Blade 350 qx review 2022

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One of the best drones out for sale currently is definitely the Blade 350 QX. Throughout this article we will give you our review on this one of a kind drone, the Blade qx 350.


One of the first things that come to mind when thinking about this drone is it’s speed. You want to know beforehand how fast the drone can go. If you’re looking for a quick and fast drone then, we highly recommend this drone.

Another important thing that you need to know before buying a drone are the camera features. With the qx 350 blade, you will need a GoPro and then high quality camera will not be an issue. We had a GoPro on our testing model and we were impressed with what we were able to do with it. It captures smooth and steady  video in brilliant high definition. Our model was equipped with a 16mp, 1080 full HD camera with  3-axis gimbal for stability purpose. Included with the Blade 350 qx is a 8gb micro SD card, meaning that you can instantly record your flights onto the SD Card. You can also connect directly via WiFi and watch your live stream video. How amazing is that!  It also comes with a 5.8GHz WiFi link making it compatible with iOS and Android devices. Btw. this drone allows you to take 30 still photos per minute!

Considering its price, Blade 350 QX is one of the better drones under $100.

Who is it for?

Blade is excellent both for beginners and more advanced users. Great thing about this drone is that just about anyone can fly it. You don’t need any experience. It is easy to fly, just watch couple of videos and trainings, follow the steps and directions they teach you and you will be flying this beautiful drone in any time!

This drone also has a return home feature, which is great! Especially for inexperienced pilots. If you are one of the lucky pilots that has lots of experience with drones, then you can have a blast with this drone as well, by using its blazing speed to the max.

This bird offers you 15 minutes of flight time, which is somewhat an average for this price range drones. As for the batteries, Blade 350 comes with a E-flite DC Li-Po battery with AC charger. Also this drone flies on four AA transmitter batteries.

What really impressed us on this drone is its design. The Blade 350 qx has a great sporty look. It is small , quick and stylish.

Four different modes

350qx has four different modes: Smart mode, stability mode, agility mode and AP mode. While in smart mode, you turn on the SAFE CIRCLE option. This option prevents the drone from flying to close to the pilot. Basically not entering the circle, in which the pilot is in. This is great for amateurs. While in stability mode, the drone limits the flight envelope of the Drone and enables the self leveling characteristics for a constant levelflight. For more experienced pilots, the agility mode is the right fit.  350 QX while in agility mode can perform aerobatic maneuvers with extreme stability. And finaly, there is an AP mode – Aerial Photography mode and as you might guess – it is the best mode for taking photos.

Another great feature about the Blade 350 qx is it’s stability. It is very stable, no matter the conditions outside. Therefore, regardless if it is a windy day the drone will be rock solid and very stable. Another great thing about this drone, is that the blade 350 qx has great GPS precision. No matter how high you flight, you will be able to follow your drone because it’s GPS is very precise.

Now we come to the question, how much does this drone cost. At the moment you can find this drone for about $300-$700, which is actually not cheap. Check out all the prices on Amazon (click the image below):

Unfortunately this drone has some faults. For example, the first one would be the price of the drone itself. You can find a cheaper drone with similar features on the market. Another fault with the Blade 350 qx drone is that the spare parts are expensive. If you crash and have an accident with your drone, the cost of getting spare parts costs more than your average drone.


Every drone now a days has its ups and downs, so does Blade 350 QX. After doing our review on the blade 350 qx, we have come to a conclusion that Blade 350QX is still a great drone. It looks really appealing, it is fast, you can upgrade the software and add some really great add ons in the future as well, camera is excellent and a pilot will have lots of fun while flying this Speedy Gonzalez!

Since this is an older drone, we would recommend to check out newer models that are much more powerful, both in terms of flight performance and camera capabilities.

Some of the drones you should look into:

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