6 Best Yuneec Drones – What Are The Top Drones By Yuneec Brand

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Yuneec has had a lucrative history for a long time. The company has become one that customers depend on for flight needs. That is due to their drones being inspired by the feel and joy of soaring through the air. Yuneec satisfies many people with different needs, be it those who want toys or those who want to use the drones economically. They offer various small, solid, yet capable multi-rotor selections to their users.

Whether you’re looking for a beginner model to travel with and take selfies from a new perspective or are looking for a professional drone that lets you shoot high-quality camera and video footage, Yuneec offers various drone models for various application areas.

Drones can generally be differentiated with their number of rotors, for example, the quadcopter with four rotors or the hexacopter with 6. All in all, you need to inform yourself about the model of the drone that you want to buy.

Yuneec has been made more popular by its larger and portable drones. This article will go through the drones that the company offers (their key features, pros, and cons), reasons for choosing this brand of drones over others, and some frequently asked questions.

Why choose drones from Yuneec

  1. For users that are looking for drones for commercial purposes, the company offers various camera solutions. There is something for everyone for professional photos, film cameras, thermal imaging, or inspection.
  2. The six-rotor drones particularly have a 5-rotor mode, which means that they can be safely landed even if one of the rotors fails.
  3. The drones don’t require any complex assembly.
  4. The drones are ready and easy to fly, making them a viable option for beginners.
  5. Yuneec drones come with various flight modes for special flight maneuvers. Users can get tracked and filmed by their drones; orbit a point of interest preset a flight route. Etc.
  6. Most of their drones have rugged designs that can handle all sorts of challenges on the field.
  7. Their drones have more powerful motors giving them more speed and better performance in windy conditions.

Yuneec Typhoon H3

The Typhoon H3 was developed in partnership with Leica. It was specifically developed for photographers and videographers.  The drone’s design is dependable and effective, and there has been little need to modify it over the past couple of years. This particular brand is an iterative update to the Yuneec Typhoon H plus. The drone is currently priced at about $2549.99

👉 Key features

  • It is designed for pro aerial photography.
  • It comes with several government-safe data protection features.
  • It has the best built-in camera with 4K videos and 20MP stills being captured from a Leica ION L1 Pro camera.
  • The drone’s image transmission distance reached up to 1.6 km.
  • It has cruise control for cool shots.
  • It comes with retractable arms and landing gear for ease of transportation.
  • With the drone’s team mode function, two pilots can separately control the drone and the camera. All that is needed for that is a second ST16S remote control that is sold separately.
  • It has a flight time of about 25 minutes.
  • It has a flight range of 1 mile.
  • It has a five-rotor activation mode in case one of the rotors fails.
  • The drone has six rotors; therefore, it maintains its stability even when it is windy.
  • The drone has a speed of up to 45mph.
  • It has intelligent flight modes. These flight modes include:

The Curve Cable Cam Mode allows users to fly the flight path in advance on a step-by-step basis. That is then permanently saved for quick and easy subsequent flights.

With the Follow Me / Watch Me mode, the drone follows the pilot and can align the drone to him/ her if desired.

With the Orbit Me mode, the drone flies around you in a circular flight path at the desired altitude and speed, the camera always remaining focused on you.

With the out-and-return flight (journey) mode, the drone ascends along a linear path and automatically returns for the desired shot.


  • Its user-defined image modes, focus settings, lossless digital zoom, and superior image quality of its camera make it the perfect drone for aerial photography.
  • The drone’s camera gives the best quality images due to detailed analyses and suitably effective stray light suppression.
  • Users who buy this drone are assured of their data security as there is never a detour through a cloud solution. All the data generated by the drone belongs to you exclusively and can be saved, deleted, and managed by the drone’s owner without any restrictions. 
  • The drone is very reliable and efficient- despite the system being optimized to consume less energy, it doesn’t sacrifice any of its performance levels.
  • The drone is safe to use. It has several safety features such as a Return Home function, redundant control, numerous failsafe functions, and a virtual adjustable fence that ensures the drone does not fly past a specific radius. 
  • The drone’s battery system has a safety mechanism that alerts the user whenever the battery is poorly engaged.
  • The drones come with a quick-release mechanism that lets users fit propellers quickly and easily after which it is ready to use.
  • The drone also has two HV batteries included in the standard kit, rechargeable and changeable, providing a longer flight time.
  • The drone can fold its rotor arms away to facilitate easy transportation.
  • The drone’s easy-to-use intuitive remote control gives users full control of the drone and the camera.


