fact that the drone only weighs 78 grams, make sure you take good care of it. Especially, when you are travelling and on the go. You need to make sure you have carefully packed it up, therefore making sure you won’t damage your drone while you are travelling.

This quad is one if not the best in its range. You can fly it at a 100 meter distance, yes a small quad and it can be reached at a range of 100 meters, just one of the many great things Walkera added to this drone. Walkera has equipped their w100 qr, with    batteries, and it supplies you with a USB charger. After walkera qr w100’s test, we have established that you can easily get 10 minutes flight in between charges.


This is a great time for a quad in this category. Walkera did let us down when it comes to it’s batteries, unfortunately once you use you battery you will have to wait more than 2 hours and 20 minutes to fully recharge the battery.

Don’t forget that the drone is connected to your smartphone and instantly records the pictures and video you take, allowing you to look at your fascinating photos later. It also streams live video onto your phone. We know, it probably sounds a tad confusing, but the app is so easy to use. All you have to do is connect your smartphone to the bird via WiFi and tada, that’s all!


Another great thing about the qr w100 walkera, is how they managed to keep it safe. Obviously, the people and Walkera know what they’re doing because this time around they introduced a modularized motor and modularized landing pods which make removing and replacing parts, that need to be changed a breeze!

It literally will only take you three seconds to replace a pair of landing pods on the Walkera qr w100s. The Qr w100 is almost crash free because it takes moderate crashes without any problems.


A great addition that Walkera added is the camera to this model of the qr w100. The resolution is decent coming in at 1280 x 720. The Walkera qr w100 allows you to directly record your flights and allows you to snap pictures and any time during the flight. The Walkera qr w100 gets approximately 20 frames per second. The quality of the images and video isn’t all that great but don’t forget you didn’t pay big money for it so basically you get what you paid for!

If by any chance you are a beginner and are afraid you won’t know what to do first with your new QR W100, Walker has added an instruction manual for you on a CD ROM. Walkera has thought about it all just for you!

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