Syma X8C Flight Test

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Last update was on: April 15, 2024 19:36

All right ladies and gentlemen, coming up next and our battle of the Big Bird’s the all-time people’s champion of the quadcopter, hundred-dollar class ,the big man himself, the Syma X8C yeay. You got to give it up he is the champ, the Syma X8C i’m pretty sure they sold more of these quadcopters than any other toy quad in this size class.

Syma X8C Flight

As you can see i took off the stock camera and i’m going to fly it with the 808 keychain camera. It doesn’t add any weight. It doesn’t throw off the center of gravity that much and we just finished a flight. This same camera on the X101 will take a look at those videos at the end of the competition.

Today is the battle of the Big Bird’s, just like the X101 this was easy to set up and get rated to go as well. I’m going to turn the camera on first.

Ok we turn the quadcopter on. Set it on level ground. Syma has great LEDs you can see there’s LEDs on the top as well as under the bottom. Turn the transmitter on, up and down, wants to bind the quadcopter. Just like the x101 we’re going to fly it for six minutes. Start the timer and we’re going to go to the high mode and it’s a beautiful day here in South Carolina, beautiful day for battle, let’s go.

Now the X8C got a much better range than the MJX 101. X8C is a lot heavier, so it’s not as fast. I don’t do flips with my X8C maybe that’s why my motors are still original motors. You gotta have a little more skill to fly the X8C i think in my opinion, because it’s not as fast as the X101. You can get out of trouble as fast, so you have to monitor this one while you’re flying it.

Syma X8C Flight

Now the X8C is notorious for being a jello maker and i expect we’re going to get some jello out of this flight as well but we’re going to see how well they stood up with the X101 who is also a jello maker.

There’s no GPS to hover here you gotta do it all manually and this should be required training before you buy a GPS quad. If you can fly one of these, then you  should be eligible to buy one of those. We’re doing the battle of the big birds today and this is the Syma X8C.

Now remember flying a quad like this we don’t have the luxury of pressing the button to bring it back home. You must be able to see the LEDs that’s the only thing going to tell you if you’re flying out of range or your battery’s getting weak. Now the Syma does have some nice range on it just feels a little shorter than a football field, but I feel really comfortable sending her down there and being able to bring it back.

I like flying this at night as well, the LEDs are really bright. Waiting for Syma to come out with a GPS got a quad wouldn’t be nice Syma x8 satellite edition.

Syma X8C Flight

Syma is a toy company and I saw online a trade show where representatives from Syma, when they were announcing the X8C, first question out of everyone’s mouth, ” was doesn’t have brushless motors?”  and the ladies response was, Syma don’t do brushless motors in order to keep the costs down. But it’s about time now Syma realize that if you put brushless motors in the quad copters we will buy them.We will still buy them.

And we get back close to the timer. Well the lights look good and that’s a good thing you can see the lights in the daytime. We’re almost at the 6-minute mark and i’m pretty sure by this time the X101 lights were flashing already.

Syma X8C Flight

And I also discovered with my X8C, ok there goes our timer, with this X8C even when the light starts flashing, low battery warning, i can still fly it for at least another four minutes, which is good to know when I’m flying at night and on way up high, I don’t have to panic when the lights come on. I still know i have a good for managed to bring it back home.We pass the 6-minute mark and I have no lights flashing yet and take it straight up but not too high.

Last update was on: April 15, 2024 19:36

Okay, i’m going to bring it down take a look at those LEDs I’m like the Syma will not be outdone there’s still no no battery warning. She knows there’s a fight going on haha come on girl. Wow, I have to look at the video to see how long this flight is lasting but she’s just going like a champ.

Syma X8C Flight

She will not be now by a thing called X101. Ok, they’re flashing now, you’ll is the other way around on my own. Man, batteries out already. While, great flight stop the timer, turn the quadcopter off before lose a finger and stop the 808 cam. Turn off the transmitter. Wow, beautiful day for battle.


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