Hubsan X4 H107D FPV – Good Drone for a Beginner?

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Is a Hubsan X4 H107D FPV good drone for a newbie? Well – it depends. What kind of newbie are we talking about? We would say it is good and not excellent – as the Hubsan X4 might be too quick for a TOTAL newbie. Advanced beginners will fly it easy while improving their skills for a more expensive model. Remote control receives live video from a built-in 640×480 camera on X4.

Let us start with the Pros of Hubsan X4 H107D FPV:

  • different modes available – beginner and expert. Good to have these option since you will not be a beginner all the time.
  • has an understandable manual
  • flies really great, is very robust (can survive crashes and even falling in a deep water)
  • RTF minus TX batteries are included
  • 4 “AA” batteries are needed for TX to fly
  • Prop guard is included


  • very short flight times in expert mode (up to 7 minutes)
  • LEDs are barely visible in the day
  • batteries get extremely warm
  • Low voltage has only flashing lights and HUD info but no audio tones
  • battery is a very tight fit and you need to be very careful when changing it
  • control unit batteries deplete very fast

Charging the batteries is simple and takes 45-50 minutes. I advice to wait for 5 minutes after charging them because they can become too warm very quickly. Prop guard is easily installed, by simply pusshing the props back down the shaft.

Tips and tricks for Hubsan X4 FPV

  • We highly recommend rotor shields as they will protect the drone when you crash it.
  • You get yourself a dedicated microSD card as the drone will reformat when you press the record button.
  • Since the battery time is extremely short, buy yourself at least 5 rechargable batteries along with the X4.
  • Start flying it in mode 2 – left stick for the throttle and rudder and the right stick for the ailerons and elevator.
  • Camera video will probably not play on standard Windows Media Player so you will need to get yourself a VLC Media Player (it is a free Software) to watch the videos on your PC.
  • Fly it in a big open area that will provide you with lot of rooms for errors. Make sure it is not a windy day or the X4 could just fly away.
  • do not rely on FPV as there is a slight delay in the video transmission and that could mean a good beating for your toy.

And at the end, watch the droid in action:

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