DJI Mavic Mini Accessories – 10 Best Accessories for Mavic Mini

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I’d like to show you 10 of my favorite accessories for the DJI Mavic Mini. Anytime a new drone like Mavic Mini is released, the third party accessory companies shift into an overdrive and start flooding the market with accessories that they think you need.

The Mavic Mini is an amazing piece of technology, a tiny drone that can produce big results. With the use of some additional accessories, you can fly longer, record more so that is why we’re going to go over the top accessories for the Mavic Mini in this guide!

Are the Mavic Mini accessories needed in the first place?

In some cases, those accessories are good. But more often than not, you’ll see something on a website that looks really cool. You’ll buy it bring it home, finding that you use it once or twice, it ends up on a shelf and you’ve wasted money.

So what we like to do is anytime we get a new drone, we immediately begin searching for all the new accessories that have been released. We’ll buy a lot of them, and then we’ll test them over a couple of weeks.

We put them through a torture test out the field to make sure they can do what the manufacturer claims they can do; but more importantly are they durable and do they add value to our flying experience.

Drone accessories types

We can divide all drone accessories in two categories:

  • must have
  • nice to have

The names for both are self-explanatory so we won’t explain ourselves too much. It is also important to add a disclaimer that deciding which accessory goes to which category is subjective so some people might classify these add-ons differently and that is fine.

I’ll talk briefly about each of the accessories individually, explain what they are, what they do, and why I put them in my kit.

Must have DJI Mavic Mini accessories

Landing gear kit

The most important of all of those, is what I’ll call the landing gear kit. One of the downsides of having small quad like DJI Mavic Mini, is that because of the size of the quad, the clearance below it is really small that the camera is almost touching the ground.

If your hand catching and hand launching, that’s not that big a deal, but every now and then you want to land your quad to the ground.

Landing gear can be small enough that you can actually fold the quad up and you can put it back in your case with the gear attached. You don’t have to take it off but when you want to use it, you’ll fall down the front legs, they snap into position and you fall down the back legs, and you can see immediately how much more height you’ve got.

And that’s really important if you’re going to land this on soft dirt, tall grass, or even if you’re landing it on macadam, the prop wash is going to kick up all kinds of dust and debris that’s going to get up inside the camera and the gimbal assembly. Having a little extra height just gives you that peace of mind, you’re not going to win pack that. I also love the fact that I can fold this up and keep them on there.

Landing gear kit does a bit of weight, it’s about two and a half ounces of weight. So it puts you over the 249.

Range extender for Mavic Mini controller

The second thing I want to talk about is a range extender for the remote controller. The best one is a parabolic range extender hat is small and easy to slip into your kit.

The range extenders has antennas on the top that create a 360 degree radiation pattern, which means some of that is coming back towards you. With the parabolic reflectors on it, the signal that would be coming back towards you is redirected and thrown back downfield. So it’s not amplifying the signal but it’s taking more of the active signal and sending it down to where the quiet is downfield.

You can expect about 50% signal increase with these range extenders, which is great for crowded environments around buildings or trees, when there’s a lot of Wi Fi noise as these extenders ensure a strong signal to the quad. They’re inexpensive, they’re easy to use, and when you’re done for the day, just fold them up and throw them back in your kit and you’re good to go. So there’s no modifying the remote control or anything else.

MicroSD card for Mavic Mini

When it comes to storage for recordings and images, bigger is definitely better. There is nothing worse than being out with a fully charged drone, and running out of storage space on the Micro SD Card. Having one spare card in your kit is mandatory for any semi-serious dronethusiast.

Mavic Mini Batteries

Mavic Mini has a decent battery life at 30 minutes, or 23 minutes when flying aggressively. Similar to the MicroSD cards, batteries tend to die right about the time you are having the most fun. Having spare batteries is always a good thing, even if you ordered the Mavic Mini Fly More kit.

Mavic Mini Propeller Guards

Mavic Mini has a great responsiveness and stability so pilots often can’t resist the temptation to fly them in jammed places or indoors. This leads to a high rate of heavy crashes that can permanently damage one or more propellers on your drone.

If you want to make sure that you avoid the terrible experience of running towards the crashed drone to check if it is alive enough to keep on flying or it is dead for the day – you shoulder consider getting one set of these propeller guards. These propeller guards are specially made for the Mavic Mini and provide 360 degrees of protection. They are very lightweight at 23 grams a piece, which is perfect for a drone that does not have a lot of lifting power.

Mavic Mini Propellers

Mavic Mini is equipped with a lot of stuff but unfortunately, it has no obstacle detection sensors so a more aggressive pilot or a newbie will most definitely kiss a wall, a tree or some other unsuspected object. This kiss will most probably render your props cracked, bent, chipped or straight out broken into pieces so having a spare set of propellers is also a must have accessory for every Mavic Mini owner.

The good news is that DJI sells an official set of Mavic Mini propellers at dirt cheap prices – only around $12 per set. There’s really no reason not to stockpile a handful of these propeller sets, especially if you fly your Mavic Mini often.

Nice to have accessories

So those are all the must have accessories I wanted to talk about. Now we’ll move into the nice to have accessories and these are a little bit more interesting, but they’re not something that is mandatory.

Motor covers

Alright, the next thing I want to talk about are the motor covers.

These are essentially aluminum motor covers that fit over the top of the motors.

The reason those are important is because if you’re flying, there’s going to be debris in the air and that’s going to get on those motors, it’s going to fall down inside the windings. These completely cover the motors and make them weatherproof.

They go on really easy. A couple of screws you put them on and they’re protecting your motors underneath, plenty of ventilation in there and not to worry about getting hot.

Charging Base

The Mavic Mini Charging Base has a great design and can serve as a home or office ornamend with its sleek, industrial design.

When connected with the DJI 18W USB Charger, the case charges and protects your Mavic Mini at the same time.

Landing mat

Alright, the last thing I want to talk about is a landing mat.

I know if you’re a hand catcher and a hand launcher, you’re thinking why don’t we need a landing mat, I would recommend a landing mat even if you do hand launching or hand catch because if you put a quad up, let’s say it gets really windy when you’re flying, you got to land that quad.

So not having a place that’s dry and safe and flat means you’ve got to land it somewhere else that you’ve got to quickly find a place to go. This also lets other people around, you know that you’re flying your quad.

The mat is a nice round 75 centimeter landing mat with a steel ring on the outside.

It’s got the blue side there’s an orange side underneath. But in essence what this will do for you is provide a really nice landing area for you to take off and land and it’s big enough for if you’re flying a bigger quad you can use it as well.

Final thoughts on Mavic Mini accessories

And that’s pretty much it. But definitely ask me questions if you need to on any accessories because I love flying this Mavic Mini and I use all these accessories and regular basis and I find that they really helped to enhance the flying experience. And that’s something I’m really after.

In case you are curious to know how well does the Mini cope with other drones, check the guides below. Also, here is the list of best DJI Mavic Mini alternative drones you can buy today.

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