Top 10 Drone Accessories for Every Pilot – 2022 Edition

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Drones are very popular, everyone wants to own a drone. And we support you – go get one!
After you buy a drone, you will need various drone accessories to make your drone experience even better. Accessories are numerous and have different purposes: from add ons to your camera, to gimbals and stabilizers that make your drone fly more accurately. Throughout this article we will provide you with the must have accessories for your drone.

Here is a quick overview of all accessories a pilot would need and further below is a more detailed guide with explanations about importance of each accessory.

  • Lanyard
  • Landing pad
  • FPV goggles
  • Alternative controllers
  • Table
  • Cables
  • Sunshade
  • Bags, backpacks and cases
  • Extra batteries
  • Lipo battery bag
  • GPS trackers
  • Tools
  • Double sided tape
  • Extra microSD cards
  • Safety vests and signs 
  • Extra propellers and parts
  • Drone apps

Spare Batteries

In our opinion, the first must have accessory for any drone owner are spare batteries! The average flight for most drones is 10-20 minutes. This means that after charging your batteries, the fun part will not last long. 10-20 minutes doesn’t sound like much, especially if you bought your first drone and plan on flying it all day. In that case, we highly recommend you buy couple of spare batteries. Who is going to wait for the batteries to charge after one flight? That is why we recommend at least one extra pair of batteries.

SD Card

Although most drones already come with a micro SD card, we recommend you buy a another, better one, with more memory capacity. Drones usually come with a 8gb micro SD card. A 32GB micro SD card sound much better. The more memory you have, the more video and still pictures you can save for later use. With a 32GB micro SD card, you can record up to 3 hours of video footage! Nowadays SD cards are cheap, therefore you can afford to buy one. I mean why have a drone, if you can’t save all the videos and the pictures you want on your SD card?


Another great accessory and investment to your drone is to buy a gimbal. A gimbal is basically an add on to your drone that allows you to keep your video recording device or camera stable and fixed. This will ensure that you will get a smoother and better picture or video recording. Gimbals tend to be very expensive and the price of one goes up to $1,000! But don’t worry, that is only the most expensive one – most gimbals cost less than that.

Extra Propellers

A must have, hands down for any drown owner are extra propellers and propeller guards? You may ask yourself why extra propellers, when you already have some? If you are an amateur, and you have just purchased or got a drone as a gift, then extra propellers are a must! Drones are small in size and they aren’t very heavy, that means that you can lose some propellers along the way.

Even experts can crash their drones and then they have to buy new propellers. You don’t really know when will you crash your drone (and you will, trust me), it is always good to have an extra pair of propellers. You can also damage your drone’s propeller while packing your drone in transit. The best thing is that drone propellers aren’t even expensive. Therefore don’t hesitate and buy yourself a pair of extra propellers!

Batteries Charging Hub

If you don’t like waiting while your drone is being recharged, then you definitely need batteries charging hub in your gear box.

The device is smart, quick, and reliable as it can charge multiple intelligent flight batteries at the same time. Its intelligent abilities allow it to charge up the Intelligent Flight Batteries in sequence according to their power levels, from high to low. 

Propeller Guards

Another great thing you should buy for your drone is a set of propeller guards! Propeller guards are a must have accessory, mostly for your safety. Propellers tend to be sharp and you will cut yourself a few times on your drone’s propellers. And guards are important not only for your own hands´ safety but for the safety of your drone as well. If you happen to crash your drone, there is a big chance that the propellers will suffer most damage. Guards reduce the risk of damaging your propellers. They are not expensive and definitely provide value for the money.

Drone Case

Last but not least, something that some people may find silly, we don’t because it is definitely a must have accessory for your drone, a drone carry case! You might have thought of just putting your drone into a backpack or ordinary bag, but this is a huge mistake! Drones aren’t the cheap to begin with and because of their tiny size, they tend to break easily. Thus, we recommend you buy a drone case that is specially designed for your drone. Drones should be taken with careful care. There are two types of drone cases or bags on the market to buy. One of them is a hard box, with a foam inside to protect your drone and the other type of bag is a carrying bag, great for people that will travel with public transportation, or will take long walks before finding a perfect location to fly their drone.

Drone carry cases or bags are a necessity because they will help keep your drone safe while traveling and it will provide your drone with a safe place to be in, when you are at home and not using your drone! Another great thing about drone cases and bags are that they provide you room for your drone’s accessories, therefore you have everything you need in one case!

So there it is – parts and accessories you should purchase together (or after you buy) your drone!

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