Walkera F210 FPV Review

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Last update was on: July 14, 2024 10:18

Hey guys thanks for tuning in, so today we’ve got something really cool, this is the Walkera F210 racer. This is their latest generation racer, that’s supposed to be a really good one. Finally got my hands on one, to do a review on and so it can be a multi-part review kinda like my I do with my larger quadcopters, where this is going to be the unbox, kind of inspection and set up.

Then i’ll have another video which will be the flight test and possibly another one with the pros and cons and stuff, i might combine the flight test in the pros and cons into one, we’ll see how that works out. But today, it’s all about the F210 unboxing, inspection and set up.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

So, we’re going to take everything out of the box here and see how this thing is, on the other side you just kind of have a like a front view of the F210 on this side of the box here. So anyway, let’s go ahead and take this thing out of the box, get started.

Ok, so opening this thing up were greeted with a nice kind of foam insert interior with the F210 here, kind of cut out.I just kind of move the camera down here and so we can get a good shot of the internals here. So right off the box, we’re seeing that we have the manual here, so this is the F210 manual and quick start guide. It’s also got a disc here for the controller and just gonna take up, kind of take out everything around the quad and then we’ll get to the the quad in just a second.


So here’s the battery, this is going to be a 4S, it’s kind of a hard to see, probably won’t be able to see this in the camera here. But it is a 4S, 1300mAh, 40c battery, it’s got kind of a black on black writing, so it’s really hard to see, with the XT60 connector and your balance connector here. Looks like in this little slot, we have a tool kit with a wrench and a couple of Allen wrenches here.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

Then this pocket, we’ve got three bags, one looks like part of the charger cable, one looks like a USB to micro USB cable, to adjust some of the flight controller settings. Then one is like a cable for your controller, for the trainer port and then over here we have the actual charger.

So this will be the charger, that the main part of the charger, that with the balance plug here and also where you can plug in the wall adapter there. This little slot here closest to us, we’ve got a few things, looks like we have a full set of extra props, so to clockwise and to counter clockwise, to give you an entire extra set of props, which is nice.

Then, we have this little thing here this looks like a battery, anti-slip mat, included this little battery. Anti-slip mat in the package which, i’m not sure, we’ll need that, maybe we will, but just to prevent the battery from slipping around in flight.

Getting to the controller, just taking off this top piece of foam and pulling the Devo 7 controller out. It’s the same Devo 7 controller, that they include with all their RTF models. I’ll kinda like the Runner 250 had and all those with a few different modes. Remember correctly the Runner 250 had self-leveling, i forget if it had kind of a horizon mode and then a full on acrow mode.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

So, we’ll be testing all that in the field to see what that has, but basically just saw your basic controls, your throttle up and down, your yaw, your pitch and your role. Then everything in between and your trims here and then, this is your digital readout screen. You have the option to use regular double A batteries or you can put in your own battery source if you wanted to in these controllers. They have this little piece of foam locking in the F210.

Here it is, the main event, without further ado, there it is. So nice looking quad here, we can see that it looks like a quality carbon fiber. Here the antennas here, that are just kind of push down. Looks like they really improve this model over the runner 250. If you remember correctly the runner 250 also have these things, but this one actually can push down both ways. So, if you crash, it can actually push both ways without hitting the propellers.

What Else?

So that’s kind of a good feature there. Here we can see that we have the 5.8 GigaHertz of video transmitter antenna here,, that should be a pretty quality cloverleaf antenna, not going to open this up, but i’m assuming that it’s a decent quality one. Here you can see that the XT60 connector is embedded in the frame here, so we have a sturdy connection screws right in here to the transmitter, which is kind of all embedded nice and tight down in the inside there.

We have this LED panel here, we can see the motors, these motors are 2500KV, 28-014A motors, 5-inch props at about 45 degree pitch right imagine. They look like they’re bullnose props and then keeping with their modular type design, it looks like, they’ve kind of kept these type of ESC , where you can just plug into the motors on one side, and then screw them in, from the bottom here, there’s some allen screws, that you can just take out and you can swap ESC’s, they just kind of lock in here. There’s some connectors here where you can just push them in and you can change out your ESC really quick if you wanted to without any soldering.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

Maybe pure, maybe a little bit of a fiberglass mixture in there. I can’t really tell, but it looks like it’s nice and thick and durable, a little cage there as well as the platform. This is where the the battery is going to go, so you know, it does feel like it’s going to be pretty slippery.

So putting in this battery anti-slip pad, will probably be a good idea, just so, it’s not slipping around in there.So I’m glad, they include this in the box actually. So, we’ll come on there right off the bat, looks like these all pins that hold the antenna and are going to need some kind of a little dab of glue there, so they don’t work themselves out.

