Best Fishing Drones [2022] – Top 9 Drones For Fishing

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Has drone fishing captured your imagination? Well, we are about to offer you the best fishing drones in one place!

It is important to gain an advantage when fishing, and a large drone can be your best companion. Your drone can locate potential fishing spots and help you find the perfect place to fish. It will help you to find out where the shores are and where the best places are where you can put your bait or lure to reel in. It happens that the bait or lure is out of reach at the desired location, and your drone can help you reach these inaccessible places.

Here you can enjoy the thrill of fishing along with the pleasure of flying. If you love both flying drones and fishing, there is nothing better than this. We have compiled a list of the best fishing drones available – the best available fishing drones 2019/2020, with long battery life, high quality built-in cameras, good range and reasonable payload limitation.

If you are involved in drone fishing but don’t know where to start, read below and make a well-informed decision.

Fishing with drones – best models

Splash Drone 3 Fisherman – specially designed for fishing!

Technical data:

  • Flight time: 20 minutes
  • Camera: 720p
  • Maximum distance: 1 km
  • Maximum speed: 75,6 km/h
  • Gimbal: No gimbal


  • Waterproof
  • Built-in release system for 1 kg payload
  • Auto take-off and landing
  • Automatic return home

Let us now turn to the only drone on this list that is actually produced solely for fishing. Swell Pro is one of the few manufacturers worldwide whose sole purpose is to produce waterproof drones.

They have gone one step further with the Splash Drone 3 Fisherman and developed it specifically for fishing.

So what makes the Splash Drone 3 Fisherman one of the best drones for fishing?

First of all, the drone is 100% waterproof. You can even land the drone on the water and watch a live broadcast from the camera via the transmitter’s built-in live video monitor.

This way you can watch for fish both above and below the water surface. The Splash Drone 3 Fisherman is equipped with a payload release mechanism designed for Bates. This saves you the purchase of additional accessories that you may need.

The drone can carry a payload of 1 kg, which means a lot of weight and gives you the freedom to choose your line and bait.

The drone could even lift a small perch out of the water if you wish. It has a maximum range of 1 km and a flight time of 20 minutes, which is sufficient for fishing with the drone.
Here too, care must be taken to ensure that the battery is drained more quickly when carrying a heavier payload.

The camera of the spraying drones is firmly connected to the drone so that you cannot make any tilting camera movements. Since it is attached directly to the drone without a gimbal, the film material can be a bit shaky.

The drone is capable of filming in 720p HD, but it is clear that its main function is fishing. If you really want to film your catches in high quality, attaching a downrigger trigger to a camera drone might be the better option.

The Splash Drone 3 Fisherman is by far one of the best fishing drones in the world!

Best fishing drone under $500 – Potensic Dreamer 4k

  • 4K camera
  • A range of 9800 ft
  • Built-in GPS
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • 31 minutes flight time

Potensic Dreamer is a very affordable drone. We found it perfectly adequate for fishing, but it did not blow us away like some other models later in the list. We were impressed by its excellent flight time and its camera (which has a Sony sensor), especially considering the price. So it is one of the best drones for fishing on a budget. Overall the Potensic Dreamer is an impressive allrounder and easy to fly.

The advantages of the Potensic Dreamer:

  • Affordable
  • Camera that is better for the price than it should be
  • Excellent flight time
  • Very simple to rig a bait release to it’s landing gear


  • The short range is used for some
  • Not much more

It is a good fit for …

The Potensic Dreamer is for those who are looking for an affordable drone to explore a nearby area on a mild weather day and take some high quality pictures or videos. It is an excellent reconnaissance drone due to its long flight time, especially for those who are new to drone fishing.

Who is it not suitable for?

The Potensic Dreamer is not suitable for those who are looking for a drone that can go long distances to fish.

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Potensic Drone with Camera for Adults 4K FHD, D68 GPS FPV Easy...

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Gannet Pro+ fishing drone

Unlike most other drones, which are symmetrical camera platforms, the Gannet Pro drones are designed as short-range delivery drones. Since the camera is located on the bottom and can fly in any direction at almost identical speed, the Gannet Pro drones are streamlined to fly forward much faster and with less power consumption than most drones with the camera platform.

