Ryze Tello Iron Man Edition Review – How is it different?

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The Tello Iron Man Edition is a new edition of the enormously successful Ryze/DJI Tello drone. I will take a closer look at the Tello Iron Man in this review and show what the Tello Iron Man is made of. Besides the flight characteristics and the image quality, I especially focus on the new app and special features.

My review of the Ryze/ DJI Tello Iron Man

  • Type: Mini drone, drone with camera
  • Suitable for: children, beginners, hobby
  • Size: small
  • Manufacturer: DJI, Ryze
  • Weight: 87 grams
  • sticker required: no
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Price range: up to 100 USD
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  • Features
  • Photos

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition, Model: CP.TL.00000002.01

Last update was on: May 23, 2024 22:10

Content: This is included in the package of the Tello Iron Man Edition

  • Tello Iron Man Edtion Drone
  • Tello battery, LiPo battery, 1100mAh
  • 4 spare propellers
  • Protection frame
  • Manual
  • USB charging cable

Just like the standard version, the Tello Iron Man comes out of the box as RTF (Ready To Fly). This means: you only have to install the app and insert the battery before you take off.

The package includes everything you need for flying. The Tello Iron Man is controlled by the smartphone app “Tello Hero”, which of course also works on the tablet. A remote control is not included in the basic package, but can be purchased separately or as a bundle.

Tello Iron Man Review: Look & Feel of the drone

Striking and colourful design: Not only something for Marvel friends.

While the normal DJI Tello drone is designed plain and elegant in white and black, the Iron Man Edition has been given a completely new look: Red and black accents suggest a protective armor taken from the action hero from the Marvel series Iron Man. Additional elements and attachments have not been added; apart from the design, Ryze/ DJI Tello and Iron Man Edition are identical in construction.

But the new look is aggressive, wild and screams for action. Love it!

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition: The camera in review

As with the standard version, there is a high-performance camera in the front of the Tello Iron Man. It is not attached to a gimbal, so it is fixed rigidly to the front and is exposed to sloping positions and vibrations without protection. But this is normal for cheap mini-drones up to 100 USD.

The camera has a resolution of:

1080x720p with 30 fps for video
2592x1936p (5 Megapixel) for single photos

Compared to the competition from Syma, UDI R/C, Ironpeas or Holy Stone this is the best value!

On top of that, the video recordings are electronically stabilized to eliminate rough shaking.
Photo and video files are not stored on an SD card, but via the app on the smartphone and can be downloaded from the respective folder.

Before the test flight: Make final preparations

Before I take the Tello Iron Man drone out into the rough world to test it, I charge the battery fully once more and install the app on the smartphone. To use Tello Iron Man you need a separate app (“Tello Hero”), which is available for iOS and Android. Important: The “old” Tello app of the normal version does not work!

The new app is the actual difference to the normal Tello, apart from the visual rework. The program takes the pilot into the world of Iron Man and Tony Stark. In this world, guided by Friday, you can play through (training) missions and combine the Marvel world on the smartphone display with flying in real life. Additionally, the Tello Iron Man Edition can be connected to the Tello EDU App or the Swift Playgrounds App to teach the drone specially programmed maneuvers and stunts.


Range: 100 meters

Flight duration: 10-13 minutes

Autonomous flight modes: Yes

FPV: Yes

Video: 1280p x 720p (HD) at 30 fps

Photos: 5 Megapixel

Flight test #1 of the Ryze/ DJI Tello Iron Man Edition

Because I ordered the remote control Gamesir T1d for this review, I connect it via Bluetooth with the smartphone. Unfortunately this does not always work immediately
Gamesir T1d Bluetooth connection not possible

Gamesir T1d remote control does not appear in Bluetooth menu.

The app often does not recognize the Gamesir T1d. At some point it finally worked.

It goes into the air by automatic start. You only have to press the start button on the display and move a slider to the right and the Tello takes off. After two seconds, the quadcopter hovers on the spot and waits for new commands.

