DJI Ronin S2 & SC2 Review [2020] – New DJI Gimbal Released

DJI Ronin S2 & SC2 Review [2020] – New DJI Gimbal Released
DJI Ronin S2 & SC2 Review [2020] – New DJI Gimbal Released

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The new gimbals from DJI from the Ronin series – Ronin S2 and SC2 are about to see the light of day.

What does DJI plan

Even though DJI announced the new Ronin model to be released on September 10th, they delayed the release date for next month. It seems DJI needs some time to iron out the bugs or some unexpected mishaps happened in the mean time.

At DJI, our goal is always to bring products to the market that inspire creativity and push the industry forward. After careful consideration, we have decided to reschedule the September 9 announcement for a later date in October.

We ask you to stay tuned a little longer to see a lot more. The next generation of gimbal technology will now be unveiled next month, so we can present the world’s creators with two incredible new options for capturing the world around you.

Two gimbals – Ronin S2 and Ronin SC2(?)

So, what we know right now is:

there will be two gimbals released. One of them is confirmed as the successor of the Ronin S and it will be dubbed Ronin S2.

The other gimbal that will see the light of the day is something we are still unsure of: it will probably be a lightweight version of S2 and will probably called as SC2.

All sources for these claims are fairly known leakers of DJI gear that put out images and information on their Twitter profiles.

Ronin S2 replaces Ronin 2

It seems that DJI has bumped up the weight that Ronin S2 can carry, as the images leaked showed much bigger cameras mounted on it.

The image also suggests the Ronin SC will be able to handle more weight and be the go-to gimbal for consumers and prosumers.

Leaked photo DJI Ronin-RS2 gimbal shows on Twitter

The original DJI Ronin-S was introduced a few years ago and offered great features albeit at a considerable weight. Then in July 2019, DJI came out with the DJI Ronin-SC a smaller, lighter, and less expensive handheld gimbal that offered new tracking features to boot. Much easier to handle but a lot harder to properly balance without dropping your camera. Not everybody was a fan.

We hope that the new gimbal will take the best from both worlds by including the heavy lighting capabilities from the original but in combination with new (tracking) features, extended battery life, and lighter weight.

If DJI does decide to combine the best of both, then a new name such as the DJI Ronin-RS2 might make a lot of sense. And, it would not be the first time that DJI takes inspiration from Porsche! See the video below.

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