New Upcoming Drones 2020 – Will DJI Or Others Release New Models?

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Seven million drones are expected to have been sold in the U.S. by 2020, according to Federal Aviation Administration forecasts.

Best new drones 2020

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DJI Mavic Air 2

This is a brand new DJI drone that was released in April 2020. The drone saw huge improvements over its predecessors. This machine is a real beast with impressive flight time of 34 minutes, 48 MP photos and HDR capabilities.

The Mavic Air 2 weighs 570g (1.3 pound) and feautres a 1/2-inch CMOS sensor capable of 12MP and 48MP photos (JPEG and RAW). When it comes to video, the Mavic Air 2 can shoot up to 4K 60fps at 120 Mpbs. Mavic Air 2 is also capable to shoot in the H.265 HVEC video codec to improve efficiency without any loss in quality.

It is a bit more expensive but also much more feature rich than the Mavic Mini as you can see in our comparison of Air 2 and Mini.

DJI also introduced some new smart camera features on the new Air 2, called Scene Recognition and Hyperlight.

  • Scene Recognition is made for detecting sunsets, blue skies, grass, snow, and trees. It then optimizes images with these objects for a stunning final photo.
  • Hyperlight is a feature that is drumming around mobile markets – it aims to increase the quality of night shots by taking multiple photos and merging them to reduce the amount of noise (graininess) that’s common in low-light images.

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Evo 2

The long awaited Evo 2 from Autel has jaw dropping specs which got many drone pilots very excited. Drone communities are buzzing and eagerly waiting for the new release. And you can’t blame them: 8k videos and 44 minutes of flight are unprecedented for this price range.

You can see some specs below the video and check this page for a pre-order from Autel .

Just take a look at some of the main specs and see it for yourself in this official introduction video:

The three user-changeable gimbal modules for the Autel Evo 2 are:

  • 586 gimbal: provides an 8K video camera that will take still photos of up to 48MP and records 8K video at 25 fps, 6K at 30 fps, or 4K at 30 or 60 fps with a bit rate of up to 120 Mbps.
  • 383 gimbal: features an Ultra-HD camera with a 1-inch sensor for 6K video and still photos of up to 20MP. It will record video up to 5.5K at 60fps or 4K video at 120 fps and has an adjustable lens aperture from f/2.8 to f/11.
  • Dual-sensor gimbal: provides an infrared camera that takes infrared images of 640 x 512 or 320 x 256 and records video at 720p at 30 fps in dual image mode. It has the same 8K video camera as described above.
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Xdynamics Evolve 2

This is the new, much improved Evolve model that will be released in May.

The new drone has a metal heatsink on the bottom along with obstacle avoidance and incredible range of 12 kilometers.

They have also made improvements on the controller that now has a touch display on the front, its dual touch screens have thousand nits of brightness and twelve kilometers of range. The battery life is 40 minutes on this drone which is impressive.

The camera is almost professional level – 4k 120 fps with a 4/3 inch sensor with a removable lens. This will make it the lightest drone that carries 4/3 inch camera as other drones with similar camera are professional models that are much bigger and heavier. Also, the camera is removable with a push of a button.

The drone weighs around 1.9kg or 4 pounds. Here is a more detailed review about the Xdynamics Evolve 2 drone, we update it regularly with new information about this premium drone.

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New DJI Drone Releases in 2020? – DJI Rumours

The last drone DJI launched was Mavic Mini in November 2019 and prior to that they also launched two other Mavic Models – Mavic Pro and Zoom.

Check out the most recent DJI Mavic model – Mavic Mini! Affordable drone that turns complete newbies into top-notch videographers! Click here to read the review or here to check the latest price!

dji mavic mini2

Now, there are a lot of rumors about the next Mavic model, Mavic 3 that is eagerly expected in Q2 of 2020. DJI needs to launch a response to Skydio 2 and Autel Evo 2 that is about to come out in January.

Ever since, the chinese behemoth also launched two new products: Osmo Action and Robomaster S1 Tank.

Drone fans are still waiting to hear if DJI will release a major consumer drone in the first part of 2020. 2019 has seen the rollout of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual, the Smart Controller, improved fleet management software, Manifold 2, DJI Terra and more. There’s plenty going on. Additionally, it is not a secret that DJI has been making huge steps into other areas of production, like enterprise hardware and software, a sector that’s projected to far exceed the potential of consumer sales in the long term.

Chances for a new model in this year are slim and for one big reason: every new model needs to be integrated with AirSense technology that is planned to be launched by January 2020.

Furthermore, the new EU drone rules will not be finalized until later this year in October. These new rules and requirements will come in effect in June of 2020. Obviously, DJI will want to wait and see what these final rules and regulations will include to make sure that their new drones will meet any possible new requirements.

The first model to be released after the AirSense tech is rumored to be DJI Inspire 3 drone. This is the line of models that instigated the aerial photography industry boom and lead it into a full fledged business that continues to expand.

It only makes sense that DJI Inspire 3 is one of the leading candidate that is due for release in 2020 since the Phantom line seems to be shut down for good.

The guys from also reckon that we will see new facelifted models for Mavic – the new DJI Mavic 2 Pro+ and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom+ early in 2020, 16 months or so after the Mavic 2 series was first introduced.

Drone DJ also assumes that this delay of new releases could partially be because the new EU drone rules that will come into effect in June 2020 won’t be finalized until October of this year. It makes sense that DJI would want to wait to see whether their new products will meet any new requirements from the finalized regulations. 

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Other manufacturers

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Zero Zero V-Coptr Falcon

The compact folding bicopter from Zero Zero Robotics is making waves in the industry as it promises to stay in the air a lot longer than its quadcopter competition – a whopping 50 minutes flying time. There are couple of teaser videos showcasing the drone design and its capabilities but there is also a lot of suspicion in drone communities about seriousness of the Zero Zero Robotics and if they can actually pull this off and deliver on huge promises.

  • Another drone that is hyped a lot and will see light of the day in 2020 is Autel’s Evo 2.
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Hubsan Zino 2

Second version of the popular Hubsan Zino is about to get released in the beginning of the year (by February). It is actually being in pre-sale on gearbest so if you want to save up to $150, click on the link below to pre-order one for yourself.

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This year could be marked by Evo 2 and eventually Mavic 3 release. Evo 2 is definitely coming out very soon but Mavic 3 is still a pendulum that can go either way. DJI will probably wait to see if Evo 2 will be as good as announced and how much will it rock DJI’s boat before deciding on the timing for their next model launch. DJI Inspire 3 is a long-shot and unlikely to be out in this year.

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