As a result, the gannet drones are unmistakable and very unique in their form.

Why choose this fishing drone
Completely waterproof
Elegant and stylish appearance
Several auxiliary attachment points
Easy to fly and control
Smart specifications and functions
Back to the home key
Impressive distance range
Withstands a wide range of winds and temperatures
Control with one remote control
Intelligent battery management
5kg (7.7 lbs) payload


It has an LCD display for drone telemetry, battery and GPS status, can be used with or without smartphone, (optional) Full HD (1080p) live video from the gimbal-mounted camera, so it can be used as an effective search and rescue drone with clear HD live video. It also comes with a fail-safe electro-mechanical payload release, which can be activated mechanically or electrically.

It floats stably and requires no pilot efforts. It has a water and sand proof remote control, so it can be used on the beach without fear of sand blocking the remote control joysticks.

The drone has longer flight times due to its high efficiency with aerodynamics designed to fly longer even in strong winds

It has a payload of 3.5 kg and is able to fly with your lines and lures. It can be used in inaccessible places where the fish you are looking for are in abundance. However, you will not (yet) be able to lift large fish out of the water with it.

Completely sealed electronics, which prevents corrosion of the electronics, although uninhibited barometric pressure measurement is required.

It is easy to use, with intuitive functions, and you can concentrate on what the camera records.

Expandable with the option to add external long-life batteries and custom payload compartments.

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Drone Fishing - Gannet Bait Release for All DJI Mavic Pro/Platinum

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DJI Mavic Air 2 Fishing Drone

With the ability to take photos at 48 MP and videos at 60 fps, the DJI Mavic Air 2 fishing drone gives you a panoramic view of underwater fishing habitats. It also stays in the air for 34 minutes on a single battery and has silent blades that do not disturb the fish. Thanks to all these features, it offers a fantastic drone fishing experience and is the best drone for fishing you can get.

Camera and Video

The Mavic Air 2 is the best drone for fishing and is equipped with a first-class 4K camera with a 1/2″ CMOS sensor, a 3-axis gimbal and a quad-bayer image sensor. Not only does it capture stunning 48MP photos, but you can also record 1080p video and create 8K hyper-lapse video.

Range and battery

DJI has outdone itself with this drone. The flight time of 34 minutes with a single battery is one of the longest in the world of drones. Its maximum flight speed is 42.3 mph, while the video transmission distance is up to 10 km, making it one of the best options for surf fishing with drones.

What distinguishes this fishing drone
The best for: Fishing all around
Ability to record 1080p FHD livestream and 8K Hyper-Lapse
Captures stunning 48MP photos and 4K/60fps video
Impressive 34 minutes flight time with a single battery
Obstacle detection in three directions improves safety
Silent blades are efficient and do not frighten fish
Supported by a comprehensive, problem-free replacement
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DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo - Drone Quadcopter UAV with...

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Shark Fishing Drone

Um, did you say shark fishing with a drone?! It’s because of some crazy guys from South Africa who took drone fishing so seriously that they build custom fishing drones especially for shark fishing! To say that they are exaggerated would be an understatement, and that is what makes them so fantastic! You have to go straight to them, because they mainly build tailor-made fishing drone packages to meet the extreme needs of their customers!

The advantages:

High payload capacity
Especially built for drone fishing (especially sharks!)


Can be a bit too much of a good thing

Who is the fishing drone for: the insanely passionate drone fishermen who want to fight the biggest and the worst fish.

Best cheap fishing drone – Swellpro Waterproof Spray Drone 3

Features and specifications:

- 100% waterproof and salt water friendly
- Release mechanism for fishing line and 4K HD camera
- Precise bait curling with a single remote and live video monitor
- 16 minutes flight time
Advantages and disadvantages:

- It was developed specifically for fishing and is therefore ideal for fishermen who want to improve their experience.
- The payload dropping device is sold separately for an additional $149

This drone is expensive, but it is worth the price because it is one of the best drones for fishing. Because this drone is made specifically for fishing, it is equipped with a fishing line and the highest quality technology, so you will have a great fishing experience while practicing your drone skills.

