Snaptain A15 Review 2020 – A Decent Beginner Drone

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Snaptain A15 Review 2020 – A Decent Beginner Drone
Snaptain A15 Review 2020 – A Decent Beginner Drone


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Another day, another affordable drone a beginner pilot can buy for under $100 while getting a solid machine.

Snaptain A15 drone review is a short but sweet overview of all major features and flight performance of this foldable drone.

If this drone is not to your liking, we recommend checking its rival from the same price range but way above its performance class – DJI Tello.

What’s in the box?

  • The Snaptain A15H Drone
  • Remote Controller
  • Removal Li-on battery
  • USB Charger (use only this to charge the batteries)
  • 8x Spare Rotor Blades
  • Screw Driver
  • 4xProtective Guard
  • User Manual

Snaptain A15 drone at a glance

This drone has some eyebrow raising features – most notable it’s got voice control.

Snaptain 15 camera is able to take photo and video in 720p.

The drone also has altitude hold, one key return, one key take off and land, headless mode, it does a 360 flip it, has an emergency stop and it has trajectory flight which allows you to draw on your phone screen and it will follow whatever you draw which is pretty cool.

  • Stylish design that looks professional and beginner-friendly. It is bounded to grab audience attention.
  • Multitude of beginner-friendly features such as automatic takeoff and landing, 360-degree flips and altitude hold function.
  • Built-in 729P HD camera that delivers high quality images and videos for you to share on social medias.
  • Comes with two batteries, which gives you a total flight time of 16 minutes.
  • Easy to fly and simple enough to learn for beginners to fly right out of the box.
  • Can command the drone using voice: Left, Right, Forward, Back, Up and Down.

Snaptain A15 – Specification

  • Weight: 680 g
  • Size: 29.4 x 20.4 x 8.2 cm
  • Batteries: Lithium-ion batteries
  • Design: 3D Foldable
  • Color: Black
  • Camera: 720P HD
  • Flight duration: around 15 min

Snaptain A15 Design

It is made out of plastic but doesn’t look cheap at all. It has a really nice design, it is lightweight, handles easy wind well and looks really slick.

It’s about the same size as a hand and it easily folds and unfolds.

Snaptain A15 Camera

It’s a decent a 720p, 120° wide-angle lens camera that can capture above-average footage with decent clarity, though you shouldn’t really expect the best color reproduction on this drone, as most shots are either too washed-out or have a significant amount of distortion/ lens flare. But you can’t expect wonders in this price segment – when you factor in the drone price, it is actually a great camera.

The camera is, as we already said, far from ideal but it’s good enough for stills or time-lapses.

It can be adjusted manually which lets you capture beautiful aerial shots in the direction you want to choose.

Voice command feature

You can speak to this drone and it will listen and do things you tell it. How cool is that for 100 bucks?

You can instruct it to take off, fly left, fly right and land, and it will follow your commands. Its a smart feature but it still has a long way to go before it is perfected, so be ready for some glitches and sometimes you may have to speak louder and to repeat yourself a few times.

Snaptain A15 Battery & Flight Time

The drone comes with a 800 mAh modularized battery that enhances flight performance and gives 8 minutes of flight per charge.

This is rather below average but since the drone comes with an extra battery, you essentially get 14-16 minutes of flying in one go. Still, that flight time is on the low side. If you want to know what drones have the longest flight time, see this guide.

You’d be hard-pressed to find another drone for the same price and packed features to have the same flight time offered by the SNAPTAIN A15, especially those without spare batteries included.

Controller range

Another segment that leaves a lot to be desired as the drone is limited at an 80-meter radius from the controller. The FPV works fine and the video streaming is of decent quality.

While we are at it, ever wondered what drones have the longest range? Click here to find out.

Snaptain A15 – Main Features

The drone has WiFi FPV, so you can transmit live footage of wherever it flies. Its’ good quality camera will record pristine footage that can be shared instantly on social media.

It is capable of doing one-key 360 degree flips with a nudge on the direction lever to the point you want the craft to somersault to, the SNAPTAIN A15 performs a 360° flip effortlessly, which is a nice trick to have in a sleeve when you want to impress your friends.

Another very useful feature if you are a newbie, is the “return home” module. With one key press, the drone automatically hovers back to you/controller. This reduces the chances of losing your drone but you still need to be careful and keep the drone within the control range or else it will fly away and crash down once the battery is dead.

Headless mode is another awesome feature – it is a specialized flying mode that is standard on most all entry-level drones available on the market. When you activate the headless mode, the onboard flight computer aligns the drone movements to be corresponding to the user. In essence, in headless mode, you don’t need to worry about the direction the drone is facing.

The Altitude Hold is another very useful thing to have. When altitude hold mode (aka AltHold) is selected, the throttle is automatically controlled to maintain the current altitude.

You can also “shift gears” on this drone with the “Multiple Speed Modes” Beginners are always better off with slow speed mode. If you plan to do flips, also be sure not to have the drone in the fast speed mode as it may spin out of the radius and crash.

Another surprising feature for such a cheap drone is the advanced Trajectory Flight mode. The drone can fly along the map you draw on your phone. Draw a path in your app interface, and the drone will fly following the path accordingly.

Pros and cons


  • A lot of features
  • Very cheap
  • Easy to use and intuitive app
  • Nice design and good build quality
  • Decent camera with a wide-angle view
  • Smooth real-time transmission


  • Buggy voice command feature
  • Short range of the drone
  • The motors are not the strongest so in windy situations
  • Weak batteries

Conclusion about the Snaptain A15 Foldable Drone

Wrapping up this review about Snaptain A15, we can say that it is a nice, toy drone that is perfectly able to meet the needs of a newbie pilot.

Considering the price, the drone is packed with features, some of them even advanced (like voice commands or trajectory mode).

It is low ranked when it comes to battery and flight time but since it comes with two batteries by default, the overall flight time is bearable. Should you decide against buying Snaptain A15, here are some other similarly priced but better rated drones you can look into are EMAX EZ Pilot review, TinyHawk 2 review, BETAFPV 65HD review and DroneX Pro review.

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