Keep your drone warm this winter with a snuggly jumper

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You know how some people like to dress up their dog in human clothes? Well image that level of love/enforced humiliation on something without a face, or a central nervous system.

Drone Sweaters is a service by designer Danielle Baskin, which provides fetching jumpers for your unmanned aerial vehicle. According to the company’s website, these custom-tailored outfits are designed for cold drones, and “can make a significant difference in your drone’s feeling of well-being.”

“While this may at first appear to be a light concern to those who would scoff at the idea of dressing a drone, there are still many drone owners who have seen their drones shiver violently after exposure to winter temperatures but hesitate to put clothing on their drones for fear of appearing odd,” explains Baskin. “Well, have no fear. If you are concerned about your drone being cold, there is certainly no harm in putting clothing on them.”

The jumpers come in a range of designs, and Baskin makes it clear that care needs to be taken when selecting the right material. You have to consider whether wool, for example, will “make your drone more uncomfortable due to itching”. There’s nothing worse than drone rash.

Buying a custom drone jumper doesn’t come cheap. The service will set you back $189 (£154), and you’ll need to pop into the company’s San Francisco studios to get the full tailored treatment. Perhaps just buy some baby clothes and stitch them up yourself.

If you’re looking to go further than making a jumper for your drone – say, for example, dressing it in a full outfit and passing it off as a distant cousin at family gatherings – don’t expect Baskin to help. Drone Sweaters won’t go below the waist.

“It almost goes without saying, but we will mention it anyway, drones cannot, or should not, wear pants — only sweaters and jackets,” the site says. Fair enough.

(Thanks to Prosthetic Knowledge for the link)

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