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro -> Perfect camera, long range

We all know DJI. They are the most popular drone manufacturer out there. They have pretty much single-handedly brought up the idea of drones and made it a worldwide phenomenon.

But why is your Phantom 4 Pro so good for fishing? Well, let’s just say that because of its incredible range, it’s probably the BEST fishing drone there is (even head to toe on Inspire 2).

It’s hard to believe, but this drone creature can be up to 6 kilometers away from its transmitter without breaking a sweat. This is the latest technology from DJI, which they have implemented in their latest drone series Phantom 4, Mavic Pro and Inspire 2 (which we will discuss later). Not only does it offer a fantastic range, but also plenty of room for scouting, as the average flight time is 25-27 minutes.

Phantom 4 Pro is also equipped with a state-of-the-art camera. Not only can it record in 4K resolution, it is also mounted on DJI’s famous gimbal stabilization system. This ensures a shake-free experience without stuttering in videos or shaky images. The build quality is almost perfect, but this is something we are already used to from the DJI drones. All in all, it is pretty clear that there are not many better drones on the market than the outstanding Phantom 4 Pro!

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DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 - Drone Quadcopter UAV with 20MP Camera...

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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

In the unlikely event that we are going to discuss unusual fishing drones, this should be our main topic at the moment. It is an amazing hexacopter that is easy to lift. Independent of indoor and outdoor fishing Typhoon H can also be used as a phenomenal research drone. It can give you a completely clear picture of the surrounding landscape with its GCO3 4K camera, mounted on permanently pivoting 3-Hub gimbals.

The Yuneec Typhoon Hs camera is ideal for drone fishing. Not only does it have 4K shooting capabilities, but it also has an incredibly wide rim that allows a huge field of view. You’ll love it in the 4.3-inch show, which is based on its dedicated controller, which, quite frankly, is very strong and fits well in the hand. The response is also moderate; Typhoon H is ready for such a huge drone. It will shock you with its speed. The flight time of this drone is about 20-25 minutes for each battery, while the control run is 1000 meters. This allows you to see a lot of water, which gives you a greater chance of spotting fish.

The camera is also ready to move 360 degrees, which means you can set up your drone and move the camera around to spot the fish.
Product Specification

dimension 21 x 17 x 12,5 inch
12 lbs weight
8 intelligent flight modes
25 minutes flight time
1000m range
360 degree movement
12MP camera
GPS Tracking


It avoids a collision
Easy to set up
It detects obstacles and avoids them
Great GPS tracking
Takes professional pictures and videos
Good payload limit


The camera cannot be upgraded
Huge transmitter

The ingenious directional frame is probably what’s behind this incredible drone fishing decision, because it’s so easy to program and gives you the ability to program parallel flight designs that stroll along a shoreline without expecting you to stop to distract them.

It also has built-in impact avoidance that can keep your expensive drone from getting caught in low-hanging bushes or tree trunks on autopilot.

In general, this is a fabulous choice for drone fishing, especially if you’re worried about strong winds or using heavier bait for fish while casting the lure to shoals of fish. Take a look at a Yuneec Typhoon H while you think about buying a fishing drone.

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Yuneec Typhoon H Pro with Intel RealSense Technology - 4K Collision Avoidance...

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DJI Phantom 3 Pro Fishing Drone

The DJI Phantom 3 Professional is well built, easy to set up and easy to fly. After admiring the look and feel – it’s a beauty with a sleek design – you’ll get up and fly very quickly, even if this is your first drone. It even has a beginner mode that allows you to learn to fly in a safe, limited area. So would this be the best fishing drone for you? Read on and find out.

Why this fishing drone

High quality camera takes amazing pictures and images
Very user friendly with intuitive flight control
Solid construction quality and can survive occasional bumps or falls
Elegant look and feel
Good range
HD live broadcast

It is characterized by its stabilized camera. It can take high quality 12 megapixel photos and 4k UHD videos at up to 30 frames per second. You’ll love this feature whether you’re studying the fish species you’re targeting, studying the topography or watching how the fish interact with your bait. You can watch a live HD video of what your drone’s camera sees on your mobile device.

