Top Drone Facts and Uses – Usage, Applications and Purposes of UAVs

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So up until recently, we were all reconciled to the fact that a flying object has to have its own pilot, a guy with a helmet that controls it. Then came the drones and that perception changed – now, we a have a flying “thingy” that has no pilot in it but still manages to fly. The “pilot” is somewhere on the ground and controls the drone flight remotely. So, he is a groilot.


Camera is an indispensable part of any real drone – how could you fly it on a longer distance (out of your sight) if there was no camera. They all, drone cameras that is, have at least 720p high definition properties and are vital component of any drone.

Drone weighs less than 400g in average and is made of super tough fibers and negligible amount of metal. All of its parts are easily replaced and repaired separately of the drone core construct and that makes drones highly customizable.

We have dropped couple of lines on some drone facts, more or less known to the readers:

  • a terrorist from Afghanistan was murdered by an armed drone of NSC USA and this was first military use of drones. Well done Mr.Drone!
  • drones are most popular in Israel, which is the country that built a first drone. Israel is also the largest drone exporter in the world. Nothing new there – jewish people were always good at sales.
  • Drones killed around 3300 people only in Pakistan in the span from 2004 to 2015. These drones are supposed to be used to fight off dangerous terrorists but unfortunately they are misused and have caused a lot of civilian casualties. Bad drone!
  • Africa uses drones in a more noble way. They are used as a medicine carriers for the remote rural areas of this continent. Well done drone!
  • Drones are not used only by the army. More recently, police departments also use drones in their fight against various types of crimes. Drones are mostly used for surveillance purposes of corrupted areas. I am sure cops like their new toys, radars are out of fashion anyways.
  • You ordered a pizza and the delivery guy got stuck in traffic? Familiar? If your delivery guy was a drone – that would have never happened. Domino Pizza is pursuing this story with their videos on YT – a drone that delivers pizza. Sounds promising!
  • Farmers are not really known as tech guys – monochromatic display on mobile phone is still latest tech scream for most. But drones are different, they are loved by everyone! A farmer can sit in a shade of tree and let a drone be a field inspector. If this picks up, I am leaving online world and starting my own ranch!
  • Not only farmer fields can be drone playgrounds. Sports fields are equally interesting to our little flying friends! Ask Cricket and Football fans – they have already seen drones on some of the games they went to.
  • All of the married ones among you – how important are wedding photos to your wives? Yeah – exactly! Wedding photos trump family, friends, religion, world problems, wars etc if you ask women. Luckily, there are these flying machines with cameras attached to them, that solve this enormous problem, a problem of fairy tale wedding (at least on pictures). Admit it – you are sorry you got married in pre-drone era!
Dji Inspire 1 – ground mode
Dji Inspire 1 – ground mode

Now, imagine what are crazy ass Hoolywood directors and producers going to do with drones! The movie quality is gonna shift to another quantum level!

Space for human errors is going to shrink, a lot of stuff is going to get automated and producing costs in many areas of life are going to sink!

Drone surveillance is going to toughen country borders and reduce illegal activities.

I guess that drones are a breath of future, a small indication of what can be excepted in 20 or so years. Feelings are mixed – fear and excitement. But, no time for worries, my drone batteries are recharged, time for another 7 minutes of sheer thrill to stream my blood vessels!


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