Like the normal version, the Iron Man Edition is very precise and stable in flight. It is a real pleasure to fly with both Smartphone and Gamesir T1d remote control and is unmatched compared to other mini drones.

After I grooved in a little and did a few laps over meadows and trees, I get a low battery warning. Unlike other inexpensive entry-level drones, this happens not only by battery warning (beep) but in the HUD of the app as well. You can see the battery’s energy state on the right side of the live image and thus always have an eye on how much flight time is left.

Performance and flight characteristics of the Tello Iron Man

Up to 70 meters distance and 30-40 meters height no problem at all! If you need more altitude, check out these best high altitude drones.

FPV picture, charge status, clear menu: The HUD of the Tello Hero App

The HUD at a glance

Left in HUD: Flight altitude
Right in the HUD: charge level
Top left: Smartshots & Dronies, gallery, menu, connections (WIFI, Bluetooth)
Centrally above: take-off & landing by Swipe
Top right: Video/photo switching, shutter release

After about 10 minutes I land the copter safely again and venture into the many features of the Tello drone.

Flight test #2: Intelligent modes, EZ shots and a search for meaning

Flight test #2: Intelligent modes, EZ shots and a question of meaning

Since I not only bought the Gamesir T1d remote control but also a 3-battery charging station kit for the Tello Iron Man, I don’t have to go home to charge the batteries for the next flights. Just insert a fresh battery and off you go!

During the second flight of my test the intelligent flight modes are ready for review, featuring 8 of them in the app.

First of all, I spare myself the “annoying” take-off from the ground and activate “Throw and Go” via app. I throw the drone into the air, the copter collects itself and hovers on the spot. I like this very much, because the grass of the meadow is quite high by now and I would otherwise have had to look for a clear, flat area to get the drone up.

I do some somersaults via app, wonder again about the bounce mode (if you find a sense in this, feel free to send me an e-mail) and do 3 EZ-shots. I think I like the 360° turn best. As with the standard Tello drone, it works great and is definitely deserving of all honors considering it is a toy drone!

After 11:30 minutes I land the Tello Iron Man.

Flight test #3: Range and beautiful selfies

Tello Range: maximum distance in the test

The maximum distance of the Tello drone in the test: about 70 meters can be reached! Not a great range, unlike these best long range drones.

In the third flight I would like to answer a question that came up in the review of the standard version: What is the range of the Ryze Tello? According to the manufacturer, 100 meters. However, in the first Tello review I could hardly get more than 30 meters, from that distance on, repeated warnings about the WIFI range came up.

This time I want to know exactly what the range is and I’m pushing it to the limit:

Pixelated FPV live image: 35 meters (paced)
Warning weak WIFI signal: 40 meters
No control over Ryze/ DJI Tello Ironman drone: 65-70 meters

So it’ s not so bad! Although the quadcopter does not reach the specified 100 meters, the aforementioned distances are no reason for complaint. Because of the size of the copter, one does not fly huge distances anyway and for such a moderate price, the performance is extremely good.

Also the photos and selfies are more than decent

Compared to other drones under 100$, the Tello creates by far the best pictures!

However, the camera does not like backlighting. But this is whining on a high level…

Conclusion & rating of the Ryze/ DJI Tello Iron Man Edition

All in all I really liked the new version of the Tello drone. Sure, I already knew the flight platform from my first Tello test, but the cool look and the playful app in particular added to it.

Whether this justifies the extra price ( $130 compared to $100) is something you have to decide for yourself. Fans of the Marvel world in general and Ironman in particular will surely find something for themselves here. For all others, the normal Tello drone could offer a better price-performance ratio.

  • Product
  • Features
  • Photos

DJI Tello Iron Man Edition, Model: CP.TL.00000002.01

Last update was on: May 23, 2024 22:10

Since this is an older drone, we would recommend to check out newer models that are much more powerful, both in terms of flight performance and camera capabilities.

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