Its batteries’ recharging time is significantly slower than other drones.

Despite the drone being sturdy, it is a bit flimsy, and users have to be keen when taking it out of the box.

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Yuneec Typhoon H plus

This drone is the second generation of the Typhoon H, even more powerful. It is foldable and comes with safe and effective flight features, making it one of the most iconic Yuneec drones. The drone is currently priced at $949. With other drones, users are forced to choose between camera quality and stability, but they get both with this drone.

👉 Key features

  • It has GPS connectivity and several smart flight modes (Follow Me, Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey, Return Home, and Curve cable Cam), ensuring successful flight for most of its pilots.
  • It has a sophisticated collision avoidance system, which ensures the drone avoids objects while filming in any direction.
  • It comes with a CGO3+ camera, which offers 4K video resolution at 30FPS and stills images at 12MP.
  • The drone’s camera is integrated with a three-axis gimbal capable of continuous 360° rotation and image capture.
  • The drone comes with six propellers, which improve its stability and gives users unparalleled safety.
  • It comes with a center hanging camera.
  • The Typhoon H plus’ remote control is an android powered device with a built-in 7-inch display and all the controls needed to navigate the drone and operate the camera.
  • The drone has a Team Mode function allowing users to independently control the drone and the camera using two remote control systems.
  • It has a flight time of 25 minutes.
  • The drone comes with a Skyview First Person View Headset that enables users to see what the drone sees.
  • It has speeds of up to 43.5mph.
  • The drone’s control range is 1 mile.


  • It is reliable and efficient.
  • The drone’s refined cabling ensures optimized air circulation and improved cooling.
  • Despite having six rotors, the drone is one of the quietest drones, with a 40% noise reduction from previous models.
  • The six-rotor arms are foldable, transforming the drone into a suitable size that is easy to transport.
  • The drone has a quick locking system making mounting and dismounting easy.
  • The Team Mode functionality makes the drone extremely efficient in capturing creative images and provides videographers with a helpful tool to work with a team.


  • The drone is not ideal for beginners.
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Yuneec H520

The Yuneec H520 was developed after its success with drones in their move to drones’ commercial side. It comes with the highest demands for flight time, security, and flexibility and comes with different cameras. Moreover, it incorporates the six-rotor platform and high-grade cameras, and mission planning software for high-end commercial use.

Users can use the drone for surveying, mapping, search, and rescue needs, to name a few.

👉 Key features

  • It comes with a retractable gear that allows 360° rotation of the camera.
  • The drone comes with an ST16S all-in-one controller, an all-inclusive transmitter, and a receiver that gives users full control of the drone during flight.
  • It has a flight time of 28 minutes.
  • It comes with a 4K FPS camera.
  • The drone has Yuneec DataPilot software that enables users to efficiently and consistently create 3D scans, ortho maps, or crop data imagery in the field without needing expensive third-party software.
  • All of the drone’s cameras are hot-swappable on the sUAS platform, saving on time as they don’t require a power-down/restart of the UAS system.
  • It has speeds of up to 38mph.
  • The drone has a Team Mode functionality that allows users to independently control the drone and the camera using two control systems.
  • The drone has a Yuneec UpdatePilot app that users can check and automatically update their drones with the latest software version.
  • It has a control range of one mile.
  • It uses Real Time Kinematics satellite navigation to stand in the air with extreme accuracy levels and take precise, repetitive photos.
  • The drone’s landing gear retracts to give users a full 360° view of the world to capture important data.


  • It is the perfect solution for long flight times.
  • Users may swap memory cards from device to device. Therefore there is the consistency of data storage rather than using multiple storage devices.
  • It is stable, has specific flight and focal length lenses that allow the drone to fly at a greater distance than the object.
  • The drone’s bright orange color gives users high visibility.
  • It is energy efficient and quiet.
  • With the Yuneec H520, users can save previous missions for repetition of any flight desired.
  • The drone is stable even in strong winds.
  • It has the fastest operational readiness even under difficult GPS situations such as cities and forests.
  • With this drone, users are assured of the security of their data. There is no involuntary transfer of their data to other servers; thus, data is optimally protected.
  • The drone can hold its position even in high-wind environments.


