Phantom 2 Accessories- What to Buy For Your Drone

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The Phantom 2 is one of the best drones that DJI has created. The Phantom 2 is truly an amazing drone that revolutionized the industry with its ability to record beautiful videos in 3D!  Even though you can fly it as soon as you get it out of the box, the drone parts of this beauty are endless. It is safe to say that it is among the best top 10 drones on the market currently.

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Must Have Phantom 2 Accessories

Even though the Phantom 2 is a full package there is always something that you’d like to add or change to your drone, so that it can meet your needs. It’s equipped with an almost perfect camera, GPS, WiFi to extend your range, while flying this baby. And still, some additional gear is always welcome.

Micro SD Card

The first Phantom 2 accessory you should buy  is definitely a must have! Because the Phantom 2 is equipped with a state of the art camera, allowing you to record beautiful scenery from high above and in great resolution. Where to save all this, you make ask? Well in a big Micro SD, that’s where! So you guess right the first accessory you should buy is a larger memory card, or Micro SD. This is a must have because the Phantom 2 does not come with a Micro SD, so you can’t start recording without one.

Extra Set of Batteries

The second accessory we recommend is a extra pair of batteries. Most drones will allow to fly an average 25 mins per flight, the Phantom 2 gives you just that, 25 minutes of pure flying joy! But one essential drone part is an extra set of batteries. Unless, you are willing to wait approximately an hour between flights waiting for your batteries to charge, you should buy a set or two of extra batteries, that way you can be flying as much as you want, without waiting to recharge your batteries.

Extra Set of Propellers

The third essential accessory for your Phantom 2 is an extra set of propellers. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you are a pro, everyone will have their set of crashes and just because of that you should buy a pair of propellers. Yea, I know you’re probably asking why buy propellers before hand, when you haven’t even crashed yet, well the answer is simple. Do you want to have to stop flying your favorite toy and wait for (God forbid!) a repair and just then buy another pair of propellers? Or would you not rather have an extra pair in your carrying bag, so if you do unintentionally crash you will be able to change the propellers in no time. Changing propellers on the Phantom 2, literally takes like only two seconds!

Check this video from to see their recommendations on what accessories are a must have for a Phantom 2.

Propeller Guards

Apart from getting an extra pair of propellers, we advise you to get a set of propeller guards as well. Propeller guards will make your drone even more stable and durable and the changes of you damaging a propeller, with the propeller guards is less likely than without any propeller guards!

Carrying Case

Oh and don’t forget a carrying case! You’re probably telling yourself, why waste money on a carrying case as well. Well figure it out, you paid big money for your Phantom 2 and you can’t just carry it in a plastic bag. You need to take care of your Phantom 2 and by doing so carry it in a carrying bag that will keep it safe. Also carrying bags are a must for travelling, doesn’t matter if you’re going by plane, bus or car, your Phantom  2 will be safe in a carrying case.

Special Phantom 2 Backpack

Ok so you got the basics and the essential accessories, now we move to the fun gadgets. They are a little pricey but they are worth these extra bucks! DJI has created a super cool backpack, for each of their Phantoms and drones. A backpack is a great accessory because  it is stylish and you can carry it with you just about anywhere!

Night Flight Help – LED Blue Light

If you are a fan of flying your drone during the night, then a great accessory for your Phantom 2 is definitely a Quadcopter LED Blue light kit. This kid will look just amazing on your Phantom 2, and the blue LED lights can’t be missed upon a dark sky. This kit uses 80 LEDS and it connects straight to your drone’s batteries.

Special Phantom 2 Carbon Fiber Propeller

An accessory that was made specifically for the Phantom 2 is the Carbon Fiber 9443 Propeller. This accessory is meant to make your drone lighter than without them. They will largely increase your drone’s ability to fly. And flight time is improved as well. There are many other accessories that you can buy an add to your Phantom 2.


These are the top and essential accessories that you should have if you own a Phantom 2. No matter how good the Phantom 2 is, you can always add something to make it even better!




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