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DJI has been creating some amazing drones and they didn’t stop with the DJI Phantom 3 either. It is possibly one of the best drones on the market currently. DJI thinks about the needs of its customers, therefore creating this one of a kind drone, the Phantom 3. It’s camera abilities are beyond what words can explain.

Although it seems like it has it’s competition as well and who else to create it’s competition than DJI themselves, we introduce to you the Inspire 1. The Inspire 1 is also a one of a kind drone that comes with its own specs and great things. Throughout this article we will be giving you our insiders view and thoughts about both these drones. Basically giving you our verdict on the DJI Phantom 3 vs Inspire 1.


Phantom 3


Inspire 1

When it comes to the camera both these bad boys are equipped in the exact same way. DJI equipped them with same camera specs and features. They both offer video resolution up to 4K. And you can take amazing stills at 12 mpx. If you have been doubting yourself if these two drones are actually worth the money DJI is selling them for, be sure that they!.

They have one of the best cameras out there. These two drones will have you recording beautiful pictures and video footage in no time! Did we mention in high resolution? And the video is as smooth as possible! Although the cameras are the same there is a slight difference between the Phantom 3 professional and the Inspire 1, while both cameras are upgradable.


The Phantom 3 isn’t so easy to upgrade and if you by any chance damage your camera on the Phantom 3 it’s not easy to exchange or repair it! Whereas the Inspire 3’s camera can be removed just by releasing a lock and twisting it off. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

The best of the DJI Phantom series is that all their drones are so easy to fly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or just a beginner. You’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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When it comes to looks the Phantom 3 is a fairly big drone. It has a chunky white plastic body. It’s equipped with 4 rotors and narrow fixing legs. You can carry your Phantom 3 in your backpack, easily. On the other head the Inspire 1 is a much bigger drone.

The Inspire 1 differs in size from the Phantom 3. The Phantom 3 weighs 1280 grams, while the Inspire 1 weighs 2935 grams! That’s almost twice as much as the Phantom 3. Of course, as you would have guessed this makes the Phantom 3 more portable and compact, because it is smaller in size, it is also much easier to travel with this drone.

There is a reason why DJI created the Inspire 1 bigger and heavier. DJI equipped it with larger motors and propellers. After all it does cost more, DJI made sure they made the Inspire 1 to match it’s price by adding carbon fiber arms which makes it much more durable and steadier than the Phantom 3. Because the Inspire 1 is equipped with more quality when it comes to it’s parts.

It is more durable during the windy days, it takes much more for this drone to crash because it is a very durable drone. Due to the fact that the Inspire 1 is bigger and heavier it can take down winds with a breeze! While the Phantom 3 does have more problems, because it is smaller and will have a tougher time battling the winds.


When it comes to the prices the Phantom 3 is priced at around $1,300. Sounds like a lot but it offers you a lot!The price range for the Inspire 1 reaches a whopping $3,000! Well if you’re looking to spend less on your drone, then I guess we gave you an answer.

One of the rising hobbies in the drone industry is the option of dual pilots. Now, with many drones you have this option and you can share your flying experience with someone else. This is one thing that sets these two drones apart. The Inspire 1 comes with a dual pilot option, whereas the Phantom 3 does not. You may ask how is this possible to have two pilots at the same time?


How does the drone react, we will answer this question for you. The option of dual pilot, works like this one pilot is the master and it will control the drone’s flying whereas the other pilot, otherwise called the slave, will be controlling the drone’s camera. This way not just one person needs to worry about both flying the drone and making sure that they are catching the best possible footage.

dji inspire

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Another advantage that the Inspire 1 has over the Phantom 3, is that it comes equipped with a HDMI port. With this port, the Inspire 1 lets you watch your drone’s live stream on another computer, laptop or even TV. The Phantom 3 does not have a HDMI port but you are still able to watch live streams of your video via the DJI GoPro App. But we’re afraid, you must have a newer android that runs Android v4 or at least iOS 8.0.

The Inspire 1 vs Phantom 3, when it comes to speed, it’s basically a tie. They both share the same maximum ascent speed of 5m a second. When it comes to flight speeds, the Inspire 1 has an advantage. It can fly at a speed of 22 mps, while the Phantom 3 flies at 16mps max.

dji phantom 3

The next competition is the batteries! Phantom 3 vs Inspire 1 and their battery life. Once again one of the drones has a slight advantage over the other one. The Phantom 3 gives you battery life of 23 minutes per flight, whereas the Inspire 1 gives you 18 minutes of flight time.


All in all we think that both drones our one of a kind. The Phantom 3 is smaller and more compact making it better for beginners, whereas the Inspire 1 is an amazing baby, every professional’s dream. Why? Well, because it offers you lots of options and every professional will know how to use this to their best advantage, without a doubt!

Phantom 3


Inspire 1

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