It offers a flight time of 23 minutes, which should be sufficient for reconnaissance missions or luring bait. You can also opt for a spare battery, which is included in the package.

FCC: 5 km (outdoor and unobstructed) CE: 3.5 km is its maximum transmission distance, which is good.

It also has the standard DJI functions: GPS navigation with automatic takeoffs and landings, intelligent flight battery and an integrated database with no-fly zones. The control and stability are also great.

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DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Aircraft, 3-Axis Gimbal & 4K UHD Video...

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DJI Mavic Pro


  • 4k-camera
  • Compact, foldable design
  • Intelligent flight modes
  • Maximum speed of 40 miles per hour
  • 4-mile range
  • Built-in GPS
  • Flight time about 25 minutes (reviewed 27 minutes)

The DJI Mavic Pro is a small foldable drone that manages to pack some impressive features into a tiny package. It is a popular and powerful drone with excellent range, long flight time and a great camera. The trump card is actually the fact that all these features are available in a compact, foldable housing.

The advantages of this drone:

  • Compact, fast and robust. Impressively wind resistant for its size.
  • Foldable arms
  • Great camera
  • Long flight time
  • Return function – activated when the battery is low


  • Not waterproof
  • The gimbal is not the best gimbal in terms of resilience

As you can see from above, this is really a general purpose drone. It is one of the best drones for fishing and will serve everyone well, since it is relatively inexpensive and the specifications for its size are surprisingly high. Our main problem is that it is not waterproof, which limits its use for fishing compared to other drones that can be waterproof or at least a little bit resistant. However, it is a fantastic option for a sunny day.

Who is it not suitable for?

For those who have a budget. It is very inexpensive, but still a rather expensive item.

What is drone fishing?

If you are an avid angler and looking for a way to improve your catch, a drone might be the perfect solution for you.

With the drone you can not only search the environment for shoals of fish, but you can also use the drone to cast your line far into the water.

This could be very practical if you are on the shore and need to cast your line into deeper waters.

Gone are the days when you could kayak out to the ocean, sit back on the beach, have a beer and cast the drone for yourself (unless you like kayaking).

As more and more fishermen use drones to improve their catch rate, we decided to compile a list of the 7 best drones for fishing.
the best drones for fishing

How does drone fishing work?

There are a number of ways in which you can catch fish with a drone.

One possibility is to attach a hook, bait and fishing line to the drone and send it across the water to where you want to fish. The disadvantage of this is that if you catch a big fish, it can pull your drone into the water. This is not good!

The second, more efficient – though somewhat more technical – method is to use an accessory called a downrigger release clip.

When you use this clip, your drone is simply used to cast the line, and once you have a bite, the pressure of the fish causes the downrigger clip to release the line.

You can then bring your drone back or leave it outside to film your catch.
The best drones for fishing

*Top Tip: Keep the drone 10 m above the water level, because the vibrations from the propellers of the drones can frighten the fish.

What makes a good fishing drone?

If you are wondering if the drone you already have is a good candidate for fishing, or if you want to buy a new fishing drone, it is a must to know what you are looking for. There are a few things you should keep in mind when looking for the best drone for fishing: Battery life, camera, range, stability and payload.

Battery life

Nothing would ruin a great fishing trip like a dead battery. Between tracking fish, filming the tranquility of nature and casting bait over the hungry mouths of your quarry, you’ll rush to blow a few drone batteries while drone fishing.

So the first thing you want is a drone with a long-lasting battery. But even that won’t be enough to keep you on the water and catch fish all afternoon. You will need extra batteries and even a portable battery charger if you want to catch fish all day long!


If you only use your drone to cast bait when fishing, you can save on the quality of the camera, but if you want to use your fishing drone to scout, you need a high quality camera to detect all the likely fish spots.

If you want to film your drone fishing expeditions, buy the best camera drone you can afford. Nothing is more discouraging than finally landing the big drone and thinking you have it all on video, only to find that the image is grainy and your friends can’t tell if you’ve caught a fish or an old boot!


