V Copter Project D – A Concept Drone From Zero Zero Robotics

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This is a new bicopter drone from Zero Zero Robotics that was introduced on CES 2020.

It is a concept drone that can do an incredible 50 minutes flights and weighs only 249g (just like Mavic Mini) so you don’t need to worry about regulation and stickers.

The company claims that their V-shaped dual-rotor propulsion system is more efficient than quadcopters of the same size under the same payload.

Additionally, the drone is touted to be much more silent than its competitors.

The company behind the drone is not as familiar a name as DJI or Parrot, but Zero Zero Robotics already had some success with its first two drones, the Hover Camera Passport and Hover 2. Those two models were mainly focused on the audience that wanted a good selfie drone, on the spot without worrying about piloting. However, in comparison to V Copter, these two pale with their 20 minutes flight time.

Main features

The drone comes with intelligent flying modes like autofollow mode, cinematic shots and pre-programmed flight paths.

It also has sensors for obstacle avoidance, putting it in the elite echelon of drones that feature this advanced piece of tech.

Control range

Another top-notch hallmark of this drone is its 7km transmission distance, joining the ranks of DJI top models from the Inspire series.

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