What are Drones used for?

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Drone uses

In the past year, there has been intense debate over the use of drones for the military and for commercial or personal purposes. For most hobbyists and flying enthusiasts, owning and piloting their own miniature plane or drone is the highlight of their recreational time. While for some government policy critics, having drones around is already a cause of major privacy and security concern. That is why, your unbiased understanding of drone use (drones pros and cons) is essential now more than ever.


If you want to read a short Drones for Beginners guide, listed below are top arguments:



Drones make military personnel safer since lesser frontline soldiers are needed in the field. This also helps reduce spending on warfare and the subsequent psychological toll on ground soldiers. They are also cost-effective alternatives in law enforcement and in disaster response teams.


The potential use of drones in the field of agriculture, in studying weather phenomenon, and in observing sea-based occurrences is unprecedented. Technological innovations involving drones can be applied to even create a sharing economy where products can be delivered by drones from doorstep to doorstep.



Perhaps one of the biggest disadvantages in using drones is its potential for misuse. In the field of warfare, drones can be used to kill at random, or even involve civilians accidentally. Without a solid chain of command and strict standard operating procedures, military action involving drones can be disastrous.


Drone use also pose questions on the invasion of privacy. Espionage will be a lot easier with the use of miniature drones and no one would want that. Flying drones for beginners can also interfere with manned aircrafts and possibly cause collisions. At this time, there are laws regulating the use of drones by private citizens and commercial entities that is not the government. However, they still aren’t enough to address the different disadvantageous aspects of future drone innovations.

Drone balloons were first used in 1849 by the Habsburg Austrian Empire to attack revolutionaries in Venice. From that time on, drones have been mostly used for warfare. But now in the twenty-first century, what are drones used for?

Well, drones are still used in offensive military attacks. These unmanned aerial vehicles are now more advanced and include ballistic and surveillance mechanisms. It is only after recent public outcry that the United States’ use of drones in targeting terrorists in the Middle East did their use start to minimize.

Drones are also used by local law enforcement agencies. Depending on the state or country and their specific aviation laws, drones are used to watch for street crime, investigate wild fires, assist in search and rescue operations, and even look into the traffic conditions in an area.

A dark side of drone use in the modern era is its potential for misuse in espionage and invading others’ personal privacy.

On the lighter side of things, drones are now used for photography and cinematography. Aerial views of events and landscapes are now captured more easily with the use of camera-equipped drones.

So, what are drones used for in the future? Another useful future drone use is in the field of agriculture. Large farm companies can deploy drones to observe the state of the crops in their massive farmlands. Drones can even assist in pollination as some very small drones can be developed for this cause.

Perhaps in the near future, drones can be used for home deliveries as well. This usage of drones has been proposed by Amazon but has not yet been approved by the government.

Hopefully, we can all look forward for a future where when asked what are drones used for, our answers will be focused on their positive and humane uses.

(Note: If you are directed here for googling: what is an exhaust drone, please know that they two are different things. An exhaust drone is the sound a car’s exhaust makes when there insufficient muffling while drones are unmanned aerial vehicles or devices that have a variety of usage.)


After reading this short list, hopefully your understanding of the different drones pros and cons is expanded and help you decide whether you’d want your own drone or not.


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