  • Despite the drone’s stability, controlling it during strong winds may be scary for users who’ve not used it before.
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Yuneec Mantis Q

This drone is the perfect solution for traveling. When folded, it weighs just one pound and features cutting-edge features such as voice control and facial recognition making it the ultimate ultra-portable package.

👉 Key features

  • The drone can be intuitively controlled using voice command to start, land, or take photos and videos.
  • It has a vision-based tracking and face detection that, when activates, as soon as the drone ‘sees’ the user’s face, it will take a photo from up to 13 feet away.
  • The drone has an integrated camera that captures high-resolution photos and videos.
  • The drone has intelligent flight modes such as Journey Mode, Point Of Interest, and return Home.
  • It has reliable software and data security.
  • Users can fly the drone with or without the controller.
  • The drone comes with down-facing dual sonar sensors and infrared detection.
  • The drone has an adjustable geo-fence allowing users to limit the radius to which the drone can fly.
  • The drone comes with a serial triple charger that charges up to three batteries in a row.
  • Users can intuitively control the drone without prior training.


  • The drone can maintain its altitude and position independently.
  • The drone is safe to use both indoors and outdoors.


  • The drone’s battery life isn’t as good.
  • Its video quality trails its competitors.
  • It lacks gimbal stabilization.
  • It does not come with obstacle detection sensors.
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Yuneec Mantis G

Unlike the Yuneec Typhoon H3, this drone is built for more recreational purposes. It is the perfect option for hobby pilots who are looking for a reliable drone to fly. The drone is priced at $699 today.

👉 Key features

  • It comes with a stabilized camera gimbal.
  • It has a compact design that folds small for transport.
  • The drone has voice-activated features and is easy to use. With this drone, users can choose to operate it using voice commands fully.
  • It comes with a flight time of 33 minutes.
  • It has a 4K 30 FPS camera.
  • Its flight controller is based on the open-source Dronecode project PX4, giving users the highest stability level.
  • It has a control range of 2.43 miles.
  • It has a score of up to 45mph.
  • The drone comes with a Waypoint feature that allows users to tell the drone where to go. With this feature, users can plan flight routes for the perfect shot.
  • It has a Visual Tracking feature. Once the user marks themselves or the object they want to track; the drone goes wherever the marked object goes.
  • The drone flies stably and slowly and captures every detail for a real Hollywood cinema.
  • The drone offers several flight modes. These include:

With the Journey Mode, the drone flies upwards on a linear path and automatically depends on the desired setting.

The Point of Interest Mode allows users to select an object, and the drone circles the object automatically.

  • The drone has a Return Home function, and with a push of a button, the drone will return to its takeoff point.
  • The Mantis G is equipped with several security features like the redundant control signal, ensuring that it does not exceed a specific radius.


  • The voice control feature supports several languages.
  • Users can fly the drone both indoors and outdoors in a stable and precisely controlled manner.
  • It is quiet and energy-efficient.


  • The drone does not come with an obstacle detection sensor.

Tornado H920 Plus

The drone is a multi-rotor aerial photography platform with a unique modular design. Yuneec developed the drone for professional use.

👉 Key features

  • The drone is equipped with quick-release propellers, which saves time during assembly and disassembly.
  • With the retractable gear, users can get a 360° view of the world.
  • The drone has foldable arms making it easy to transport.
  • The drone has multiple intelligent flight modes, including Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey, Curve Cable Cam, Follow Me/Watch me and Return Home.
  • The drone has an ST16 remote control that gives users full control of the drone and gives the user real-time footage eliminating the need for another device.
  • The drone comes with a ProAction ground handle designed to capture smooth footage from the sky to the ground.


  • The drone is very stable and can withstand the most turbulent circumstances.
  • Users can easily program autonomous flight using the remote control, which has an intelligent user-interface and capture stunning images and videos.


What do I need to know or consider before my first flight with any Yuneec drone?

Before using any Yuneec drone, or any drone for that matter, make sure to read the instructions and inform yourself about the local laws related to flying drones. Then prepare your equipment and find an area free of obstacles. You can check out several tutorials on YouTube to prepare yourself for flying the drone if need be.

How do I connect the remote control with my Yuneec drone?

Drones and remote controls are usually already connected. It is unnecessary to establish a connection between them, but if a connection is necessary, you can find more information in the drone’s manual.


Even though Yuneec drones are on the more expensive spectrum, it is relevant considering most of their drones are developed for professional use and come with numerous sophisticated features to ensure users get their money’s worth.


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