Xdynamics Evolve 2 Review 2022

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This is the new, much improved Evolve model that had a miserable launch as a model one but the company behind the drone, Xdynamics, went to the drawing table and designed and produced a completely new version of the drone while taking into account all of the customer complaints and feedback.

The drone will be released in May.

The body line of this drone has been completely slimmed down and they even reduced the size of the landing gear,

One of the big complaints of this drone was you couldn’t take it on a plane, you would have to check it or try to cram it in the overhead compartment. So they went ahead and slimmed that down.

XDynamics also reduced the thickness of the arms.

The new drone has a metal heatsink on the bottom along with obstacle avoidance and incredible range of 12 kilometers.

How is that even possible, you ask?

Well, the controller on the Evolve 2 is going to be similar to power of a lot of the new drones coming out – in other words, you’ll get 6 kilometers range. But, with Evolve 2 you can attach additional external antennas at the back of the controller. If you put high gain antennas on it, you’re gonna get 11-12 km of range.

They have also made improvements on the controller that now has a touch display on the front, its dual touch screens have thousand nits of brightness and twelve kilometers of range. 

The battery life is 40 minutes on this drone which is impressive.

The Evolve 2 is also quieter as one of the biggest complaints on their model 1 was that it was frustratingly noisy.

The camera is almost professional level – 4k 120 fps with a 4/3 inch sensor with a removable lens. This will make it the lightest drone that carries 4/3 inch camera as other drones with similar camera are professional models that are much bigger and heavier.

Also, the camera is removable with a push of a button.

The drone weighs around 1.9kg or 4 pounds.

This drone is hard to come by so we suggest to take a look at a great alternative –Autel Evo 2.

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