Best Camera for Drones and Quadcopters [2022]

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Some of the most amazing payoffs of using a drone are the photographs and videos you take during flight that give you a perspective that is impossible to get elsewhere. Often times a drone will come with a camera built-in, but for those people who are looking for a top-quality photos or the ability to fly without the added weight, it makes a sense to buy a drone without a camera and attach their own when they want.

Whether you are a hobbyist wanting to record amazing video to share with your family and friends, or you are an independent filmmaker wanting to step up your game with drone videography, you’ll want to invest in a top-of-the-line, best camera for drones. So this is a list of the best cameras for drones and quadcopters for those who want to buy their own camera and attach it to their drone.

GoPro HERO Series

The GoPro Series of cameras is the top standard of action cameras and cameras for drones, so it only makes sense they would be the best for drone footage. GoPro cameras are usually paired with a top-quality drone, such as DJI Phantom 2, to maximize the maneuverability and air time.

If you are a beginner flyer and you are satisfied with 1080p video then you should go with GoPro Hero. It really doesn’t make any sense to spend more money on a camera when you are going to be sending it up a few hundred feet in the air and risk a huge crash, or even worse, losing your drone and camera on top of a building or in a field.

The top-of-the-line Hero4 is recommended for experienced drone flyers and those people who have enough money to spend. This camera won’t become obsolete for at least another 5-6 years because it has all the tech specs a person could ask for from a drone camera including 4k video recording at 30 FPS.

Foxeer Legend 2 UHD Camera

This lightweight and super-thin sports camera is designed for racing drones. It has the built-in electronic image stabilization device, 155° FOV super wide-angle optical glass lens and the premium back-illuminated image sensor. This back-illuminated image sensor is characterized by low noise and high sensitivity. Thus, you are able to get images even in night/cloudy scenes and other low-light conditions. You can record UHD 24 FPS videos and manually set up specialized parameters such as ISO limit, sharpness, white balance, exposure lock and exposure compensation, saturation, contrast, color, speed etc. These functions are quite powerful. With imported ABS, Pc and alloy, this camera can withstand both strong impact and extreme temperature. The powerful and simply-to use app allows you to share what you record over Wi-Fi connection. Legend 2 UHD camera makes legend exist in the present that you can see with your eyes. In other words, this light and small camera provides you with the outstanding image quality.

Mobius Action Camera

If you want to buy a lightweight and inexpensive camera for drones, or perhaps one that could double as a dashcam, Mobius Action Camera is perfect for you. This camera has an amazing 80 minute battery life and it weighs only 1.4 ounces. It shoots 1080 at 30 FPS! You would also have a simpler time attaching this camera to a smaller drone, whereas something like a GoPro camera would weigh you down too much.

FuriBee F04 600TVL AIO FPV Camera

Because of its light weight and small size, the FuriBee F04 600TVL AIO FPV Camera is perfect choice for mini racing drones. Tilted at the angle of 19 degree, the AIO camera offers you the amazing panoramic view. You can have an amazing aerial view, because there is no latency in image transmission. The integrated video transmitter helps you eliminate irritating crosstalk by providing wide signal coverage. This camera has a push button for changing the channels and bands. It is equipped with 1 red LED light for channel indication and 5 blue LED lights for band indication. The AIO camera is powered by 1S LiPo battery, the input is in a range of 2.5-5V DC, with 25mW output power.

DBPOWER Action Camera

DBPOWER Action Camera is an incredible deal at the price. However, it is clearly a GoPro knock-off. This camera offers many of the same features as a GoPro Hero but it is less expensive. This would be a perfect drone camera for a beginner pilot who wants to use many of the same mounts that a GoPro has, but doesn’t want to risk destroying or losing such a costly camera. DBPOWER Action Camera is a steal, judging by the reviews on Amazon, so be sure to consider it.

360 Degree Panoramic Action Camera Dual Lens All View Fish Eye 1920*960P@30fps Wi-Fi 8MP VR 360 Action Camera For Drones

This camera has dual lens technology. The 220°x220° panoramic lens makes view complete. Videos in 2 lens are seamlessly stitched and it can be previewed at the same time in your Smartphone. This revolutionary camera offers 360 degrees videos without missing any details. According to the spherical imaging principle, whatever you take the photographs from front the back, below or above, the amazing panoramic photographs will be produced instantly. The camera supports Smartphone connecting OS system or Android and apps can be installed on your PC/Smartphone. It is compatible with IOS 7.0 or up / Android 4.2 or up. You can watch the image at any angle of 360 degrees by sliding your finger across the phone’s screen. You can also view, upload and share a key to social platforms. This drone camera is powered by 1500MAH battery but it still lasts for over 60 minutes with rear and front cameras on. The body of the camera is delicately designed with more space to install larger battery. Take your VRbox, experience virtual reality with Elecam 360. Elecam 360° without dead angle, shoots completely different scenery, with an ability of taking more high-quality and detailed photos distinguishing from other normal cameras.

That wraps up our best cameras for quadcopters buying guide! Now get out there and enjoy flying those drones!

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