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There are thousands of different drones in the market and it is pretty hard for a new guy to decide what drone is good for him.

Drone prices range from $20 to couple of thousands of dollars. But the price does not play the most important role in the decision process when choosing the right drone for you. The most important role is your experience and your plans what do you actually want to do with the drone.

The more expensive drone models are more powerful and very capable of even caring extra add ons and hardware such as stabilizing mounts and action cameras. the real difference between the cheap beginner drones and the expensive ones is the core or the brain of the drone and those are flight controller and on board processor. For the drone models that have cameras attached to them quality of camera also plays a huge role in the price difference.

Beginner drones

Price ranges from $50 – $200. these are entry level drones that are small and light and can be used indoors as well. they are often too small to be used outdoors especially on a windy day. the models that have camera are a bit more expensive. but the camera quality is pretty low so are the images and videos made with it. these models are very good for a total newbie that still has to learn flying basics.

Intermediate drones

Price ranges from $300 to $1,000. These models are bigger and heavier and can be used for an outdoor flight. they usually come with cameras on board or can be equipped with an external camera such as GoPro or other action camera. people use intermediate drones in parks on vacations or just filming their house from air.

Advanced Drones

These models cost more than $1,000 and are not limited to four rotor drones. Some of them have six or eight rotors that give them more stability and a better lift. cameras are included on all of these models and they are used to capture stunning videos and photos for professional use. If the camera is not included on the drone they can be equipped with action cameras and mounts for stabilization.

Flight controllers and software are highly customizable and the only limit when using these drones is your imagination. Professional photographers are big fans of these rounds and they are used to capture scenes and photos all cinematic level.

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