Anyway there’s a battery in there, working around to the front, we have this is needle anodized aluminum, kind of gold anodized aluminum bracing here. In the front area, flight controllers right in here, this is gonna be the F3 flight controller, which is supposed to be some pretty good faster processing power, so that the response time will be really good on this one, compared to how it was with the runner itself.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

Everything’s kind of tucked away, we got this plastic here on the side, to kind of conceal the bottom of the board. Then we have the rest of the board in the front here, which is kind of expose a little bit, with some plugins, looks like this is where the camera plugs in.

Working our way to the front, we can see that we have this kind of gold anodizing, orange gold anodizing here and then there’s going to be two LEDs in the front, some high-power LED is here, that can shine through this clear plastic front. These guys claim, night flying is possible with this thing. So, they’re so bright, that I guess this camera has such a low lux, that it will be able to pick up and do some night flying as well.

There’s this little cap on here, there’s what the lens looks like, anyway going to put the cap back on right away, so we don’t smudge it or anything. Now we can see, it kind of has this neat looking head piece here, which is actually the camera guard and you can just kind of easily, it is a little tight. So it doesn’t look like it will move around while you’re flying, which is good, if it does you can probably play in these hex bolts a little bit, to make it a little tighter, while you’re flying.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

You can see here, how we have full up on the camera, for some really aggressive fast-flying. You can see how the whole quad has pitched at about a 45 or more degrees, when the camera is straight ahead. So that will give you some really fast flying forward and then you could go straight if you wanted to and then actually downwards if you wanted to, that’s actually the maximum down, where it’s actually getting some of the guard in the view.

So some good options on easy rotation of the camera, and the camera just bolted in with some metal brackets into this plastic plate, that’s right in front of the battery here, and that’s kind of sandwich tin to the carbon fiber frame here. Then some more plastic throughout here’s, some plastic portion of the frame behind this anodized aluminum here. Then we have the carbon fiber arms that do look like they’re a little more carbon fiber purush then the Walkera Runner 250, these look like they’re more pure carbon fiber and I’m not seeing that fiberglass in there is much, that epoxy and there’s much on these ones, so should be stronger, that’s for sure.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

Last update was on: July 14, 2024 10:18

Then at the ends of the arms here, on the motors, it looks like we have these little motor protectors / landing feet, and the landing feet are actually a little bit flexible. You can see me pinching these, and the plastics actually kind of bending, looks like to give it a little bit of give,. when you’re hitting stuff and crashing.

Anyway, it looks like a good protector even if the feet break off and all you have is the screws to land on and these two things actually look like they stick a little bit lower the bottom part portions of the LED front and back. It looks like it will rest on those pretty evenly to take off if you do break off the feet.

We’re turning it over to the bottom, this is kind of interesting, it looks like the bottom you can actually take off this middle plate here, this whole central plate can come off and you can access underneath the main board, with some extra plugins.It looks like here’s a plug here and there is also a dual dip switch on and off here, this may be for the OSD I think, to switch it on and off.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

Then we only have three switch channels here for the video transmitting module so for the VTX video transmitter. A little like to definitely see more channels to be able to choose especially if you’re going to race this one, but you know, we’ll see how that works out.

Looks like it’s definitely way more sturdy than the Walkera Runner 250 even the Runner 250 Advance, this looks like Walkera may have finally got it in the right direction for the racing quads. So really anxious to try this out in the field, in the next video going to go ahead and take this thing to the park and get some line of sight video, as well as in the goggle FPV recorded video.

I did actually went ahead and broke down and bought a set of the Dominator V3 Fatshark goggles. So I’m really anxious to try these out, these aren’t the HDs, these are the Dominators and actually went ahead and picked up this. Not sure it just popped in the cart and went ahead and bought, it’s more of a flat antenna, if this doesn’t work together, i’ll just go ahead and throw like a cloverleaf antenna on here.

Really anxious to try these out, these are the ones, you know, they come with a pretty cool battery here, they have the fan and i’ll go ahead and have the link on where you can pick these up as well, if you’re in the market to get some kind of goggles. Say you tried, you know the cheaper ones first and you’re ready to move up that for something that’s a little more, a bit of a smaller form factor, easier to carry around and you’re willing to spend a little more money. It looks like these are probably the way to go for quad racing if you’re starting to get a little more into it.

So anyway, i’ll have a link on this down in the description of where you can pick these goggles up, as well as the F210. I’ll go ahead and have the link down there in the description. So don’t forget if you are interested in this guy, go ahead and check the link down in the description and i’ll take you to where you can pick this guy up. But anyways really excited too get this thing going, all I need now, is a bunch of practice and I think, this thing will help me, definitely practice some racing and it’s going to be lots of fun.

