Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone Review

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Last update was on: July 4, 2024 04:45

We’re back again with the new Sky Viper S1700 stunt drone review. This is 2017’s new stunt drone from Sky Viper or Skyrocket toys. It has some incredible features like auto launch, auto land annd auto hover. No FAA registration on all of their quads as far as i know, of  course 2.4 GigaHertz, it uses a 350 milliamp, 3.7 Volt battery.

Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

So, let’s go ahead and get into the box. It has new upgraded design on the transmitter with the new sticks, these are interchangeable sticks from a gamepad style to more hobby grade style.

Sky Viper S1700 Features

It features pretty decent sized motors. They’re pretty long inside and of course, as you can see from the top, pretty clear and these are geared driven. So it’s going to be able to use a little bit larger props, because its gear driven.

Now, this one does have a a removable LiPo, it looks like here which is nice and that’s going to use the JST connector like previous models did. It can also slide which is great. So that’s LiPo of slides out of that hole pocket which is quite interesting.

Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

There is a 20C LiPo also if you have the 3.7 volt and 350 milliamps, you can use your own LiPo. So that’s cool, you can just slide it in there and be able to use. Just use a little proprietary sleeve but that’s not a big deal. You should be able to squeeze LiPo in there and be able to hook up its JST connector.

The Sky Viper S1700 has a new modular design where you can replace the motors a lot easier. You can easily buy external batteries and motors just in case if anything goes wrong which will hopefully not.  The profile is great and looks very stylish.


Let’s go ahead and take a look at the transmitter. The transmitter has a very game pad style, up top we have the start button. It also has three different flight levels, 1, 2 and 3. There is an auto launch and auto land feature, with the altitude function. So basically, you keep that stick down, launch and control the height with it along with forward pitching. 

Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

The transmitter is pretty decent and easy to use. It also has the USB charging that’ll definitely help you in easy charging on the go.

Last update was on: July 4, 2024 04:45

Flight Test

Alright, so let’s go ahead and take up this new Sky Viper stunt drone. The first thing we want to do is, we’ll bind the quad, so, no on/off switch on this one but no big deal because i like the fact that, you can change the battery better than having on/off switch.

Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

What you’re going to do is plug it in, place the quad on the ground and turn on the transmitter. You’ll actually hear hear it searching and then after a while it tells you that it’s connected. So, you’re gonna have your Start button, your trim tabs, given 3 rates at 1-2 and 3 for low, medium, high and the altitude launch and land.

So let’s go ahead and take it up and press the start button. First actually just press the launch button and that gets the quad up, nice and quick.

Alright, so we’ve got into manual mode and let’s go ahead and see what those barrel rolls look like. We’re going forward flight and press that flip button and do a barrel roll. Try to go in a low rate. It is actually a mid rate, very sporty, nice and responsive.

Last update was on: July 4, 2024 04:45


Sky Viper S1700 Stunt Drone

Wow, that was a lot of fun guys, I definitely gotta say Skyrocket Sky Viper S1700 did a really nice job at flight. The bigger props with the gear motors is the biggest difference between this and the camera drone. Check this one out guys if you want a nice sporty flyer that you can pick up directly from Amazon below.


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