It is not extremely important when it comes to drone fishing, as most fishing reels can only hold a few hundred meters of line. But I would advise against choosing short range drones because you will fly over the water with this thing so you need long range drones. Caution is better than indulgence when you talk about an investment in your fishing drone.


Wind can definitely be a factor, especially when fishing from the beach. You will want a drone that is super stable. Otherwise you will miss many good drone fishing days just because there is a little wind.


Remember that we don’t fight the fish with the drone, so the payload capacity need not be absurdly high, but your fishing drone should be able to at least carry a hook and lure. When you start adding fish weights and bigger baits, you have to be much more careful with the capacity of the payload.

Do I need a waterproof drone?

It can’t hurt! But in most cases you can go fishing with a drone without getting your drone soaked. Just be aware of how waterproof or water resistant your drone is before you try something risky, just for a fish…

Other popular drone uses

Aside of fishing, drones can be used for many other useful activities, like surveillance, security, aerial mapping, hunting, filming of hiking, running, biking and other outdoor activities.


Q: How do you use a drone for fishing?

To use a drone for a reconnaissance mission, all you have to do is let it fly with a camera. Then you can look at the water shots and determine the best fishing spots.

If you want to go one step further in drone fishing and use your drone to release bait, you will need an accessory called a down-rigger release clip, a release mechanism for the drone’s fishing line that is used to hold a fishing line and lure the bait.

Attach this clip to the legs, the landing gear or the motor struts of your drone. Attach your fishing line to the clip and then your lure to the fishing line. Unlock your reel before you let the drone fly.

When you have found the perfect spot to cast the lure, lock your reel to activate the drone’s release mechanism which will throw your lure into the water. When a fish is hooked, tension builds up and the line falls directly into the water.

Q: What are the advantages of drone fishing?

Drone fishing helps you catch more fish by showing you where the fish are and allowing you to cast in hard to reach but lucrative fishing areas. If you use drones to study your target species in their natural habitat and observe how they interact with your bait, you will become a more efficient angler. Since drone fishing combines the thrill of flying with the joy of fishing, another advantage of drone fishing is that you will have more fun on the water.

Q: Can you use a drone for fishing?

It is possible to use a drone for fishing, but in some areas like Oregon, the use of drones for fishing is prohibited. Always check the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and state, local and federal laws before using drones for fishing.

How to film fishing with drone

First off, make sure to keep an eye on your battery levels, otherwise, your drone might end up in water. Plan out your shots first, go take it and then fly straight back. Pay attention to lightning – the general idea is that the better it looks to your eyes the better it will look on camera. Try a variety of different shots until you hit that one ideal one. Don’t fly to close to water as you can scare off the fish.

How does aluminum payload drop release servo fishing drone plane work?

The device itself is very simple. It uses a sliding pin mechanism, driven by a high quality metal-geared servo to cover and open a slot, which the hanging of a payload can be passed through.

There are three sources of shock with traditional pyrotechnic release devices; those include the pyrotechnic initiator and the resulting transfer of kinetic energy within the mechanism.  The  approach eliminates both of these sources of shock.  There is no pyrotechnic initiator required so there is no initial shock and the restraint wire release mechanism is also not a significant contributor to shock.

A third source of shock is the energy stored in the release rod itself as well as any of the other components that are in the preload path.  The nature of  device’s gentle release of preload allows this stored energy to be dissipated over the release event minimizing the stored energy contribution to shock as well.

Is it illegal to catch a fish with my drone?

That depends on the location of your drone fishing adventure. Most of US states prohibit drone fishing and you need to make sure to know these regulations before flying out.

Is drone fishing legal in California?

Yes, because there is no law that says otherwise. There is currently nothing in the Fish and Game Code or California Code of Regulations prohibiting use of drones for catching fish.

Is drone fishing legal in Texas?

No, it is not legal to fish with drones in Texas. The use of a drone for recreational or sports hunting (includes fishing) is not lawful in Texas. You can only take aerial photos and videos of fishing activities with a drone.

New use cases for drones are popping out by day. We have looked into many industries and domains to see how does professionals and/or amateurs use their quads. The result of that research are the lists below. Enjoy:

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