Walkera F210 FPV Review

For you guys, hope you liked this initial unboxing and inspection and I guess you could call it, kind of a setup, not really setting this up, it’s pretty much ready to go out of the box. If I do find it a little bit weird i’ll go ahead and plug in and check out the flight controller and see if I need to adjust anything. But from what I’ve seen, it looks like and heard, it looks like this thing should be pretty ready to go, tune, and kind of for all around tuned for a lot of flyers. I don’t think I’ll really need to mess with the settings too much.

Anyway when the flight test for this things up, i’ll go ahead and have a part pop up here on the top right, so you just click on that and i’ll take you right to the flight test video of the testing i do in the park. I’ll have again, I’ll have the hat cam video of this line of sight, how it’s flying. Then that flight video also be cutting into the on-screen recorded view of how it looks in the factory goggles, so you’ll get a really good idea of just how this thing does.

What I Personally Think?

Really gonna push this thing also, i’m, as you know, as you may know I’m pretty good at doing some crash testing to with my reviews, will be able to see how this thing actually holds up. Anyways i hope you liked the review, check out my channel to do a lot of reviews like this mods, flight test, aerial, video, action cameras, other RC cars and all kinds of stuff. Anyway let’s charge these batteries up,, get out to the park do some flight test in and see how it does. Thanks for tuning in and i’ll see you in the next video. Thanks for watching.

So here at the park with the Walkera F210 racer and going to go ahead and do a flight test now.What we’re going to do is, to kind of a line of sight just go ahead and fly line of sight for one battery pack. I’m gonna pop another battery pack, freshly charged battery pack, put on these Fat Shark Dominator V3 goggles and try some FPV with it. Let’s go ahead and record the FPV, so you can see that up on the screen, so you can see how this thing does anyway. Let’s go ahead and start this thing up and see how does line of sight.

First of all, kind of put it through its paces and just see what it can do. Ok so should be bound ready to go and basically for arming, all you’re doing is you’re putting the left stick to the bottom left, and that should arm the motors, you can see we’re ready to go. Let’s try it out, there should be self leveling mode, let’s just see how does self-leveling.

You can see how did auto disarm, so if you do leave it, kind of landed there with throttle all the way down, it will auto disarm. So arm again, so we are in full self leveling mode, pretty responsive, can see the stick input is a really responsive there. You can see how when I do tilt the stick left and right. Hopefully you can see those on the camera. The orange lights are actually lighting up on the tail light there.

When I use the yaw, actually blink left and right, that’s pretty cool. So it seems pretty stable, you do have about maybe five to 15 mile-per-hour gusts coming from directly in front of me. Let’s see what this thing can do, so we’re going to do a full thrust test from just hover to full thrust holy crap Ok so as you can see, this thing is insanely fast straight full pitch and thrust.

Oh my god that’s fast, ok so for s that’s for us for you real fast and just you keep in mind, that when you do too long let off the throttle the props will stop. Looks like it’s pretty well balanced though, so when you do let off the throttle and it’s just kind of, totally completely cut off like that. It does pretty much maintain its level pretty good, so that’s good to know.


Let’s try a different mode, that’s leveling mode we are in. If i click this mick stick down to the middle position, this is basically a horizon mode where it still has its self leveling, but we can do flips. So if we put keep pushing the stick, it will flip. So you got to be careful of this, so let’s try to flip. Ok, so in this horizon mode, now this is all stock, keep in mind, i haven’t done anything.

I haven’t touched the computer, attach this to the computer or anything, so this is completely stock. In the horizon mode it seems like it’s not as aggressive, trying to get back to level. The front flip, wow this thing is really responsive. Then clicking this toggle all the way down, that should be full after mode. So you can see how, it’s not a self-leveling, it’s just going to keep going.

Last update was on: July 14, 2024 10:18

Yeah all right, let’s go to get a little bit of a close up here. This guy to the headlights of the front there yeah yeah daylight’s of the blinkers yeah awesome it’s the old fast That is incredibly fast, the full pitch forward and full throttle, whoo thing’s a beast.

Alright so that was a great flight, the line of sight, you can see how this thing is super responsive, super powerful, really quick, a great stock tune so far. It seems like it’s going to be durable, I didn’t have any crashes yet, but go ahead and put this FPV on here and get the video up on the screen, so you guys can see how the video looks and give that a try.

Don’t forget guys, so far, if you’re interested in this, don’t forget the links are down in the description of where you can pick this up. Really impressed so far just from the line of sight, line of sight flight. Let’s put the FPV and see what we get. Ok so here we are, with the goggles on go ahead and recording. I’m going to start off in standard self-leveling mode and an army let’s see how does.

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