Discover how to buy a drone for under $200 – Attention Newbies!

You open up your Facebook and there they are: drones! You go to Twitter and bam – drones! Instagram – yes, you guessed it – drones! They are filling the social media, filling the headlines, filling the skies. And you know why are they so popular?

Because, they are just awesome!

So, looking at all of these videos, images and all the cool stuff people do with drones – you are done, you are getting yourself one! Good decision! But, there is the first obstacle. You do not know much about drones, you never flew one, you would not want to spend too much money and honestly – you have no idea what to buy. You are certain only of one thing – drones are cool and you are gonna get one.

So, every drone fan has been in a similar situation as you are in now. And best advice I can give you is – just get yourself a cheap drone to train on. When I say cheap, I mean buy a drone for under $200. You can get one for under $40. But, I would not recommend that. There is a reason why a drone would be so cheap – it is just bad (I would write the “s..t” word, but I am polite). No quality. And that could ruin your first drone experience. So, do not risk your passion for drones by buying a low quality drone.

This problem I know many beginners have, prompted me to make this list that contains a short review of 5 drones that cost between $100 – $200. That is the range you want to stay within. Anything less than that – could be a bad experience. Anything more than that – your wife is gonna be mad when you crash the expensive toy you bought (that she was against of in the first place). If I forgot to mention – chances are pretty high that you are gonna have at least one minor crash while learning to fly. But, hey – Superman had his problems at the beginning as well.

Here is the list of cheap drones you can buy:

Hubsan X4 w/ FPV – this one is a FPV, meaning first person view. You are gonna literally be a pilot and this is a great experience. The price is acceptable and the fun is guaranteed.

Hubsan X4 FPV

UDI 818a HD+ – some interesting features like “return home”. Has an extra battery and some more exclusive features(nothing groundbreaking, but they do try hard to separate themselves from other drone companies).

UDI 818a HD+

Parrot Rolling Spider – SELFIES! You like them? Then get this one – it has a mini camera for aerial selfies. And yes, you can remove its wheels. They are kind of huge …

Parrot Rolling Spider

Blade 180 QX – can be configured to be very newbie friendly and it also has an embedded aerial video camera.


Blade 180 QX

Blade 180 QX

Nano QX – Small, great for indoor fun. It is like a fly, you can annoy your friends with it. You, know – flies like ….

Nano QX


So, there you have it – 5 drones you can afford to break. Just kidding, do not break them. But, if you do break them, your wife will probably ban you from touching her for a smaller amount of time than she would do if you bought this drone (for example).

Stay tuned, we are gonna have some more interesting reviews.

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