DJI Ronin M Review

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If you are a beginner or pro in the drone industry you must have heard of DJI, the best company for drones out there! It supplies us with some of the best drones out there. This time, we are review the DJI Ronin M. There have been many DJI ronin m reviews but ours is different, go head read and see for yourself!

DJI Ronin M

For those of you who don’t know the DJI Ronin M is an electronic gimbal. Basically a stabilizer for your drone. The Ronin M is really easy to use. For those of you who have a Ronin, can easily connect to your iPhone via the DJI app and you customize your shoots. You can calibrate, trim and customize every aspect of the Ronin M this way.

If you haven’t used one of these gimbals before, we are sure you won’t have any problems with the Ronin M because it comes with a remote control. The remote control looks much like the remotes for DJI’s Phantoms and it is very easy to use.

One of the best things of the Ronin M is that it is so light and compact. Due to the fact that it is so light it weight, it allows you to travel with it much easier and carrying it around with you won’t be a hassle!The Ronin M weighs in at approximately 5 pounds making it light. The DJI’sprevious Ronin weighed in at 10 pounds.

DJI Ronin M

The Ronin M is equipped with a 4S Lipo Battery and the best thing about it is that it charges in about an hour and then you can slide it back with great ease. Another great thing about this gimbal is the life of it’s battery life. It can last up to 8 hours! What other gimbal offers this?

Once you get the Ronin M, its takes about 15 minutes to set up and you’re good to go. The next step is to calibrate it via the iPhone app and you will be taking some amazing shots in no time! One thing that makes the Ronin M differ so much is that it’s app uses Bluetooth instead of WiFi, which at first must be strange to many but trust us it is a lot easier to manage via Bluetooth than via WiFi.

DJI Ronin M

Another great thing that this app offers is that it lets you know exactly where all your data is being spent. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

The Ronin M ranges at about $1400, which super cheap!! Every filmmaker or camera lover should own one of these babies, it’s amazing and at a very reasonable price as well.

A huge advantage that the Ronin M has over other gimbals is definitely it’s design. Many other products are designed with multiple wires sticking out and even if the wires don’t often get into the way, it’s quiet unpleasant to see, and that’s where DJI fixed everything. The Ronin M has no wires sticking out or dangling. All the wires are boxed in into one box and out of the sight of others. This gives the Ronin M a very clean look. Not other gimbals can offer you this.

DJI Ronin M

If you are a beginner and you are afraid of how to balance out your gimbal don’t worry. Balancing the Ronin M is quite easy! DJI offers you 4 simple ways of balancing your gimbals without any tools whatsoever! All you have to do is mount the camera, balance the camera if you need to and then just turn it on.

The DJI Ronin M is a great tool that will help you create amazing aerial and ground shots.The Ronin M is a great gimbal and it holds its position very well without twitching or moving at all. It offers you stability, so that you can take amazing pictures with the blink of an eye.

DJI Ronin M

We recommend this gimbal because it’s quality is great, it offers a lot. And it’s a reasonable price, does it get any better?


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